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Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow)) Empty Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow))

Sun Jul 26, 2020 12:25 am

Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow)) 6EdIfMt


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They knew where this place was, it was such a simple matter. That and Washi told him where it was. His frame arrives from a black twisting nether, his body emerging through the Garganta. Jaeden's hands removed his mask revealing black eyes with radioactive yellow centers. His eyes looked as though constantly under the influence of his mask.

Something had changed in the lazy man as he grinned a bit. He could sense many students who'd come to Washi. Wasn't a bad deal if you thought about it. People had trouble with inner hollows. Only a couple masters of the Vizard arts these days. Jaeden was pushing himself further, fusing into a new being with Vait.

The mirror he once saw wasn't broken, he just walked inside it. Walking into his hollow to become one being. He took control of his friend, finding they both wanted the same thing. They weren't two but one, that was the problem with thinking. But easier said than done for the students here.

Best not to cash checks you can't pay the bill for. It wasn't easy the road he took as it had many calamities in its route. How dull it was to sit idle and stare at the clouds, why not reach them and change them. Best to avoid too much trouble scaring the kids. His eyes closed before changing back to normal.

It was a pain to do this but changing his eyes back took concentration, it felt less natural. As though stepping backward, he didn't like the feeling. But it was fine none the less, Jaeden's hollow control had evolved. He was following a path trailblazed by his mentor.

He came here to see Colin Washi, Jaeden read the journal and it moved both he and his hollow. He came to see if Colin intended to carry on the work. Jaeden specialized further into his hollow and vizard powers. He didn't care for the shinigami set.

While his Hoho was excellent and his other skills not shabby, the swordsman preferred this practice. He wondered what surprise was in store from Washi this time. Whenever Colin turned up, something good happened.

He felt the anticipation mounting in his neck, they'd have a fun time seeing their old comrade in arms. Jaeden and Colin got no outstanding offers by the Lux Orior. So both were free agents mostly, Jaeden's role in the Gotei was babysitter to some extent.

Though he'd had some amusing time with Hebi. The doctor would have been a fun fight, shame he missed out on it aiming to die and everything.

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Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow)) Empty Re: Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow))

Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:05 pm
"Ah… Ah… F…fuu.. Gn…"

Colin tried to sneeze. But he couldn't. Now he had to burp.

At the same time.

He could forsake the sneeze. It would be easy enough. All he had to do was live with the agony of an unreleased sneeze sticking in the back of his sinus for the next fifteen minutes. Could it really be so bad? Letting them both out at once. It would just rip at the bile at the pit of his stomach. Gnnnn… Shit, shit, shit…! His sinus finally spiked, and he released the belch out of the side of his mouth. Great. Just great. Man, this kills. His nose wrinked in sheer discomfort, trying to sniff in with force once, and then again.

"Aw, c'mon, really…?"

Colin's cybermind pinged. There was something inside of his territory, something that he had not invited. The normal Hollows knew not to come here, Garganta or no. He had a reputation for hunting down those who came within a certain radius of the campus that he had constructed. As usual, he decided to feel out the situation for a moment. "Well, whoever it is, they aren't exactly trying to move quickly…" He decided that it probably was not some kind of raid.

He wiped the sweat from his brow with a sand-encrusted sleeve. The red jacket he wore made him stick out inelegantly against the Wastelands of the desert. In front of him was a single tombstone, with a single word written across its surface.


He scratched at the back of his head, before sighing. He was still not sure what exactly to put beneath that word. He wanted to put something heroic, something inspiring. Something that the students could look up to. He just was not sure where to begin writing it.

[color=green]"Could really use some help with this…"{/color] He muttered aloud, putting more of his 115 pound frame up against the handle of his tool.

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Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow)) Empty Re: Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow))

Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:20 pm

Wasteland Campus, A stranger in a Desert (JJ and Crow)) 6EdIfMt


Artist: n/a - Song: n/a

Well, it seemed Colin had done little to change his attire. The crimson did suit the man pretty well. Jaeden's lips curled into a smirk as he rubbed at his neck. He didn't do well with hellos or goodbyes. They were an afterthought most of the time to the next piece. Inhaling as he prepared his lungs he took a single step. Blasting through the air as he arrived at the man's location.

Well, this was a sight a grave for a name he'd yet to bury. He didn't say much as he wondered how best to bury a name. A family who prided themselves on skill with the blade. He'd certainly gone a different direction. Losing focus for a moment his eyes turned back.

The color was similar to when a mask was dawned, showing he'd fused with his hollows. "Not what one expects to find when coming to see a friend." His eyes looked at the grave once again. Seeing the name he felt nothing, the connection to them had been severed.

He walked not as a member of that family, but a member of the family within him. He and his hollow had become a union of two, seeing things differently. They both felt an emptiness in that name. It was something that had once been proud. Now a stained hourglass of what was.

The pendulum moved past that time it was time to look ahead. Their master was gone, what could Colin and he accomplish. Though they weren't together, he served within the combat Division. For all his time, he often found his best use came with a sword.

Though he could teach, even showing some skill in that area. Having given Mirja and now even Yoriko hints. Hints to surpass the mold they lived in. That was what he provided, nothing more.

Colin provided something more substantial, a place for Vizards or newly formed ones to begin learning. To see what lay beneath the surface of those crashing waves.

"So this is the starting point for them? Not a bad place to learn about it truthfully." His eyes looked from the grave to Colin, the radioactive yellow color observing him.

He was still very much himself despite this change coming about.

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