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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Sirakad Rendrag
» Titles: Die einsame Krähe | Die Feder des Königs | Der Teufel
» Age: 29 (True Age: 999)
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: The Quincy Empire

» Physical Appearance Image:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Stoic: Sira is extremely emotionally absent, he finds it to be unnecessary to complain or show feelings/emotions for anything. In his trainings, his father and mother torn those traits away from him, deeming them unneeded. Thus, he detest complaining from others or signs of weakness manifesting before him, be it family or friend, or ally for that matter, he highly disapproves. Believing that Quincy should endure all hardship and grow stronger from them, Sira is ideally the perfect embodiment of this trait. He does not even shed a tear for a fallen comrade.

Cold: Sira, because of his upbringing lacks emotions, thus making him difficult to read or get along with. Of course these are by human standards, he could be highly respected by those who share his disposition. He finds no reason to show his feelings because it will only lead to his demise. Emotions lead to irrational decisions, something that Sira has not intention of entertaining. One could say that if it were to ever come down to making a hard decision for the better good, Sira would not bat an eye in his making.

Unctuous: Sira tends to come off smug. Quite poised in his mannerisms, but also suave-smooth. Perfecting how to sarcastically insult other people while making it seem like a genuine compliment. It is safe to say that one would never truly know if he is jesting or being completely serious with them. What can be assured is that he will smoothly do it.

Conscientious: No energy wasted when it comes to what he believes is right and best for the order/empire. Executing his duties and obligations with full intent and purpose. Encouraging others to take heed and respect their roles and obligations as well, but that sometimes lead to him questioning someone's loyalty, or motives.

Uncompromising: Under no circumstances will it be an easy task to make Sirakad change his mind on any matter. Once he has committed himself and found his resolve he is like one brick wall closely stacked behind multiple more. This is a good trait if undergoing torture or even being manipulated into trying to betray himself. But this can sometimes leave him being on his own which can leave him being undercut. However, if he has his mind set to protect or rescue someone dear to him, he will not give up on his pursuit for them no matter what.

Psychotic Cracks: In the midst of his torture training of with Aokidanza, Sira developed psychological overlaps, or collapsing if you would. I'm moments he loses himself to his instinctive subconscious. His darkest impulses in manifestation of pure genius and sadist overlays. In other words, Sirakad becomes so engrossed that he will appear as someone else. Entirely different air, different smell, different reiatsu signature. His style of combat and thinking is completely altered and his tone of voice even becomes more eerie. Dark and pure of twisted thoughts and ideals. He is nothing like his former self. Though his goal is still the same. Just aligned by a different means. How can one half truly banish what makes them whole...

Overall, Sira is an complex individual who has been molded by his enduring of hardships and the massacre of his family; the Rendrag. He is not one without feelings nor will he ever be, he is a man that is haunted by his pain and inability to save his loved ones. Though he does not openly show it. Like that of an enigmatic box he is not easily inviting. Though he is not much of a loner, he does not mind it. It gives him space to release his frustrations and drop his pain. But he is not one to leave without it

Sira, is driven to help the Quincy empire become something greater than what they are. This was the dream of his parents and sister. He will not rest or be satisfied with himself until he can see this a reality. Upon that, he also wishes to seek revenge for the massacre of his family by any means necessary. If he finds you valuable to help him accomplish this than without a doubt he will use you to his own gain. This is the surface perspective, yes Sira can be cold hearted and exploit whomever he needs to, but if he finds you to be more than a tool for his own gain he will treat you somewhat differently than others. Such a difference will be drastically realized upon interaction.

It is hard to get him to lower his guard around anyone, even harder if you are not of Quincy blood. But when he does, those lucky few will have an eternal brother in him. Going to many lengths to see those lucky few safe and without fear or doubts. Despite shouldering his own. He is a hard working man that shows great love for the Quincy blood and foundation.

What's worth knowing is that Sira holds not sympathy for those that betray the Quincy. He will not show any sort of feelings when it comes to executing punishment for the betray, even being a temporary alliance and it is to be expected, he will not show forgiveness. That being said, he will not betray the Quincy ever, nor will he betray those that he has allied himself with out of principle. However in the off chance that the Quincy should find themselves allied with the Hollow, Sira would find that in itself to be a betrayal to the very core of the Quincy existence and find all that favors such an outrageous thought as traitors to the cause. He can hardly stomach the idea of siding with Shinigami but will if it proves to benefit the Quincy greatly.

No, he is not very opinionated when it comes to the decision making of his superiors, however he is when it comes to the end goal result when it comes to the Quincy as a whole. Believe it or not, Sira has no intentions of being the leader of the Quincy, that is not his place, he merely wish to be able to serve without fail. The glory of his feats belong to the Quincy name and that name alone.

III. Character History

» History

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

Sira is adorned with black fitted armor from chest to toe. The armor is elegantly designed with gold, red and blue triming. This armor is conclave to increase defensive capacity and protect it's wearer. Despite its appearance, it is extremely light and flexible for Sira to move around in.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:
Strong Spiritual Awareness: Sira has a natural sensitivity to detecting spiritual presences. It matter not the distance really, the closer the presence the simplicity of the detection. The further does not necessarily mean it would be harder, just a matter of time depending. His sensitivity to this abitily allow him to detect a moments notice of an appearance or disappearance up to 20 meters out. Sira is so capable with recognizing reiatsu that he can decipher if others are related because of it. On top of this, Sira can keenly discern if the individual(s) holds a special nature to their reiatsu.

Genius IQ: When he was not training his body and spirit he was training his mind. Sira is extremely intelligent as he is strong. He can notice subtle detail alterations if their are any, or understand when something is oddly out of sorts. It does not take him long to understand the situation at hand.

Marksmanship: As an pure-blood Quincy, Sira excels when it comes to his marksmanship, he can carefully, within a moments notice, pick off his target with deadly accuracy from any angle. He misses none, rarely. He is even so skilled that he can ricochet his projectiles off of other surfaces or off of another of his projectiles to hit his target(s) if neccessary. The fruit of his labor, his bread and butter comes from his devotion to his marksmanship.

Archery: Not foreign to the Quincy, archery is like taking a sip of air, naturally as it is put, second nature to him. He is quite skilled when it comes to a bow. It is as if he is one with his bow, it being an extension of his very being. His mother groomed him well in the art of this. She took no wasted movements or breaths when it came to archery. This is the embodiment of who the Quincy are. In other words, when it comes to long distance combat, Sira is one formidable opponent.

Multilingualism: Studying with his father, Sira picked up on countless languages, all that his father came across in his days of living and travel. English to spanish, even down to some key phrases dialect from hollows. Sira is capable of understanding these languages and more as well as fluently responding.

Swordsmanship: Sirakad's preferred method of approach in battle. It is somewhat frowned upon for a Quincy to use a sword, especially by his mother, but he has proven very capable of wielding and maneuvering himself with one flawlessly. He has been secretly taught by his father the art of killing with his sword play. Much capable of deflecting arrows and projectiles in one fluid motion, Sira is a nuisance to those who which to keep it up close and personal. His prowess with the blade has been honed for 10 plus years giving him great knowledge of the art.

Battle Prowess: From his father, he learned to have a keen eye when it comes to battle, he can read movements that he can keep up with and somewhat predict the next few stages of steps in the opponent's planning. Even if his eyes cannot keep up with the movement of his foes, just from observing the first move he can somewhat predict their reappearance point. That being said, he can somewhat anticipate the flow of battle from his position. Even better from a vantage point. His mind can cultivate endless scenarios that will best benefit him to assure victory.

Vast Hollow/Arrancar/Shinigami Knowledge: His father and mother would have Sira, along with his sisters, before bed study up on textbooks about Hollow/Arrancar and Shinigami. The Siblings obtain vast knowledge on the matter and can recite all knowledge verbatim to any who needs it. This will help him when he encounters said races, giving him the right strategy to deal with should the occasion rises.

Hand-to-Hand Expert: Training with Sephiria has granted him masterful experience in hand-to-hand combat. He does not need his Sword or Bow to deal with his opponents like most Quincy do. When faced with an adversary that uses mostly this sort of battle style he challenges himself to see just how good he is by meeting them in that style. Sira is known to adapt in his fights by reading and studying in real time, thus improving himself greatly as the battle goes on. This also amplifies his use of swordsmanship making it quite the surprise to throw off his enemy with swift kicks, punches and throws to gain the upper hand.

Real time Growth: Unlike most Quincy, who only adapts after a battle, Sira can do so while in a battle. It is like his mind opens up doors to things he once knew, or "forgotten". Such tactics comes natural to him without his full understanding and he can read through most situations that would leave some very torn. He can even manifest a "new" ability in the midst of battle by pushing his limits beyond. Though, this tends to leave him with a psychological break, fatigued and somewhat at a disposition.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

Dunkler Reiatsu: Translates to Dark Reiatsu, meaning Sira's attacks can take form in a more dark matter. Even the reishi that he collects can be altered and form with a darker tent. Malice can be felt rising from the darkness of his abilities and because of such the power of his ability are increased. This is highly different from the average Quincy. Sira can access this power at will and does not need any requirements, but as it is now, he only subconsciously use this when he splits off into his other personality.

Heilig Pfeil: Sira is able to manifest Heilig Pfeil from his finger(s) in the shape of reishi spheres that have five points to them. Though they are the size of baseballs they carry great destructive power and speed. Sira has proficient skill in creating Heilig Pfeil on a moment's notice.

Shadow: Sira is capable of teleporting him, or whomever he wishes within a shadow. His shadow expands and consumes him becoming a door way to where ever he desire. Upon using this technique, his reiatsu along with his presence and those with him are completely gone without a trace. Of course this technique cannot be used where there are not shadows.

Reishi Manipulation: Sirakad uses the reishi in the atmosphere, and combines it with his reiryoku to create weapons. He fight using a power from outside of his body as he has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of reishi.

The grasp of his understanding of the flow or reishi is so unique that he, Sira, can even manipulate it to such extends as to solidify objects for his own purpose. Making them just as authentic as the original, for example, he can create a throne or a table or even paper for notes if he chose to; the very glasses that he wears are made from reishi that he gathered from his surrounds. Obviously, the limit and variety of his capabilities in this field will grow when it comes to being in places such as Hueco Mundo or the Soul Society. Thus being in the world of the living limits his creations.

Hirenkyaku: He is capable of using this technique by riding the flow of reishi created under his feet in a high-speed manner. Giving him the ability to perform advanced movements.

Ransotengai: With this high-level technique, Sira is able to control his body parts using strings of reiryoku manipulated by his brain forming lines or strings of reishi. By using this he is able to control his body as he would a puppet, allowing him movement even if he was under the effects of paralysis, or if his limbs were broken or any other force that would impede him.

Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger: Sira learned this spell from his father. It allows him to create an area of reishi shaped with countless Quincy crosses protruding from the ground. To his understanding, any who steps within the confines of this area other than himself will be immediately rent asunder where they stand.

Blut: This ability gives Sira inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities. By making reishi flow into his blood vessels he can increase his attack and defense power dramatically. However, he can only use one network at a time seeing as Blut for offense and defense respond from two different systems. These are known as Blut Vene and Blut Arterie.

Blut Vene Anhaben: During his own studies of the Quincy techniques, Sira tapped into an art that allowed him to further his Blut Vene powers. This being know as Blut Vene Anhaben, which allows him to extend his blut vene outside of his body to create a force field that blocks incoming attacks. It is said that it can block Kido spells up to number 62 even when employed by Shinigami captains or of higher capabilities. This technique functions by consuming everything around it in order to maintain its generation, even material of the living. When activated it creates a 360° light-blue, almost cyan in color, transparent dome with white veins on its surface. And the surface of whatever it attempts to consume.

Swordsmanship: Unrelated to his capabilities as a Quincy, Sira honed his skill with a sword for fourteen years to compensate for his lack of ability to create a Heilig Bogen. Under his father's secret tutelage with the sword he has proven himself more than capable to stand with even Lt. Level Shinigami at the time of his father's observation. He is also praised by his father in being able to sever or strike swiftly within close-range almost instantaneously if not taking seriously. Sira is also able to deflect Heilig Pfeil, this being witnessed by his father when he unleashed a barrage of them while instructing him not to run away and attack head on during his hidden training.

Energy blast: From his father's sword, Sira can fire blasts of energy by manipulating reishi at the point of the sword, which have five points that curve back and strongly resembles that of a Quincy cross.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Reishi Sword/ Hand Gottes (Translation: Hand of God

» Spirit Weapon Appearance:
Sirakad inherited his late father's, Adam Rendrag, sword. This blade is a long-handled, cruciform broadsword. Completely made of reishi. The hilt of the sword is silver with a two thread twist appearance. The end of the hilt had a five point Quincy cross attached. At the guard that give its its cruciform resembles that of a four point star with the points stretching from the sides being the longest and the points stretching from up and down being the shortest; this part of the blade is gold in color.

The body of the sword is broad as in the name, with an engraved Quincy Zeichen. The sword itself is breathtakingly beautiful as it is powerful. Almost vibrant in appearance when drawn, there is not other way to describe it, thus reason for why it is hard to name it. In all likelihood, Sira believes that this sword is so vibrant because it is made of high amounts of reishi that is greatly condensed and gathered into this form.

As well as its scabbard, it too is made from reishi just as high in amount and dense. However, this is the not true appearance of this blade. When Sira takes the blade and the scabbard together he deconstructs them both down finely, thus reconstructing them both as one to give birth to a sword made of pure concentrated reishi. This blade is pure energy and energy that cannot be forced or swayed to bend its will to another. It is uncompromising as its practitioner.

Meaning, this blade of energy cannot be stolen from. This blade is a raw energy in appearance, from the hilt to the tip of the blade it is like a fiery density of raw reishi. When in the hand of Sira it seems to burn at his hand as it will produce steam from where he is holding it. The blade appears to be extremely shape from appearance as it seems to burn a blinding white at the bladed ends, more so to the point. The body is that of light-blue almost cyan with a tint of green up you the hilt.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

Heilig Pfeil: Hand Gottes is capable of drawing in the reishi around it to create a series of Heilig Pfeil around its practitioner to rain down on whomever Sira finds to be his enemy.

Heiliges Schild: Sheathed, or unsheathed, Hand Gottes is capable of manifesting a wall of reishi that is light-blue and seemingly swirls towards the center. This shield can be expanded, or minimized to Sira's liking, whoever it can only be increased to twice his size. Its capable of blocking incoming attacks and kido up to number 50.

Energiestoß: From his father's sword, Sira can fire blasts of energy by manipulating reishi at the point of the sword, which have five points that curve back and strongly resembles that of a Quincy cross.

Gottes Siphon: This ability allows Sira to siphon reishi from anything or attack that holds reishi within it. Siphoning 1/3 of the reishi from the attack both renders it weakened by 1/3 of it's full power and stores the siphoned reishi within its blade that can be later used in substitute to Sira having to draw Reishi himself. This also allows for faster projectile launching and walls to be manifested.

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name:
Gottes auserwählter König (Translates to God's Chosen King)

» Vollständig Apperance:

In this form, Sira takes an Angelic appearance, much like that of any other Vollständig, however his attires the clothing that he wears as well as the very sword that he wields. His normal Quincy attire is now clad in onyx, holy armor with red, blue and silver trimming and decor. Starting from his head down, above his head is a five point star, dark in hue, positioned to fashion a halo.

His head is adorned with a mask-like crown, where the right side of his face is covered in a unique mask with an demonic red and golden eye. The mask extends and curves to the back of his head; the design of this mask is much like that of feather put together. On the left is two feathers from the same material that curves to the back giving him the appearance of his of wearing a crown.

From his shoulder he drapes armor shoulder plates with flaps that looks like the arrow heads, however on the right he has an armored collar, but on the left a fabric one, that of his usual Quincy attire. His right hand and forearm is covered an armor with a ring of reishi that vortex around it. His left arm and hand is not covered at all by armor instead the usual fabric much like his left collar.

His entire upper body is clasped in pure armor, his chest adorns a silver symbol that reaches from his throat to his upper abdomen. The symbol sports a black design. His legs are completely covered as well as his feet in dark attire of armor. There being red and sliver trimmings along them. Like other Quincy in this from Sira has black wings that protrude from his back in pairs of 3. However, these wings also have the ability to take the form of a dark cloak/Cape of pure black reishi when Sira is not taking flight.

In this form Sira can manifest his sword. The appearance of his sword is much different. The hilt is woven in black with two wings for the guard extending outward with a ruby like orb in the center. The blade is pure onyx from the base but towards the tip is is nothing but black reishi, but still holds its form.

» Vollständig Abilities:

Gottes auserwählter König brings over all the same abilities as Hand Gottes. There is only but a slight difference.

Heiliges Schild: instead of successfully defending attacks up to number 50, it is not increased to number 76.

Complete Reishi Dominance: Like all other Vollständigs, Sira's allows him to absorb large quantities of reishi at the point if his spirit weapon to unleash devastating attacks; however, being that his entire appearance is shrouded in his Vollständig, Sira can unleash this power from his sword, or key points of his very own body. Those being, Hand(s), finger(s), center of the chest, right eye, feet, and wings.

In this form his reishi absorption capability is increased drastically, so much so that he can absorb the trees, the sand, the rocks and even the buildings within Hueco Mundo or even the Soul Society. He can even absorb spiritual abilities if he so chooses to.

Flight: By morphing his reishi cloak into his wings, Sira can take flight at high-speed.

Heiliger Pfeil des Schlags: This translates to Holy Arrow of Smite; thus Sira can produce a small bead-size orb of reishi that is packed with a massive amount of reishi, condensed finely. This small projectile has the destructive power of 1,000 Heilig Pfeil.

More abilities remains.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained [Pure Bloods]
  • Letzt Stil: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained [Non-Pure Bloods]
  • Blut: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hirenkyaku: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Reishi Manipulation: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained


IX. Roleplay Sample

» Roleplay Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you roleplay. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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Of noble blood was Sirakad born, the Rendrag family. Amongst the oldest of the Quincy Noble Houses. However, pales in comparison in name to that of the Vandenreich. Despite this, the Rendrag family was amongst those of the Quincy that went to war with the Shinigami many centuries ago. Nearly being eradicated with the brethren, only an handful managed to survive and when into hiding to revive their lineage and name.

The Rendrag were a family known for their keen prowess when it came to combat. Harnessing the abilities to observe and calculate countless tactical advancements to assure victory. It goes without saying that this family bred only prodigies. However, every few thousand years one is born to exceed that expectation, one with the capabilities and potential to reach an higher pinnacle amongst the Quincy. Sadly, the last was amongst the annihilation of the Quincy.... that was until now. Rendrag Sirakad, was born May 2nd.

To whom, Adam and Klara Rendrag, both pure-blooded nobles, through-and-through. Adam a man of much refined, as well as talent, was head of his house name. This man stood at six feet tall and three inches. As face shrouded in facial hair that was neat and hung to his chest. A full head of brown hair that barely touched his collar. Crimson eyes that seemingly can pierce the soul upon gazing with depth. His build was that of an athlete, no unnecessary body fat would be found in him. Usually dressed in all White to the Quincy customes. He wore glasses and adornments of his race upon his clothing.
(Adam, Sira's father)

Adam, proud to see his third newborn child manifest his first breath into the world bestowed the name 'Sirakad' to the child. From that moment, nothing but great things were to be expected from this child. The man, barely showing much emotion could sense, somewhat feel, that this child was full of limitless potential. His eyes trailed from the child to meet with a sapphire set, Klara's.

Klara, beautiful as the clouds that gently slides from the heaven, pale skin in resemblance. Black, long and flawless hair. A frame with breathtaking curves, standing st five feet and four inches. She too gowns herself in all white with Quincy adornments. He expression was more visible than that of her husband's. She smiled as she laid eyes on Sirakad as he took his breaths within her arms. She too felt the potential with this child and soon desired to yearn the future.
(Klara, Sira's mother)

Sirakad, pale violet eyes, almost icy blue. White hair and an innocence about him yawn as he began to cry from hunger. A good sign.

Seven years have passed since then. Sira was now of seven years of age. He wore glasses like his father but hair like his mother, usually kept tied into a ponytail to prevent it from getting into his face. He did not shroud himself in all White like his parents or siblings, for it was not time for him yet. The Rendrag believe that one must pass a series of test to show adequacy before representing the Quincy in all of its likes. The the age of three, Sira started his training with basic controls and location of spirits. Showing a great deal of skill at this age than his sisters, Emma and Amelie.
(Amelie, Oldest)
(Emma, Second Oldest)

The siblings got along quite well, plenty of laughter and playing, as expected from any group of siblings. However, once he was at the age of seven that all came to an end. Adam, after analyzing and studying what took place many years ago came to the conclusion that many of the Quincy were slaughter because of emotion and so if Sira were to benefit the Quincy as best he could than something as useless as emotions were deem unworthy and a liability. His exact words to his son - "Sirakad, from this day forth, you must learn to endure all hardship in whatever form it is presented to you. You must become the embodiment of numbing. As a Quincy you must be able to fulfill your obligations to the empire without fail, that being said, you no long require the capability for emotions. It will distract you and cost you your life, I will not have you sully the Rendrag name in such a way. Thus, I will rip any and all futile emotions from you even if it kills you." Sira underwent harsh training, so brutal that their were times where it seemed that he was going to die due to exhaustion. For the next seven years Adam was solely responsible for the training of Sira, grooming him into the ideal member of the family in terms of being Stoic and exceeding expectations.

Now of fourteen years of age his training was left to his mother, Klara. As beautiful as she was and kind, she was far more worst that Adam when it came to training. Her methods of training and pushing him would often lead Sira to conclude that his father's striping of his emotions were tactical in some way to prepare him for his mother's unknown beast-like nature. Whether it was, or was worked....

Klara would often test Sirakad's reaction time with well placed attacks and launches. She would never seem to be fully pleased with how responded to her assults. Feeling that he could always have done something else instead of, or better. "Sira... How many times must I tell you? You're responses are a bit too slow. If I wanted to you would have died four hundred-thirty six times already. You are better than this, are you not? Or did you father and I give life to yet another failure? Do not mistake my words, your sisters are more than capable for Quincy, however neither of them are the one we have been aiming for. When you were born, I saw something in your eyes. Then I believed you to be who we were aiming for, but now all I am getting from you is wasted movements and half ass response. I suppose this is not solely your fault, I must hold some portion of the blame.... for going easy on you. You're father was right, emotions are liabilities that will cost you your life. I would hate for you downfall in the future to be of my own selfishness. So it cannot be helped, I will no longer hold back. You are what, fourteen now? Male Quincies of your age tend to recover much faster from sever injuries than females do. So it should take about a week to fully recover then. Sadly, I do not plan to allow you to miss a day of training injured or not. So prepare yourself, because I will not be stopping for these meaningless monologues again." As she stated, she became relentless in her training of him. For years she battered and broke his body. But it only made him stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. Sira in the eyes of his mother was showing great improvement in his movements and skills.

Nine years have now past. Hardship molded Sira into something completely different than what he once was, perhaps something better. In the eyes of his Father and Mother he was ideal, still much room to grow, but more than capable of reach the next heights of his training on his own. He shown excellent signs of battle prowess and tactics. Keen observation skills and equally adequate calculated responses. Sira had the respect of his Adam and Klara. When it came to his sisters, Sira was obviously different, however, it was not so much that they resented him, he still engaged with them, but just not on the level of playfulness as they would have hoped. His way with his words would be the best way to express his feelings to them without betraying his expressing. So for them that was more than enough. They love their younger brother and only wished to know that he shared their feelings towards them.

Finally able to dorn all white as accustomed to all Quincy, Sira is able to leave the premises to venture out to the world.

In this Quincy's journey into the world of others he came to understand how those of non-Quincy blood were much differ from those of Quincy blood, he would even come to know the privilege of those of pure blood and those of half. It would seem that his mother and father were so engrossed in his learning on becoming an formidable tool, a weapon, they forgot to mention the vast diversity of regular humans and the hybrid Quincies. Sirakad found this to be somewhat puzzling, not all too much disappointing, but puzzling. He could not quite fathom why his teachings shared no background to them. It would soon strike him to be only one potent reason....they did not see them as worthy mentions, thus making them equivalent to the animals. Such a realization rattled the innermost of his depths, though his surface was unwavering.

At this time, the young man took to submerge himself into his own research of them. He wanted to understand the reasons behind them being deemed as such fodder. From what he can tell as far as the humans are concerned, they were fragile, impulsive, greedy and lustful by nature. There most certainly resemble that of savages than any other race. Even mere hollow to a certain degree conducted themself to a comprehensive degree. There was a gleam, sunlight reflecting from the lens of his glasses. He stands near a tea shop, observing and analyzing the humans that walked by and interacted amongst one another. He felt a bit odd, watching them as he was. Instead of trying to befriend one and ask questions, he maintained social distance to gather his Intel. Could it be that the years of emotional molding his father bestowed upon him were shaking? No, that was not it, not in the slightest. If he was to approach and ask questions it would only serve as a waste of time, humans are quick to tell you lies for their own ulterior gain, this much is true from what he observed moments ago involving a 'homeless man's asking random people for money, never food or water, just money. Bellowing stories of his misfortune to one ear only for it to alter drastically on another ear. Disgusting characteristics he would think to himself. He takes a sip of his tea, pauses for a moment. Slightly bitter, but contained robust flavor. His house did not have something so soothing in beverage, not to say that their tea was bland in taste, just was not this good.

Returning his gaze upon the large crowd of scaresly parted people, he could somehow see the moments of peace that their obliviousness allowed them. A momentary curve manifested upon his lip...a smile? It was destroyed as he regained himself, shaking his head slightly. "Such peace is not peace at all, but a dangerous illusion." He murmurs. To think, pure blooded Quincies reproduced with humans to spawn half bloods. Fascinating this was to him. Sira would like to meet one, actually he yearn to. Under normal circumstances it would take some time to pinpoint a half blood, but that was no obstacle for the likes of him. Sirakad was capable of seeking out a half blood simply by locating the spiritual presence of other Quincy and then minimizing it down to the Quincy percentage with that presence to pinpoint one.

But that did not go the way he had planned... in the midst of him grouping the Quincies presence together something snatched his attention. Reiatsu completely vanished, thus another and yet another. His eyes grew in alertness, he knew of these Quincies... "M-Mother and Father... Emma??" What was the meaning of this? His family, along with the servants, were being slaughtered. There was a cash, glass scattering along the ground, webbing out as brownish liquid slaps about in a spill.

The young man almost instantly dispersed from that location leaving the people there in a bit of a shock as if they've witness a ghost or an unimaginable trick. One of the waitresses coming in bafflement as she cleans the mess.

Hair whipping and clothing flailing as speed is picked up. Several minutes were felt like hours. Heart racing as he drew near his destination. Eyes focused on his home, seemingly in tact nothing out of place judging by the exterior, but that was not the issue at hand what was taking place with the interior was. The door burst up, almost severing from its hinges. "Mother! Father!! ....Emma!?" Calling out to the ones who vanished from his senses. Eyes laying on blood stained floors and stairs. Walls with holes and craters. A severed head from one of the help and smoke from small fires within the home. His eyes narrowed, tracing over the entirety of the scenery. Falling upon that of a familiar large ring.... "Father??" He raced over to the welcoming hall behind the in house water fountain where the hand was extending from. There he found his father, Adam, lifeless with several protrusions within his back. His eyes widen as he was now being hit with something unexplainable....was this pain, or sorrow? It's not hard to understand, he has a heart after all. This was his father, his family, one cannot simply stand before their dead relatives and not feel a thing. Within him, years of foundations seem to be collapsing, his heart felt as if it was being squeezed. His vision was being clouded as tears began to build.

Then there was a sudden sharp and hot sensation resonating from the back of his shoulder blade. "Rgh!?" The tear fell from his eye, trailing his cheek falling into his father's forehead. His eyes began to rapidly shift from all directions. "W-What was that...?" There was a pause... the feeling, was not one that was unfamiliar to his flesh...speaking of which he could feel warm liquid running down his back from where the pain was coming from. "Was that... was that a..." Slowly did his mind begin to understand exactly what was transpiring. His eyes regain focus and everything went quiet....his lips part as the next words seeped out. "Heilig Pfeil..." Almost instantly did he feel another in his lower back after speaking the name, his body jolts from the impact.

"How intoxicating this is..." a familiar voice reached his ears, echoing within the walls of his head. Slowly did he turn his gaze upon a woman shrouded in all white, from head to toe. A reishi manifested now in her left hand and Heilig Pfeil in the right. Crimson eyes lazily meet with his. Long overflowing white hair, almost like an endless river swaying to her thighs. A similar curvy frame to that of his mother's and a malicious smile upon the woman's face, she licks her lips as if her mouth was salivating. "I was not expecting you back so soon, Sira-kun. Hehe" she directs her words at him in a cutesy manner, making light of this dreadful situation.
(Amelie, betraying her family)

"Onē-san? No, Amelie!?" His sister, Sirakad's own sister shot him in the back, twice, moreover, she massacred his entire family and house. But what could be the reason? Was this even her? This cannot be real, the Amelie that he knew was so sweet, gentle and kind. Always there to help with his wounds when they got bad and prepared his meals through the day. The Amelie that he knew was always endearing and respectful to their parents as well as the help. She always wore a warm and inviting face that calms you. But this one, this Amelie was the complete opposite of that memory. Who.... "Who are you!?" Shouts the somewhat panicked Sira. Within that very instant there was a loud impact that was followed by an equally loud crash.

Where Sira was once kneeling cradling his father's corpse, Amelie was now standing with one foot off the ground extended with what looks like some sort of light smoke emanating from it. Her expression somewhat blank, yet disappointed. There was a large hole in the wall that is before her and a crater beyond that which holds Sira within it. Blood spewing from his nose and mouth. His glasses cracked and almost completely broke on his face. Debris flowing about as he catching the breath that was knocked from him. She speaks. "I thought father stripped you of those feeble emotions? Why are you acting so...sensitive?" He foot is then lowered onto of the head of their deceased father. The heel of her boot digging into the temple of his head. She does so with a smile. "Was his teaching not enough, I wonder..." Those demon eyes once more find their mark on Sira. "I suppose that is to be expected, he had become rather complacent over the years. To think that you were to ever become my replacement...such insolence."

Sira's eyes raised to meet with Amelie's, her words struck confusion within him. His face without a doubt expressed this to her. She smiles, once more finding his pain and failure to comprehend so delicious. "Hehe. So, you really weren't playing coy all this time. It is as I said, you were to be my replacement, heir to the head of the Rendrag family. How painful it was for me to come to this understanding when fsther took a shine to you over me. Slowly my favor with him seemed more bleak. All he ever talked about was how Sirakad would be this, Sirakad would be that. He will that the Rendrag family to new heights... pathetic." The heel of her boot punctured the skull of their father, blood ejected to the floor. Sira feeling a great rage roaring within him as he watch as she treats their father with such disrespect. Amelie, picking up on his disapproval she slightly tilts her head and brings up the Heilig Pfeil to her mouth, point end, smiling so devilishly. "Is this bothering you, Sira-kun?" The heel digs deeper. "I suppose I shouldn't share with you what I did to mother then..." playfully she says as she looks about as if she would get in some form of trouble if he was to find out.

There was a sudden spike in the air, the air about Sira. Upon hearing that small taunt from her pushed him to another level. The woman looks over to him, she can sense his spiritual pressure rising. "Oouu, that's the Sira-kun that I know." Licking her lips and removing the heel from her father's skull. She begins to slowly strut towards her brother. Sira's mind racing, though he is trying to keep his composure, he cannot hold it all together. Standing to his feet, the young man eyes locks onto his sister. His mouth parts. "The likes of you is not befitting that of the Quincy name..." words like daggers reached her. Halting her in her tracks. Her brows furrow as she found such words coming from him distasteful. Thus she ready her bow and arrow taking aim. "!?" To her surprise he was not there, instantly he was no before her, momentarily in a unaware blindspot, head before her abdomen. Her eyes trace downward to find him

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Horizontally within mid air with his own bow and arrow aimed at her head. His eyes held such determination, she could tell, but that would not be enough to end her. He releases his Heilig pfeil. Amelia's reaction time was spot on that it left him in a moment of shock. Darting her head to the left the arrow sings pass her face, crashing into the upper floors causing an explosion to occur.

Within the same fluid motion she repaid her brother with a swift kick to his ribs. The sound of one or two breaking or fracturing was made known. Propelling him into the upper floor landing him into the bath tub. Sira grabs his ribs, his breathing become sharp and with each inhale he feels pain. This was unreal to him, had no idea that his sister was this powerful, this nimble. She never shown much signs of her combat capabilities not that he thinks about it.

"Sira-kun ~ you're not hiding from me are you?" Her voice not too far away, but he can pinpoint that she is making her way up the stairs.

"I-I have to move, or else I'm done for." it took him a moment to realize what was around him, him being in the bathroom and his sister, Emma completely dismembered about it. Her head within the sink. A cold chill crept up along his spine as he stared. "Emma? Y-you did not deserve this." his voice breaking under his pain.

His body going limp the long he tried to process what he was seeing. Emma was such a innocent girl, so smart and so thoughtful. She was often the one that came up with ideas and games for them to play when they were younger. Her and Amelie were so close, so why? Why this?

"That kill was the hardest for me..." her voice, down the hall Amelie lazily gaze at her brother. He does not return her gaze for he was stuck on his dead sister. The woman continues. "Emma-chan was meant to be spared. Believe me when I tell you that I had no intentions at all to do her any harm. Or you, for that matter." Still he looks on at the horror.

"She tried to interfere in the handlingly of mother and something in me sort of...snapped. Emma-chan, Emma-chan, you of all people knew how I felt and what father and mother were planning to do. You saw how they treated me and you still took their side, you tried to protect them. I do not understand. I do not even remember killing her. I just remember coming to and see her scatter across as she is now before you. I guess..."

Her words trails off. Sira's eyes slowly shifting over to her, taking the bait that was clearly presented to him. "That's why it was the hardest for me... because I couldn't remember any of it to savor." She says with a sadistic smile and expression to match. Laughing maliciously as she flails her arms about. The air around her was sinister and full of bloodlust. She was completely different from what he remembered. His heart was shattered and his mind was all but broken, on the last of his finger before falling into despair.

Her laughing was filling the entire house, bouncing off the walls, becoming overwhelming to him. He couldn't take it. His hands clasped over his head, Sira holding in his screams and cries he hunches over in cold sweats. Was this fear?

Amelie, her laughter dies, sets crimson eyes on this man. Taking in his dread and bathing within his breakdown. Finding that this was the moment she was waiting for, he was ripe for the picking. Her bow manifests as well as her Heilig Pfeil from the reishi around her. Collecting, swirling about and forging such a weapon. She took aim, smiling as she does so, tongue sliding across her lips, mouth moistened.

"Sira-kun, you look so vulnerable as you are right now. I will allow you to escape from the pain in your heart. I would even tell you to say hello to our family, but we both know what happens when one is killed by a Quincy... complete erasure."

This is true, what she speaks, the soul of whomever that is killed is destroyed. No longer apart of the cycle of the universe. Slowing g tipping the scales of balance from the world of the living and the soul society. His Mother, Father and sister are no longer able to live a second life. To be reunited even within death.

That option was stripped away from them, unjustly. His pale violet eyes came to a sudden stop, everything around him grew quiet. His heart came from a rapid beating to a calm. The wrenching and tying of knots within his gut were soothed. His thought that once trammel his mind were shushed.

He exhaled slowly, calmly. Both his arms dropped and his hands fell to his side. Listening to what his sister spoke to him just now centered him somehow. No longer did he feel despair, or sensed fear. He felt nothing, not even reluctance. Amelie released her arrow, aimed at the throat of Sira, in hope to watch him suffocate from his own blood before passing. Within the very same instant his right arm raised, lifting his hand with the index finger lazily pointed in his sister's direction.

From his outstretched finger reishi was being manipulated at the tip. Jolting out in at an high speed coming into collision with Amelia's arrow causing an explosion that took out the floor between them and the wall making the room and dining room below visible. Amelie widen her eyes out of slight surprise. He her mouth parts slightly as she focuses her eyes through the screen of smoke and debris.

"What seems to be the matter, sister?" The smoke slowly fades, revealing Sira still standing in the same position with his finger outstretched. Slight difference being that his eyes were now glanced towards her. Amelie sucks her teeth and revert back to her smug smile. That moment of shock was swiftly erased. She goes to respond.

"When did you learn to do that, what you just did?" Sira's head slightly tilts, confused by what she just said. She furrowed her brows at his coyness. "Do not play dumb, you fired a Heilig Pfeil without forming a bow!" Thus he realized what she was speaking of now. His hand lowers and his body turns to face her's.

Sira was beginning to understand a bit more now. Not what she was talking about, but why his parents believed him to be the one to bring the Quincy to new heights. "I suppose you are not as bright as I thought you to be, sister." His eyes momentarily gleams. She grew disgusted by his insolence. Sira looks down to his hand, turning it from front to back. His eyes slowly returns to his sister's. "Were you not aware? I was born unable to manifest a spirit weapon, in your case...a bow."

Suddenly a mixture of a chill and shock washes over her. She reflected on moments ago, Sira did in fact create a bow downstairs to attack her with. "You're such a bad liar, Sira-kun. You forged one only moments ago." Her words fell on his ears, but nothing reflected from his expression. He simply closed his eyes as he shook his head in denial; or was it correction?

"You misinterpreted that moment and what I said, I understand why. It can be easily missed if you are oblivious to it." His hand raises yet again, his left as well to pull down the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a metallic bracelet with a cross on it, a Quincy cross. Her eyes narrow a bit. Sira parts his lips to explain further. "A gift from mother... this acts as a focus, a medium if you wil, for me to create the Heilig Bogen. Without it, I cannot hope to make my bow appear."

"No quincy can, for that matter. But not once did I say I could not manifest" Her eyes betrayed her stern expression. Unable to fully understand what was being said to her.

"As you know, mother was in charge of my combat training, somehow she knew that I would not be able to create my bow on my own, but made me try anyway. I cannot forge the weapon needed to fire a Heilig Pfeil, but I can with little effort fire one without it. However, I have long since then overcame that inability and because I have my ability create Heilig Pfeil are almost seamless. I can even alter the way my bow looks all together to better suit me in battle. In fact... I do not even need to create merely a bow I can form a multitude of weapons, ranging from a sniper rifle to that of a spear."

The woman begins to grind her teeth as she was beginning to realize what she did not want to at first. She was beginning to see the difference between them both. She then smiles and releases a slight giggle. "So that makes you a defective Quincy, no?" Chillingly there was a response. "I was going to ask you the very same." Her face twisted from his words.

What the hell was he talking about she would wonder to herself. What grounds would he have to ask her the same question. Thus he spoke again, almost as if he knew what she was thinking. "I am Echt. Reishi manipulation comes naturally to me. I find no interest in manipulating it to create a bow. For I am the bow and my will is the string that fires it." Instantaneously his finger is aimed at her again, severy small balls are launched her way.

Amelie darts back and readies her bow and arrow to release equal number in counter. One, two, four, six explosions occurred. Smoke heavy like a dog. She concentrated to locate him through the screen. Her eyes widen as she immediately found him. From behind her a voice whispers. "Hirenkyaku..." His voice, cold like that of chilled frigid winds. She knew of this technique, she even witnessed him practice it before but never knew of him being this capable of it. When did he even use it, when did he pass her?

Sira, slowly places his right finger onto the back of her shoulder. His eyes trail down to where he was touching. There was a momentary silence. Thus another explosion. As the smokes clear to his expectation there was no surprise. "Fascinating, you used it just in time." Her shoulder now exposed and little damaged done to it. Her body twists and momentum builds to deliver a devastating kick in repayment. However, such an attack was met with an open palm. There was a slight hue gleaming from the hand and forearm of Sira.

His sister looks on with shock, she removes her leg from his hand, well that is what she desired to do. His hand grasped her leg before she could fulfill her motion. "How naivete is beginning to paint you well, sister. I too know Blut, or have you forgotten?" It was not that she have forgotten, it was that he did not managed to use it in time the first couple of attacks she landed on him. But that was attested to his thoughts being clouded by his emotions.

It then accrued to him, her reishi flow had yet changed, perhaps she was still in defensive mode when she initiated her blut. If that was the case. It was then that she formed another arrow and released it pinpoint at his head. In one fluid motion Sira weaves the arrow allowing it to whistle pass him destroying what was behind him while changing the flow of his reishi system. "Now, let us try this again." He words as his left finger taps her right shoulder. His expression cold and vacant. The sound of another explosion occurred and this time Amelie was sent crashing through a wall that would lead to another wall and down to the lower level of the house. She screams in pain as she looks over to her now bloodied and punctured shoulder. Her crimson eyes enraged.

"So my hypothesis was correct." His voice pierced through the silence as he slowly made his way down the staircase. His eyes focused on her as if he was daring her to make any moves without his permission. She could feel his intent as if his very foot was pressed with all his wait on her jugular. "You rely heavily on blut as a defence, instead of offensively. Such a shame, you would have increased the power of your attacks physically and spiritually if you did. I'm beginning to understand a great deal more why you were 'replaced' considering you mediocre responses." His foot stepping from the final step.

His words did not go without truth, she did not have time to switch to the offensive blut. She shrugs off what he said. Making it back to her feet she shakes her head knocking off any debris that may be on her and hair. She can tell that he was different from when they first started. He has regain his composure it would seem, he was definitely focused and clear of useless thought. He was even attacking her psychologically as well and it was working for a moment. However, she too was trained by their parents and it was nothing for her to flip that same switch.

It was instantly felt. Her disposition altered drastically. Sira immediately picked up on this and readies himself, observing carefully as he awaited her movement. Thus there were an instant vanishing of her being. To a normal being they would have had though she was gone, but his eyes traced. They traced her very movements as she was simultaneously firing arrows at him as she was closing the distance while trying to circle around him. He pivots and maneuvers around each shot, making sure not to give her his back.

Her attacks were quicker than before and her shots definitely were enhanced because of blut it was that much was clear. Analyzing her path of movement he would cut her off with his finger stretched in her direction firing an arrow of his own, but her foot rises to kick his hand away from her thus shooting the ceiling instead. He confirmed that she too became more keen and agile. This will be a problem, she is hos senior in terms of years and may even be more skilled in combat. Sira was in a bit of a bind at this point. She fired two more shots at him, one pass him by while the other slightly cuts his the left of his torso.

Wincing from that sensation he calculated that being this close while her attacks are this sharp would be in his worst interest. Breaking from her vicinity he made distance. Finding his way over to his father's side once more he noticed three more arrows coming for him. His eyes widen as he crouched down to take up his father. Using Hirenkyaku he avoided the attack and the destruction of the floor board all together.

Amelie landed on the floor. "What seems to be the matter, Sira-kun? You've grown quiet." She smirks at him. Sira looking on to his dead father realizing that she would have destroyed his body if he did not move him. It was then that he noticed his father's sword strapped to his side. Their father was quite skilled with the sword and even managed to deflect and sever arrows with it. Taking the blade into his right hand he removed it from its scabbard. Standing tall and focusing on his sister.

"And what are you intending to do with that?" She speaks of the sword. "You are not father, you cannot possibly think yourself of his caliber. Or do you fancy yourself a shinigami?" She plays and taunts him. But little did she know that he was taught swordsmanship by their father. Because if he was to ever lose his Quincy cross, he would need another means to execute his enemies. His body was oddly comfortable with the sword, always have been.

He set himself into his stance, much similar to that of his father's. He centered his core and made sure to reinforce posture. The point of the blade aimed at her as the hilt raised horizontally aligning with his head as his left hand slightly raised as just to his abdomen level. The woman is taken back by this. She sees that he can mimic their father's stance but that would not be enough.

The thought of their father teaching him swordsmanship and not her irritated her a great deal, but she does not show it. It only would fuel her rage and want to take his life. Her bow raises and her arrow is ready. Fire, the arrow was released at blinding speed. It was met with a simple slash. Erupting and exploding before Sira's striking range. The smoke clears and he stands there unimpressed. Amelie narrows her eyes at him as she was sure now that he was taught by their father.

Suddenly the two vanished and countless explosions manifest about the house. Everything collapsing as the damage grows in size. The house was being destroyed by their battle with one another. To her, Sira became a bit more formidable with this blade, but she could not understand why. Was he reinforcing his blade with blut or was he costing it with reishi? His senses were keener that she anticipated and if things were to continue she may find herself at a disadvantage.

The destructing continued for a few more minutes. While on the ground she released several shots wildly, purposefully. Mostly between them at the ground. This caused him to hault and give space. He darting back and as the smoke cleared she saw her from a distance no longer at the same level. But at the gate of their large home. She stood atop of the gate with her hands at her waist.

"This was fun, Sira-kun, but I'm afraid we will have to postpone our little dance for another time. Relish in the fact that you get to live on my whim. Grow stronger until the next time that we meet. I want you to be at your strongest, little brother, for when I take your life it will be all the more delicious." She says with a sadistic smile and giggle. In a blink she was no more. Her presence vanished completely.

Sira could not track her, she was completely gone. He lowered his father blade. There was no need to keep his guard up, as a spirit sensitive being he would know at a moments notice if he was being attacked. Gazing to where his sister once was. Releasing a subtle yet hard sigh of frustration. The man turns to lay eyes on his fallen father. As time passes he would collect his father's body and the pieces of his sister to bring out the home. For hours he searched the home for his mother's but to no avail.

Pondering to himself of the meaning, was she obliterated, did Amelie really take it that far? Sickening to his core he shook his head as he did not desire to dwell on the though. Now he hovers over the body and remains of the only family he could find, along with that of the helps. In his hand was his father's Quincy cross with was a five point star that resembled that of a medallion instead of the one hos mother gave him.

Sirakad placed it within his back pocket as he removed his father's scabbard from his side, sheathing the blade with it. Deciding that he will keep this weapon to keep his father's fighting memory alive. There as a sudden drop of water...then another until it started to rain. His tattered clothing and bloodied face was quickly drenched from the rain. His eyes closed for only a moment, but once they were open before them were figures shrouded within all white. His eyes scans the field as he counted seven of them. One stood out more.

The man walks over and made himself known, informing him that he was a fellow Quincy and their reasons for gathering there now. More is to come of this.... but for the moment, Sira only wanted to rest. Everything faded and his vision engulfed in darkness. The man passed out from exhaustion.

"Mhahaaha. What's the matter, Sira-kun? Are you too defend yourself!" The roaring of her voice broke him from his sleep. His spiritual pressure spiked and his defences were put into place. There was nothing, he was up crunching on a bed, shirtless with his hair draped across his face, shoulders and back. His ribs bandaged up as well as bandaging on his face and over his right eye. Was it all a dream, he would wonder.

Not that he has come to he noticed the room that he was within. White off white with trimmings of gold and Quincy symbols as decor. The pleasant scent of safe filled his nostrils. His icy blue eyes danced from one part of the room to another. Suddenly stopping on a figure that was shrouded from head to toe in a white robe.

The man raised his hands in a fashion to indicate no need to be alarm. Which was probably in the man's best options for Sira would have attempted to remove a limb if he hadn't. Stepping closer the man removes his hood to show his face. Bald headed, with a long face and strong jawline. Brown eyes with a shadowy beard. Several scars etched into his face. The man smiled lightly.

"You are welcome. Your wounds, my men patched you up. No, your injuries were not fatal, but it would have took a shitton of time to heal normally." Said the odd man.

Sira, now noticing what he was referring to, began to calm down just a bit. Coming from the bed and standing to face the man, his eyes fell to the stand beside the bed he was sleeping in. There he saw his mother's gift to him and his father's Quincy cross and sword. He glances back over to the man, his eyes piercing through from behind the strands of his white locs of hair, almost ominously. The man slightly raised an eyebrow.

"Do not look so cold, we did nothing to them." Maintain distance to give the younger man some room to process everything. This was quite strange to Sira for he never once saw this man before. Then it hit him, he was the man that appeared at his home before his losing consciousness. The man picked up on this and smiles. "Now you remember."

The man went to explain himself to Sira and explained his being there. As well as giving a swift detail of his organization's background. This took several minutes and was rather informative to the Quincy.

"So you are a Quincy as well, Allen. And this is your base of operation?" At this point in the exchange Sira was now wearing entirely new clothing (that much resembling of the avi picture). So Allen and his men discovered the high readings spirit energy fluctuating several miles off. But by the time they have arrived they only found Sira left alive. It didn't take much for them to realize that Sira was a victim himself and thus they did not dispose of him. Sira deduced that that would have been fairly easy for them to do so considering his predicament.

After a few more exchanges, Sira was growing curious about something. He could sense another, a few others to be quite. One however was more unique. "Your leader? Is he the one that's beneath us?" His words left a silence that Allen could not help but to pause.

The man's eyes shifted to the lower left than returned to meet with the younger man's. He nods once. "But you're not permitted to meet with him. Not yet anyway." This left Sira perturbed, why was that he wondered. But he did not allow his curiosity to go further. "That's fine, and of my house?" He asks.

The man points to the left where there was a calendar. Sira's eyes slightly widen, it has been three days since his encounter with his sister. "You've been out for a while now, we have already saw to their burials. Just outside beyond the gate and down the walk path." He shook his head, for he had no need to visit them, not just yet. Though he was very grateful to hear that they were buried.

"I have to find Amelie." Sira says, lowly. Despite that, Allen managed to catch it. "Amelie? Who's that? A girlfriend?" Sira glances over to him, his eyes gleam as they revealed rage within them, though his expression was vacant. "No, she is my older sister." To Allen's surprise he smiles, to him there was a survivor.

Standing up and stretching out his arms he shouts. "This is great news, you still have a remaining relative!" He laughs, but it was swiftly cut short by the young man's next words. "No, I do not...Amelie is the one that murdered my entire house." Struck by shock, the man lowered his arms. "Really kid? Are you sure, that's quite the accusation."

Sira stands to his feet, his eyes lowered to the floor. The air about him was as cold as the breeze coming in from the nearby window. "We fought. She nearly killed me too, what you saw was the aftermath of our encounter. She is far better experienced in battle than I am. The difference in our power is vast. I can tell that she was holding back, deeming me unworthy of her full power."

Things were turning dark and Allen was not particularly a fan of the doom and gloom atmosphere. Making his way to the door that leads out of this room he gestures to the boy to grab his belongings and to follow him. Sira follows. There were many layers to this building, so much that Sira did not have enough time to examine them all as they made their way to to first floor. Heading down a specific hall and now outside Sira and the man stood before a large number of troops, Quincies. Sira looked on to the large numbers and then to Allen.

The man kept his focus onto the men in uniformed lines. They all saluted him, they all wore all white and masks with barrettes. "What was the name of your organization again?" Allen turned his head to the boy with a stern face. He walks over to him, placing his right hand onto Sira's left shoulder. "Phantomecho. Like I mentioned to you earlier, we are rather small to the larger branches of the Quincy Empire. We work pretty much in secret with Carter blanche under the command of our leader."

Sira took a glance over the men again, noticing that there were also females within the numbers. Reverting his eyes back to Allen as he listened more. "My leader has expressed interest in your capabilities and is extending his hand to you. Will you join our ranks, Sirakad Rendrag? Will you become a member of the Phantomecho?" It was like a gust of wind washed over him, he was not expecting any of this at all. He was not sure as to why he was being giving an invitation and more importantly if he could trust these people.

His eyes lower to the right as he considered. Then again, these people came to his rescue. They bandaged and mended him. They even saw to his house burial. He owes them a great deal. On top of that he could use this to his own gain. Within an organization such as this one he could use their Intel and whatever other means to his advantage to find...her. His eyes slowly met back with Allen's. At any cost, he can learn what he must from these people to because a better Quincy, to become more useful to the other. If this organization is connected to the bigger branches even by a thread, he will be one step closer to fulfilling his late parent's wishes in being useful to the Empire.

"Yes..." he says, with much conviction. The older man smiles and gives his two heavy pats, quite pleases with the answer. "Good, good! You will start with the grunts and work you way up the chain. No special treatment. You advancements will be solely based on your achievements. But I'm more than sure that you will managed no problem" words of encouragement. Though it did not matter to Sira in the slightest, he had already anticipated that being the case, also he already had his own plans.

"Pathetic." A eerie chill submerged the entirety of his being, the voice and someone unrecognized and the words equally as chilling from behind him. Sira, shocked turn to see who it was. There was a man standing a few feet away from where he and Allen stood. This man uninterestedly meeting with Sira's gaze. Who was he and when did he even get there, Sira did not noticed him at all and that is far unlike him to do so.

Before him towered a man of six feet and two inches. He adorned a mask with intricate designs and earrings. Turquoise eyes and black hair. Dressed in that of all white besides his outer attire being that of a kimono-like trench coat. To his left hip is a sheathed katana, let's not fail to mention the obvious burn to his right portion of his face that the mask covers somewhat.

This man's presence demanded respect and attention. His stern expression amplified this. Allen seemed his head from behind Sira to address the man in the mask. "Felix? What brings you here?" So this was the man's name, Felix.

Felix slightly narrowed his eyes as he part his lips to project a deep yet soothing voice. "You would have thos Quincy to waste his abilities with the foot soldiers? How absurd. If memory serves me correctly, our leader mentioned that this boy would be under my instruction, not yours." His words struck deep within both Sira and Allen. Allen chuckling off, what was his failed attempt of stealing from Felix in terms of strength within barracks. Felix however did not share in his amusement.

"You have to give him some credit, Felix. He had the right idea, just the wrong prey." Another voice manifested, much higher, yet grounded in terms of tones. From exactly next to Sira. He swiftly glance over to the left and before him stood a woman, five feet and six inches.

Her arms seem completely robotic and to Sira's imagination he wondered about the entirety of her body. She dressed in all black, was she a Quincy? Her ruby eyes met with his and she slightly scuffs. "You are more lax than I'd imagined. I'd already claimed your life seventy-two times before you even realized it." Her words held malice within them, she was serious. Sira now on his guard. "Seventy-two?" He questioned.

She closed her eyes, sighing. "Twenty-seven was successfully intervened by Allen. One was by sheer instinct to evade by you." Opening her eyes, looking at him lazily. She speaks again. "What Quincy does not expect the unexpected?" Her voice did not seem to be directed at Sira, but for some reason seemed to be about him.

The answer came from a man sitting on the railing facing the foot soldiers in the uniform line. "The kind that welcomes death without even knowing life." This voice caught the attention of the young man and he turns to see whom it was.

This man, no...boy? He was covered in scars, countless. All over except his face. He also had a series of piercings on his eyes and wore glasses. His hair black and white as he stood five feet and nine inches. He wore all white aside for black shoes and black jacket. His eyes golden in color and his expression, when turning his head to face Sira, was unnerving. The smile that he wore was telling Sira that he was unstable.

The man, Felix, spoke again. "That's enough Sephiria, Aokidanza. Leave him be, he is under our care as of now after all. We all heard him agree to it." Turning his back to them all, Felix began to make his way into the building and down the hall. "Come, boy."

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His words directed to Sira no doubt. He looks to Allen, only to be gestured to follow after Felix. Still puzzled he made after the towering man. Trailing behind him as he navigated them to their new destination. Upon entering a room with large doors, plain in appearance, leading into a larger room. Sira expected to fine this room filled with other Quincy, but there were no others.

Felix came to a stop and turned his head only enough to show his eyes. "So tell me, are you really the last of the Rendrags?" This deep voice of his wash over the very being of Sirakad. His violet eyes doddering before setting upon the marble floor. Little did he know, Felix was analyzing him closely, enough to understand what others would not.

"I see, you're not then. Where is Klara Rendrag and Amelie Rendrag...?" It was as if a needle made it's way into the heart of this boy, followed by thin thread that was causing an irritation and an uncomfortable chilling sensation from the inside out. Through the white strands of locs which was his hair, pale violet eyes resurrected to dagger into the eyes of Felix. How, how did he know of their names? This was the constant question flooding the thoughts of this young Quincy.

"Well? Are you going to stand there in your stupor, or would you have me repeat myself?" Yet another wave of that man's voice washed over his being. Before he knew it his lips parted to produce words. "My mother is dead...killed by my sister who escaped. More importantly, how do you know of them?" Sira, slowly beginning to regain himself.

It should come to no surprise that this lad would like answers of his own, considering that Felix speaks so familiarly of his relatives. However, Felix was not phased by this answer in the slightest. Severing the link between their eyes he faced ahead of himself, back now towards the younger Quincy. Though, it was clear that he was not pleased by what he was told. Their was a small, almost nonexistent flutter of his spiritual pressure. Sirakad instantly picked up on that.

"I see." Was all that left his mouth. Momentary silence overwhelmed the room. Felix turns completely around to face the lad and extends his hand, pointing to the sheathed blade strapped to his waist, Sira's waist. "What is that?" He asks.

The boy pause, looking down to his hip to see the sword of his father. His left hand instinctively clasps it by the guard. "This is my father's sword--"

"That is impossible." He cuts him off. This of course made the boy revert his eyes back to Felix, perplexed. "What do you mean? This is my father's sword. It was on him when I found him." His right hand gesturing as he explains. However, Felix was still doubtful. "Like I said, that is impossible. Tell me, have you ever witnessed your father unsheathed his sword?" Steady eyes lingered on to the boy.

Sira could not say that he had, his father never once revealed what his blade looked like. Other than the hilt, guard and pummel. But even now, thinking on it, it does look a bit different. Could he just be imagining this though? But is that even possible, why is he even second guessing himself now?

"You're beginning to recognize it now. It is impossible for one Quincy to employ the spirit weapon of another's. It matters not if the two are related by blood of noble right, reishi from within vastly differs, as does DNA coding. What you see may emerge similar, but I assure you it is far from the original."

Before Sira could take notice, the distance between him and Felix was closed. The towering man stood over him as he condescendingly beam. "Also, I am well aware of what Adam's Seelenradierer looks like; and that is not it, boy." Winding words fell over Sira's entire being. His very foundation was shook. It should have come to no surprise that he knew of his father's name, they were nobles; but this definitely hit him differently.

Felix was speaking as if he was close to him. He even knew the name of his father's sword, something that he himself had no knowledge of. "Seelenradierer?" Murmur the boy. Such a dark name.

"Yes, that is the name he bestowed upon his spirit weapon. A fitting one for a Quincy weapon, though commonplace. I cannot help but to presume that you have his Quincy Cross by your brash conclusion of that weapon, am I wrong?"

Sira lowers his eyes to the right as he reaches inside his coat to reveal the cross. Felix took it into his hands, merely to inspect it. Afterwards he returns it to Sira with a faint smile. "That is definitely his, there is no doubting it." He says this as he reveals his own, similar to that of Adam's, now Sira's. However his was silver, not gold. Sira was now even more confused. "What's going on?" He asks.

Felix closed his eyes and took a breath. Slowly opening them he spoke once more. "Adam was my closest friend, more importantly the only family that I had. We were also brothers-in-arms. We fought side by side in countless battles to protect the word of the living. Our skills were eclipsing compared to other Quincy. Only he was capable of rendering me a proper match. Though, he was far better than me." He paused.

"Adam never took mission lightly, nor did he ever lived a lax life. His guard was never down, not even for a moment. At least that is how I remembered him to be. I must admit, upon hearing that my closest friend was killed and my God son was alive, I was fairly disappointed. Now I know, he did not fight back because he was attacked by his own child. Even to the very end, he held compassion for those dear to him. Such a fool..." his words trailed off.

Sirakad, not quite sure of what to say other than. "God son?" He was family to this man? Felix peer at him. "Of all that I said, that is what you took from it? What a shame." He turns to walk away from him. Raising his hand and pointing to a door to the far right. "You are dismissed, you are assigned to that room there. We will continue with our conversation tomorrow and begin with your rehabilitation. Get plenty of rest. Oh, and think of a name for that weapon of yours. Be sure to give it much thought as well. If I do not like it, I will take your arm from you."

His words carried conviction, this much Sira was sure of. He meant exactly that and Sira knew that their skills were worlds apart. What's more, this man was on the same level as his father, who was pretty brutal during their training. And to think that he was not taking it very seriously to be the better between him and Felix. Now making Felix the more superior with a blade. This scared Sira to his very core, he felt a chilled that his father couldn't even kill out of him. He was terrified.

The night seem to have came to a swift end, though he spent most of it thinking of a name for his weapon. Taking into consideration of the weapon and how he used it. Also taking into account that it was a weapon that he conjured with his own reishi. But when did he even do that. This was all so very puzzlingly to him. He never knew a weapon required a name, though he prepared to spend his life using a bow and arrow before his family's death.

This also made him wonder about what Felix's weapon was named. On the same note, his father's was called. "Seelenradierer... Soul eraser. Is that because it erases the very existence of the soul like all other Quincy weapons do? Perhaps that is why Felix called it a commonplace name. But I must admit, it would definitely strike fear into the heart of an enemy, hollow or not." He pondered more on this theory.

Soon the sun rises and the day of his rehabilitation began. Felix had him wake at 6 AM to meet with him in the main room. He was instructed to only bring his Quincy cross and his weapon. To leave his other one that his mother gave him behind. He awaited for Felix to arrive with his eyes closed, deep in thought.

"What name did you come up with?" His voice manifest and crawled into his skull, unsettling and nerve wracking as well. Eyes shot open, spotting the man standing in an all white attire with a white vest and no coat. Hand on his blade's hilt lackadaisical. It would seem he was more eager to take an arm from him rather than rehabilitate. There was an eerie feeling coming from him.

However, Sira's resolve could not be shaken. "Hand Gottes." There was a moment of pause, Felix gazed upon him and then the blade. "Hand...Gottes?" He repeats for clarity. The boy nods, not backing down. Continuing to glare at the weapon as if analyzing it. "I see, a fitting name indeed. Let's hope that you live up to that name in the future. It would be a shame to see you die while employing the 'Hand of God'."

Relief hit the boy, striping away any anxiety that he may have had. He was pretty glad about this, considering that he stayed up mostly the entire night considering the name for his weapon. Though he still considered it to be his father's weapon despite what he's been told the day before.

As the day continued, Sira was put through vigorous training exercises by Felix to raise his strength, stamina, reflexes and swordsmanship. Thus also increasing his spiritual ability. However, this was more like a terrifying punishment for him. Felix was unnervingly cold and sadistic with the training. And he was even more harsh when it came to sparing. There was a point where Sira thought he was going to take his arm anyway, but managed to dodge in time only to recieve a gash to his shoulder.

This repeated for several months. Sira woke up at the same time, trained at the same time ate at the same time and went to bed at the same time. It was repetitive. On days that he was not training he was sent out to dispatch hollows that appeared. He would be lying if he did not acknowledge how much keener he became, and his movements that much more fluent.

For a year and a half he repeated this cycle. Slowly being recognized by the other members of this organization and slowly become that more skilled in terms of physical strength and mental. Not to fail to mention spiritual as well. He managed to develop skills with his weapon that were unique to him. One of which Felix showed a fond appreciation towards. Stating that 'that is what the hand of God should look like'.

Eventually training matured Sirakad further, almost changing him from a shallow emotionless shell to that of a more refined guarded Quincy. Learning that what his father tried to do was wrong, because emotions are what keeps you striving to live. However, being able to flip a switch is not necessarily a bad thing either. But true mastery of self is to be able to bask in those emotions while not allowing them to run rampant is the ideal place to be.

Sirakad has even became more keen with his sever training as a swordsman. Being able to switch between the defensive and offensive while sparing with Felix. This is a major improvement considering that he use to be only on the defensive, but even that was pitiful considering that Felix could break through it with ease. His movements could barely be seen or comprehended. However, Felix is still a good number of planets apart in terms of skills.

Sira believes that his level of skill increases everytime Sira gets accustomed to that level of display from him. Which speaks a good testament to his progression, but leaves him to anticipate even greater struggles in the future.

As days, weeks and months continue to pass. Sira developed relationships with the other Quincys, Allen, Sephiria and Aokidanza. However he had yet to meet with the leader, but he learned it was because he was not of the inner circle to do so. He also learned that the leader was much weaker than Felix, making him the most skilled here. This must have meant that the leader was extremely wise to be at the pinnacle of leadership here.

As his training continued he was permitted to spare with the other Quincys. The first being Sephira who was a master at hand-to-hand combat. No matter how good his sword play has grown it meant nothing if he could not land a single hit on his opponent. When thinking back on his sessions with her. She humbled him more times than once.

The sound of metal clanging, Sira's blade was stopped in its tracks by Sephiria with her metallic palm. Her calm expression met with his, it was to be expected considering bother of her arms were manifest by reishi. "89...this make the 89th day that you've used your Hand Gottes against me, Sirakad. It is to be an extension of yourself, yet you swing it like a object." Her word sat upon the forefront of his thoughts. Analyzing what she said to determine what she was actually saying.

"My Witwen küssen sich is not stronger than your weapon because I am superior to you, it's actually the contrary. My weapon is superior to yours because I acknowledge it as a part of me, while you see yours as a tool." Her words again filled with insight. This made him take into great consideration what she was saying. Stepping back and looking over his weapon. Could this be why he could never use his weapon at it's full capacity?

Taking a moment, the boy then sheathed his blade and sat it aside. "I think I understand my errors. Teach me to rely on my own hands. Then maybe I will understand how to use an extension of myself." His words reached her, she smiled and giggled softly. Pleased to hear that. "Very well, I shall abide you in awakening your true potential, Sirakad. Let's us begin."

It took some time, being tossed around like a rag doll by Sephiria made Sira rethink his approach. After a few months to a year of training with her he grew accustomed to hand-to-hand combat, becoming quite adept in it. Upon keeping up with his training and maintaining his training with Felix, whilst completing his missions he has become truly formidable in close quarters combat.

His skills have become well known throughout his organization, even spreading to the ears of other Quincy among the world. Though what drives him were two things, avenging his family and becoming useful to the Quincy.

It was not long before Felix noticed that Sira was a different person all together, his approach to a lot of things was greatly altered. He even sparred differently, at some points it even put Felix in a rare moment of surprise. Stating that 'Sirakad will become a dangerous adversary if he continues at this point and was ever to betray the Quincy.' Within that same breath he also states 'it matters not, should that day come, I will execute him myself.'

Furthering his rehabilitation Sira was assigned to undergo special training with Aokidanza. Upon meeting with him within a cringy, eerie placement of a dark and somewhat bleak place. The atmosphere around the place seemed different. Sira inspected it. Eyes darting from one place to the next.

"How perceptive of you, 'Knight of the Quincy'." Aokidanza's voice reached him. Turning to face the golden eyes man, giving him a smug expression forna greeting. He hated that nickname, it was bestowed upon him by Aokidanza because of how valiant Sirakad appears when in battle with his sword. Seem to have gain a bit of momentum as well as everyone from this organization refers to him by that alias.

Aokidanza noticed the sudden glare, chuckles it off. "Oh, come now, Sira. That's no way to greet your best bud, now is it?" He spoke with such familiarity, basically because he and Sira were indeed very close friends since his being there. The only mystery that lingers between them was that Sira knew nothing of Aokidanza's abilities.

" understand why you are here, don't you?" He asks. While giving the knight a stern stare. Sira, more than aware, nods. "Yeah, Captain did not say much, but he told me to endure. Endure pass my limits and even beyond that." An equally stern gaze was returned to Aokidanza.

"Why do you insist on referring to him as 'Captain'? Why not just call him Felix? I suppose that's your honor speaking, such a valiant knight you are. But his advice was well placed. There is a reason my particular skills are better placed for one-on-one interactions." He smiles as he points to a chair, gesturing for Sira to take a seat.

Sira making his way over to the seat and takes it. His arms placed on the arm rests. Suddenly they were clamped in place as well as his ankles and his torso. Sira looked surprised as he sensed reishi coming from the restraints. Aokidanza started his way over to him while dragging along a chair and a table that rattled something extra upon it with every bump.

"Sira, you may have caught wind of this, or maybe you did not. But I am the head of interrogation and disciplinary education. Meaning, this process of your training will be by far your most painful. I will take you to the brink of death and back. I will send you through a never ending cycle of torture. This will change you completely. I'd me remiss if I did not say to you...that I'm going to enjoy this more than I should."

"Allow me to explain how my power works. My spirit weapon is called Nadel und Faden. That being said I can patch up any injury seamlessly. Also, I can disrupt the circuit system of ones reishi from within. As a by product I can also set of a series of major explosions by detonating my threads within you, sort of like C4." He smiles.

Sira looks a bit concerned, mostly because Aokidanza manifested this needle and thread before his very eyes. It wasn't long before he allowed it to slither in the bound Sirakad. There was a moment of struggle before realizing it was pointless. He couldn't even feel it enter his body. In fact, he couldn't feel anything unusual. It was then he noticed a sinister smile on the face of Aokidanza.

Sira's eyes widen from excruciating pain, one wave after the next. His body was jerking from all directions as he was shaking furiously. His mouth opens as he screams in agony, spit and drool falling from his lips. His ears began to bleed as well as his nose, mouth and even his eyes. His insides were being ripped apart it felt like. His bones were being severed and he could feel the snapping of each one in his body.

He never experienced anything like this before, ever. His clothing began to stain from underneath at random areas. He was bleeding from the inside out. Wounds were opening all over his body. His screams grew more frantic. He feared he was on the verge of dying, and it only been a minute or two since this began.

"Oh? Did I forget to mention. My threads also works like the blades chains on a chainsaw. So anything that is binded by them will be severed completely and painfully. Don't worry. All of my cuts are clean ones and can be reattached as new. So expect to feel this pain over and over again until I am satisfied with your reactions." He chuckles as he smiles.

This went on for hours upon hours. Sirakad's nerves, bones and body was severed and reattached. He was being broken down and put back together like a toy or test subject. Not once was he getting close to getting use to this. He could strengthen his body, but he could not strengthen the inside. However, though the pain he was feeling, he noticed that Aokidanza did not go for his heart, nor his lungs. He did go for one of his kidneys which caused him to pass out from the pain. He even went for his eyes which caused him to lose his sight completely. Though after recovering he regained his sight as well as his lost kidney.

Weeks turned into months. Sira has yet to hold in his pain from being tortured from the inside. It would seem that this was something that Aokidanza wanted from him to move forward to the next phase. But how was he suppose to accomplish such a thing? His vocal box was severed and he couldn't even scream in pain anymore. All he could do was make grunting noises. The silence coupled with the hardship of this method made him realize that he could not deal with this. He could not continue with this and it was better for him to just die.

Suddenly he recieved a flash of his family. His mother and father. His sister and the betrayer. Even the words of Felix reached him as well as the words of Sephiria and Allen. He had a purpose, he had a mission that he must complete before dying. Thus he will continue to endure, just a bit longer to see that he accomplished it. After recovering another few months went by, now he was managing to keep his screams within, if only mentally. This was indeed destroying his psyche, but it was helping him endure this mess.

In this process coupled with his torture from within, Aokidanza was using tools to torture his body on the outside. Ripping off his fingernails one by one very slowly. Using his thread to sever his fingers one by one. Even severing one of his arms and legs. Though there was no major blood lust because he was able to prevent bleeding out with his reishi on the severed areas.

Recovery again and more months to a year and a half of this continues. His mind was not like it was before and neither was his body. His entire body was scarred up from this, from neck to toes. Oddly enough this increased his body's durability. His bones became stronger and harder. His nerves sent out reactions much quicker and he could feel pain that was once excruciating to be no more than that of a mundane level. Aokidanza accomplished what he set out to do. He broken him mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. But it was for the better. He saw things much more differently. It was like he understood Aokidanza better during this as well as himself.

It became soothing to him. No words were exchanged, only pain and he understand Aoki better because of it. This is how he will understand any and everyone now. Through pain, be it inflicted upon him or he being the one to inflict it.

He smiles and starts to laugh, hysterically. His long white hair swaying with each chuckle. Aokidanza gazing upon him and starts to laugh right along with him. It was like they shared a insane bond that could joy be quite explained.

The doors to the room opened, the two ceased their shared chuckle. Felix walked in, his eyes fixed on Sira, then on Aokidanze. "Your time is up, Aokidanza. Report your analysis." Aoki smiled and motioned towards Felix. "It is done, he passed with marvelous colors. He has be reborn and for the better. I much like this Sira more than the last." His words were puzzling. Felix even side eyed him out of piqued interest.

"What do you mean by 'this Sira'?" He asked only to be answered with a chuckle and a shrug of the shoulders. His hands made a gesture and the restraints were removed from the boy. Sira hunched over, he slowly stood up. Upon standing, Felix observed his current state. It would seem that somehow Sira gain more muscle mass, but in a more ripped/toned way. He could see the visible multitude of scarring on the body. He can even see the air about him was drastically different. It also seemed that Sira has gotten an inch or two taller. How is that even possible. Though his demeanor is different.

"Boy...?" He said to Sira. Sira started to motion towards the exit with his eyes fixed on the light that was shining through. His breathing steady. Nonchalantly responding to Felix. "I'm fine. Let's go, Captain." His voice was even a bit deeper. Felix was shocked. He had matured a great deal during this training. All he could wonder was what did Aokidanza do to him.

Sira, making his way through the exit that lead to him going outside. His eyes lazily shifted to the right. His body reacting to something to quick in motion. There was a loud impact. Felix heard this as he was just behind him. Within his right hand, tightly gripped was the ankle of Sephiria. She attempted to kick Sira while his guard was down, but much to her surprise he was quick to block with little effort at that. She smiled. "You have become keener, Sirakad." Now noticing the body of the boy in it's new presentation. She lowered her foot and scuffs. She never was ok with Aokidanze being Sira's next training instructor. His methods are gruesome.

"That was quite the welcome, Sephiria. Almost killed me there." He says, walking way soon after. Motioning towards his residence. To Sephiria, she highly doubt that kick would have even left a mark on him. She noticed that he changed a lot. What exactly did he go through down there. Felix emerged from the depths of the building. The two made eye contact.

"You've noticed too, have you?" He words. She nods as the two exchanged words on Sira's behavior.

A few days later, Sira was with Felix, not training, but accompanying him on his rounds. When a grunt found them to relay orders. There were Hollows showing up in a area near a town. A lot at that. Their reasoning for appearing was uncommon. However what was more interesting was that there was sighting of a woman with white hair there too. Sira slightly tilted his head to the left, his eyes shifted to Felix. The man acknowledged this and nods to Sira. The two made their way to the destination that was giving to them.

Several mintues passed and they arrived upon one of the tallest of the buildings there. Coincidentally they were not the only two to show there. Sephiria and Aokidanza was there as well, seemingly waiting. Felix gazed down at the small hordes of hollow. Sira, sitting at the edge with his left foot hanging over the edge and his right planted to bring his knee to his chin level so that his right arm can rest on it as he too gaze down at them.

This too Felix noticed, he showed little regards for the threat down there. He was almost uninterested. His eyes shifted over to Aokidanza seeing him staring at Sira with a smile. The wicked man would then shift his eyes to Felix and lick his lips. "I take it that you two understand the situation. What did you gather?" He asked. Sephiria stepping up she held out her hand revealing a broken hollow bait. "This is why they are gathering here so drastically." She replied.

"So, she was here then..." Sira interrupts. They all turned their attention over to him. Sephiria nods as if he could see her doing so, but she felt that he knew she did because he spoke again. "Why summon these lowly shells here? What are you planning, sister...?" He asked aloud. Then he starts to laugh out loud as if he found something terribly funny and placed his left hand over his left eye and took a deep breath. Sighing. "Captain, allow me to dance with them. You three need not sully your hands with this."

Felix looks to Sephiria who wore an uncomfortable face. Then to Aokidanze who seemed to be very curious to the play out of this. "Very well, show me what you have learned." His stern voice only encouraged the boy's appetite for battle. His lips curved and a smile cracked through. He leaned forward. His reiatsu spiked greatly for a mere instant. It was enough to grabbed the hollows attention. They all looked up in his direction. Felix felt the increase of his spirit pressure and knew he definitely grew much stronger.

"You've noticed me. Good, let us dance until we cannot dance anymore!" He shouts down to them. His body leaving the edge as he is now free falling head first towards them. As they began motioning towards him. The ones that can fly were darting in his direction as the smaller and normal sized ones are rushing and climbing up the side of the building.

The others looking on helf a side conversation. Felix questioned Aokidanza on what took place in Sira's training. Aoki laughing and keeping focused eyes on Sira as he dispose of the threats merely replied. "I found the true Sira." His words held great enigma. Sephiria even found them to be full of vagueness and unsettling. But, she could not deny that he was swifter, more keen and stronger. As if he was consciously utilizing his subconscious to its fullest degree. It was then that it dawned on her. She asked. "Are you implying that he is completely aware of himself?"

A smug grin stretched across the face of Aoki as he replies. "Indeed..." both Felix and Sephiria looked at him and then back at Sira as he was now on to the final two hollows. Felix words. "If that is the case, that boy is too dangerous to leave unchecked." His hands tightens around his hilt. Sephiria, her posture shifts as if she was preparing for something. Laughter breaks the tension. They glance over at Aoki. "So quick to turn your backs on such a promising Quincy. Shameful, do you really think I would let him walk around in such a state with little incentive? Even now. My threads lay dormant within his body. Should he ever betray us and cross over to the wrong side I will kill my friend myself..." the ground breaking truth was heavy in the air.

They knew he was telling the truth and even more they were still somewhat uncomfortable. The tension was still high so much so that the air about these three was smothering.

"Why so tense?" A voice not their's pierced through from behind them. They all look to find it belonged to Sira. He stood before them with his head slightly tilted and his eyes lazily glancing over to them. Aoki looking below and back at him. He didn't noticed him appearing. He smiles as this was becoming more interesting to him. Sephiria impressed at his speed and Felix also impressed by his stance, even amongst them he left no blindspot in his subtle standing. Was this the workings of his awareness?

Sira, before waiting for them to prepare themselves for departure points at Felix. The towering man acknowledged the point and waited. "Captain, I'd like your permission to venture out amongst the town for my own reconnaissance in relation to my sister. She was here, but it is obvious this was a bait and switch to observe us. Not sure how she is hiding herself from me, but I know she was still here. I even searched the perimeter of this place before coming back here. She must have fled once I was done."

The other's shocked by what they just heard. Did he really managed to cover that much ground before coming back.
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It seemed likely, he was never one for jokes on a matter of his sister. Thus, Felix nods his head. At first he was concerned about Sira's growth, but now, he was reassured that he had not lost his drive for what was important.
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Rp Sample:

Destitution would best describe what visual orbs laid upon. Privation as nothing was useful there. Everything was bleak, fading into nothingness as even the air grew still, cold from the absence of life, natural order was no more than a fleeting memory. What was once full of pleasant history was replaced with ghastly certitude. One could attempt their hand at question, but would only be embarrassing themselves in their struggle. Trivial truths was all that lay bare before Sirakad.

Adorned in pure gear of the Quincy, his breaths left him gently, replaced just as to repeat. Violet irises collected what was before them and retain that data for self reflecting at a latter turn. Pearly strands of locs swayed with the winds gentle whispers as he sat upon the rumble of a once prestigious foundation. Nostalgia glimpsing over his being, twisting prosperity and atrocious into a complex perception. But his mind did not contest, as if it was torn just as the very home before him.

The Rendrag Estate, completely destroyed. Rubble and the stench of death filled the air of this place. The sounds of screams and cries for mercy filled his blanked mind as if he was there for them. Burnt flesh revisited his hostrils as they did upon finding his former home like this. The scent of blood still stained this area heavily even after the rainfall. Abominable recollections is all they flooded his head from this sight.

No, that was not quite right. There was something else that saturated his crown more. The revolting expression of his sister's face etched into his mind. The sound of her laughter, the putrid scent of her hair and unwelcoming of her presence was heavily clouding his consciousness. Her words spewed like repugnant sap from a decaying stump. She was the face of blasphemy. The sole source of his reasoning to move forward, his want for vendetta. Which he will have at any cost, no matter how impractical it is.

Obscurity inundate his heart. Along with an excessive sense of obligation to see his vengence through, his justice. As the scales sits bias on her side, his intent is to correct that. It matters not to him what her reasons were for such bloodshed, he will purge this world of her continuance.
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