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Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:02 pm

ポ ス ト を 開 始

The sky is clear; barely a cloud in sight. People down below are going about their business performing their duties. The Gotei is rather pleasant this morning, isn’t it? There are no invasions, no panic in Rukongai, changes that are for the best occuring, brotherhoods being formed. What a day to be alive, right? Though, there is the war looming ever nearer. One day, it’ll strike back up and many will be sent off to answer its call yet again. On this day, at least, all is calm. The outerier is pleasant. If only that could be said about everyone’s interior. What is pretty on the outside, usually holds something dire and dark on the inside. That’s how Elyss sees everything right now. It’s how she sees herself right now.

Stuck on this hospital bed wrapped up like a mummy due to the many injuries that were sprawled all over her person decorating her like some insane man’s painting. She is sore all over, but she doesn’t really care. All that’s going through her head is the event that lead up to this and the long journey through self destruction that landed her in this bed. Her Zanpakuto is gone; the voice in her head silenced through means she was unconscious to know. She just knows she feels rather empty and alone right now; only the window beside her as company to watch everyone else live their days happily like a classic old white film. She messed up big time.



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