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Failing Death Empty Failing Death

Fri Jun 12, 2020 12:11 am

Captain of Naps

Jaeden Crow

His thoughts had been clear as he laid on a hill. Some grassy greeny within the Seireitei. Jaeden's rank didn't change because of cutting the Doctor's arm off. Or for saving the Squadmate Honey before she fell. He was robbed of a place to die and he knew it. That would have been a fine location to lay himself.

His black hair and traditional look made him appear as a Samurai. He felt the sting of an honorable death taken away. In the end, it was something akin to failure. Jaeden's reputation and speed were known throughout the organizations. He once Captained a Division before his hollowfication.

"Hey, Vaitspiritas think we could have died there? " Jaeden asked his voice and expression hidden beneath his hair.

"Maybe, wasn't a bad way to go, the guy looked tasty though Jaeden." His hollow answered him rather quickly. Causing Jaeden to agree silently. It would have been a fine death that may be enough to avenge it.

But no it wasn't to be was it in the end? He couldn't be the man who died for it? No, the Doctor took that away when he ran to die himself. Iriko and the Crow family crimes and grievances, they were deep things. Only he remained to shoulder the burden, finding a good clean death remained difficult.
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