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The Mask of Phantasm Empty The Mask of Phantasm

Fri Dec 04, 2020 8:30 pm

The Mask of Phantasm 6EdIfMt


Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

He sat at his desk for a change having gotten his duties done again. As the Vice-Captain of this division, he took many of the duties required. In the absence of Captain Unohana, his digits slowly curled as darkness began to manifest in them. His inner darkness still remained he'd returned to being a Vizard. Animosity hid beneath the surface. Kuraikage, the manifestation of his repressed feelings. Even as he summoned the mask he felt it.

The tinge and tingling of emotions that were at a breath away. Closing his eyes he focused his mind, slowly detaching the trappings of the world around him. Stepping within the new Innerworld, where the smell flowed. His heart was steady now, thanks to his new Zanpakuto. She gave him a calm he'd never had before.

Takehiko walked through the flowers and plumage to sit down as darkness swirled and formed the hollow next to him. He could feel the heat of the creature's eyes.

"You didn't solve anything, anything at all, she is still a whore and a bitch. She abandoned us and abused us!"

He inhaled slowly as he felt Ruin's anger begin to emerge further. But he raised as hand calming her. Force wasn't the answer, give rise to anger and it will consume you. His expression changed as he looked at Kuraikage yet again. The appearance of Kuraikage was like a mirror that had been inverted.

"What would you have me do, go in and cause harm to other people? To bring my powers to bear against those innocent refugees? Let her, hurt herself she is talented at that."

Takehiko said it calmly and plainly as though it required no further discussion. Even catching his Hollow half off guard. As well as others inside him, those who walked in this domain of his. He had other goals and objectives, his family was the Kuchiki. One of the Four Noble Houses, it had been long since one of them resides within the Organization.

" are you planning?" The hollow asked as around the way formed his Zanpakuto spirit. Takehiko exhaled a breath as he looked at his palms now. They all came to hear the message the man who held this body had to speak. He couldn't afford to hinder the progress or plans any longer.

With Captain Unohana away, it was time to begin making strides towards medicine. He'd been studying for a long time, the thing they needed most were better healers. Takehiko had a mission to stop the flow of blood. To prevent flow and show people the value of Kaido.

"As it stands the healing we provide here has a limitation, it is unable to progressively heal the damage of the spiritual nature. I have studied it and done my own personal inquires on to the type of damage it inflicts. Presently, no one I am aware of can cure a damaged soul or spirit. It's beyond our present power."

He reached out his hand slowly grasping a petal on the breeze. Bringing it close to him now as those around him waited.

"But, we can ravage the Soul and spiritual body, it's destruction is a simple matter. Mother's injuries were beyond my reach. I won't let her passing be forgotten, I plan to come up with something. Truthfully I have had some ideas regarding the subject. Most came from my Zanpakuto, she provided me a breakthrough. Administration of the curative is the issue. But what if Vapors and Incense were used which enter the body naturally?"

He stood up straightening up his back. This wasn't the time to be wasting time on these things. For the moment they couldn't simply progress from here, could they? It was time to begin playing a different kind of game. "We can't be ignorant or childish anymore. On that day with Elyss, we leave behind our ramblings and must act differently. This is a Den of Vipers for Nobles, so we must remain aware. Displeasing Aunt and Uncle are not options. We must evolve and grow as Kuchiki for my ambitions to be realized. We must raise within the Gotei our standing as well as the Kuchiki family.

Everyone, we have work to do. I don't know how much rest we will gain. But one thing is clear, this task won't be settled in a short amount of time. We have a theory, progress, and testing are required. But our hand can't be shown yet, as I said the friends and enemies within must be observed carefully. I'll require your experience and guidance going forward. "

This conversation inside him had gone well, his eyes blinked. As he felt the dust-like substance of darkness that was his mask dissipate. He had dreams and goals, he focused back on his paperwork. Writing down notes for any wounded people he managed. The Squad had changed, evolved, and gone through mergers. Becoming something well past the days of when it was The Thirteen Court Guard.

Things had changed and he brought a hand to his forehead. Running his digits across it as he focused on his paperwork further. Captaincy, the testing was well away from anytime soon. It wasn't like he didn't do anything at all, he did involve himself in what was happening.

He had ideas for Kido he would be creating soon, Shikigami, a special spell that let him summon familiars. The process was almost done with the fine-tuning. He'd be exercising it soon. For medical treatment and healing, they required a physical manifestation form. Something to help him transport people in critical condition and help them recover. Would be ideal, to try and grow his station.

Showcase growth and develop the skills the Kuchiki prided themselves on. Closing the book, he put it on the shelf with the other records available.

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