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Julia Victoria von Aschewald  [Quincy; 4-1] [Hazard Rating D] Empty Julia Victoria von Aschewald [Quincy; 4-1] [Hazard Rating D]

Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:53 am
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Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Julia Victoria von Aschewald (literally: … of the ashen forest);
goes by Julia or Jules;
uses the name of Julia Ash for business transactions, so that her parents can’t track her.
» Titles: The Aschewald family is un-titled nobility, meaning they have no official titles as barons or dukes, etc.. But Julia would have the unofficial family-title of “Heiress”.
» Age: 19
» Height: 1,65m / 5.4ft
» Gender: female
» Bust size: A
» Sexual orientation: undecided

» Affiliation/Rank: none currently

» Physical Appearance Description: What one see’s at first glance is a blonde, thin and relatively short girl. And Julia isn’t too fond of most of these traits.

What she likes is her hair. It is a dark-golden color, long and full and has a slight natural wave in it. It reaches about halfway down her back, but is mostly tied in a high ponytail. When she expects to be involved in some kind of physical activity like sports or combat, she prefers to tie her hair in a tight braid or even french braid.
The golden hair frames a face with delicate, girly features and a fair complexion, just shy of pale. Dominating the face are two expressive eyes of a greyish-green color, sparkling with energy and spirit. The nose and lips are as delicately formed as the face in it’s entirety, with the latter showing a natural red. Her mouth is as expressive as her eyes, quick to curl up to a smile or open for hearty laughter. All in all her face can be described as girly, cute and over all beautiful.

Julia’s body is slender, but not boyish. Fair hands and lank arms flow into a firm body, slim because of a rigorous lifestyle of training, exercise and sophisticated meal plans. While clothed, one see’s a slender torso with only a small bust, a gentle but noticeable hip-curve and legs that appear lank but have noticeably no thigh-gap. Unclothed the body reveals Julia’s upbringing: Not a gram of fat too much. A muscular back and a flat belly, small but firm breasts, round and hard buttocks and well-trained legs. One could argue that all the excessive exercise from an early age on is the reason why Julia never grew taller or why her bust remained small, but on the other hand it has rewarded her with beautiful proportions, an incredibly fit and flexible body, great health and stamina, as well as greater strength than one would credit to a girl like her.

Her normal street clothes vary greatly, f.e. in style and color, depending on her mood. But in general it can be said that Julia likes light summer dresses and tops and skirts or hotpants in all variations for warm weather, and jeans with blouses or chic pullovers, combined with high-quality leather jackets, for colder weather.
Color-wise she is a fan of bright, happy and flowery colors, especially with her beloved summer dresses, which is why she doesn’t really like her Quincy-attire that much.

This attire consists of:
A body hugging white crop-top, sleeveless and with a little bit of cleavage (as much as you can get with an A-cup) and black trimmings.
Over the shirt she wears a long, white coat with matching black trimmings. It is usually closed. Waist upwards it, too, is tightly body hugging, with long sleeves and a high collar. Waist downwards it is wide and flowing, parted at the front and dagged at the back into two parts. A quincy-cross is stitched on the back.
White, equally body hugging pants clothe her legs and end in white high boots with black flat soles (Julia would have loved to get some heels under those boots, but it would be hindering in combat).
On her left forearm Julia wears a cuff that covers the whole forearm, made from sturdy old leather that maybe once was brown but is now completely black. A quincy cross is stamped into the leather.
On her right hand she wears a white archer’s glove that has black trimmings matching the rest of the outfit. Here a small quincy cross is on the back of the hand.

Since she wears her quincy-attire normally only when combat is to be expected (and she had the time to prepare), it is usually accompanied by her hair being tied into a high ponytail or a firm braid.

On the inside of her left wrist she has a black quincy cross tattoo. She got it as one of the first things after she arrived in Japan, as a substitute for a Leidens Hand and a failsafe, should she ever be surprised by enemies and not have her combat gear with her.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Julia Victoria von Aschewald  [Quincy; 4-1] [Hazard Rating D] Mordred-julia
Julia Victoria von Aschewald  [Quincy; 4-1] [Hazard Rating D] Ml2krk3o6d551

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Short version: A Rebel.

Long version: Because of her strict upbringing (see history) Julia has first and foremost a massive problem with authority. She doesn’t, despises, detests being told what to do. Even if she knows it is the right thing, and even if she knows she will eventually do it anyway, she will in most cases start to argue defiantly. At the least she will hate it and probably sulk for a bit afterwards. What would have resulted in depression and isolation in others, resulted in defiance and (emotional) aggression in her.

Her core personality is that of a lively, happy and strong willed young woman. She loves life in every color and shape. Above everything else she treasures freedom. There is yet little she wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice to keep her own freedom, but she’d probably also be willing to go out of her way to protect the freedom of others.

She likes to party, to hang out with people, go shopping, listen to music and, yes, even drink a few drinks every now and then (i.e. getting completely shit-faced). Basically everything she was forbidden to do in her parent’s household, except maybe drugs and certain other things she won’t dare.

Yet her upbringing can’t be completely ignored, not even with her best efforts. This means that she has a strong sense of loyalty towards friends. It might not be the interpretation her parents had intended, but she was raised in the belief that you defend your people, no matter the cost. Julia’s even proud to be a Quincy (and hones her skills in regular intervals). Only that she doesn’t see her family in particular as her people.

In her eyes they have robbed her of her childhood and adolescence to shape her into a being of their design. Something that she couldn’t accept. This leads to her also having a great respect for individuality, while uniformity is revolting to her. Because of that she has her very own reasons to dislike certain (military) organisations she views as the epitome of such uniformity, like the Gotei, although at the start of her adventures she’d never met a Shinigami in person.
This dislike even extends to mainly mindless beings like Gillian-class Hollows.

Towards other Quincy her feelings are divided. On the one hand they are her people, which is good, but on the other hand they represent something she resents. Also, there could always be one that is somehow connected to her family or some associates of theirs who could inform them of her whereabouts. So she is basically friendly but cautious towards other Quincy.

III. Character History

» History
Julia was born into an old (and rich) Quincy family in Germany, Europe. Her parents, Maximilian and Adelheit von Ascheberg, are both Echte Quincy, meaning pure blooded. According to them, their family history went back centuries and that Julia, being the first born, had the obligation to continue and defend that history. She could neither verify, nor disprove that her family was that old and important, but it made little difference to the girl.

From a very young age on, literally from when she was a toddler, Julia was instructed, not only in the ways of Quincy, their skills and techniques, but also etiquette, manners, history, literature, mathematics, languages and dozens of further subjects. Her days were planned down to the minute, and if there was time for leisure or friends, only individuals and activities approved by her parents or her teachers (in many instances the same individuals) were approved. And being an only child she could be sure to have all the attention. So in summary she was living in a golden cage.

And as many people, who lived in such cages, she soon realised that every cage, as comfortable and golden as it might be, was still a cage. But what could she do? She was still only a child and with her parents and the whole household around her, there was no escape.

She was educated to be a little lady, as well as a Quincy. Her education was strict, and punishment for failure according. Which knife to use for dessert? Wrong answer? Set the tables for the whole household for a week! Alone! And this was only a mild punishment. Failure to live up to expectations with her Quincy skills usually resulted in pain and extra training. Her parents and teachers showed very little understanding for her desire to simply slack off and relax, duty was above everything else. If she did well she received love, if not…

So Julia learned. She worked hard, trained hard, always afraid of punishment, always desperate to prove herself to her parents, be acknowledged and, at least in younger years, be loved. Aside from that she had little joy and only a few friends. Some of her best friends were the kids of the servants that were employed in her parent’s household. They were decent people, honest and good. But they also feared their masters and in the end were just part of the cage.

Luckily for Julia she turned out to be a little prodigy in the talents of a Quincy. When she was very little she would begin to train with real bows, made from wood, metal and plastics. She’d learn to aim, shoot, while standing, sitting, walking, running, jumping. And she learned quickly. Her movements were fluid, her hands steady. Estimating the distance to the target came as naturally to her as breathing.
The rare archery tournaments she was allowed to participate in were her favourite moments, because her parents weren’t allowed on the courses and she could be on her own for a few hours. Winning a medal every now and then wasn’t too bad either.

Even when she was very young, not older than nine years, she showed the first signs of being able to manipulate reishi and was able to form a stable spirit weapon at age twelve. Her parents, both extremely talented Quincy themselves, were pleased. But they didn’t ease up on the girl, on the contrary. Now, in their eyes, the real training could begin. because there was more, a far greater power to be awakened. And for reasons yet unknown to the girl, her parents wanted her to reach the pinnacle of Quincy powers, the Vollständig, before her 18th birthday. And she would. By god, she would reach it, or she’d regret not putting more effort in her training.

With time Jula came to hate her life, more and more with each passing year, month, day, minute. But at the same time she was also more and more proud of her talents. Honing her skills, acing obstacle courses or even participating in small, well coordinated strikes against Hollows, gave her a feeling of power and freedom she couldn’t feel at any other time. But the joy was always dulled by the feeling that it wasn’t hers to enjoy. There were always her parents or some teacher or trainer, watching, gauging, planning. The desire to be her own mistress, to be the one that commands her talents, her powers, her very life, became so strong it kept her awake at night. Another girl would have been broken. Even Julia herself was close to it, many, many times. But luckily for her, her mind, her spirit, was stronger. Scarred, maybe, not how the spirit of an adolescend girl should be, but unbroken and growing stronger. And so, instead of giving up and submitting herself to everything somewhere along the line, something else began to grow on the inside, while the outside had to keep up appearances.

Meanwhile Julia grew up to be a young, beautiful woman. During her teenage years rebellious tendencies, that had formed and began to grow inside her, finally made it to the outside, with her openly defying her parent’s will whenever she could and earning punishment in return. She was a girl turning into a woman that could see the world outside her cage, finally understand what her life really was like, and wanted to drink from a cup, that had been out of reach all her life. The flame of her will would burn brighter and hotter the more she was punished for her “unbecoming behaviour”.

The last straw was finally reached on the day of her 16th birthday. While ‘normal’ teenagers celebrated with their friends, snuck away, smoked and drank or just chilled out, she had to endure a mind numbingly boring feast with her parents, the household and some hand picked (not by her, of course) guests, eating canapés and drinking champagne (alcohol free for anyone under 18). On this occasion her parents introduced Julia to a family, allegedly a remote branch of their own family. They were also Echte Quincy and had a son, the same age as Julia, with greasy hair and a smug grin that almost turned her stomach. She was informed, not asked, that this would be her future husband and that they were to be married the summer after her 18th birthday and that it was her duty to maintain “eine reinblütige Linie” (= a pure bloodline). She never even bothered to remember that boy’s name. Julia smiled, nodded and began in that very moment with plans to escape ...and maybe break this smug boy's kneecaps, just out of pure spite.

It took her two years, bribes, intimidations and the whole of her education, to bring the plan into motion. She channeled some money out of her generous allowance (generous because she had no way of using it) to secret accounts, thanks to one of the family's lawyers that once had made a pass at her when she had been only 14. Ever since she had used that to blackmail him, because he was mortally afraid of what her parents would do if they ever found out (probably rightly so). It was not an easy task, but Julia’s parents had, much to their disadvantage, raised a clever and resourceful girl. Also, they had made one crucial mistake.

Now the only thing she had a wait for was her 18th birthday, since that was the legal age in her country.

She sat through the ‘party’ (as boring as the seventeen before that one), waited for everyone to go to bed, drunk and tired. Then she slipped out of her window, through the gardens and was gone as quick and as silent as a shadow, to never again be seen in her parents house. Thanks to her excellent training it was embarrassingly easy for her. And there was the mistake her parents had made: Obviously they had never even considered that she would run. Running a foul mouth was a “teenage phase”, the girl would grow out of it soon enough, but leaving her family, her responsibilities...that was simply unthinkable. All the people that had watched her did so to gauge her progress in training and her studies. It was never meant to keep her confined, never meant to be a real cage. When they told her to stay in her room she had always done so as a child. And of course it was expected for her to do so as a young woman.

Julia went straight to the nearest airport. Also with the help of that lawyer she had acquired some new papers to the name of Julia Ash, that would help her disappear. She knew, or at least anticipated, that her parents were too staggered and too inflexible to react quickly when they realized at breakfast time she was gone. And that was still eight hours away. So all she had to do was get far enough away to be relatively safe.

Julia went to the board with available last-minute flights and booked the next one-way ticket she could find: Japan.
Half an hour later she sat in a comfortable chair, enjoyed a complimentary snack and champagne, and when finally the ground faded from view and around her were all white, fluffy clouds, she relaxed. She was finally free. She would finally live!

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: A competition-grade take-down recurve bow, 58 inch in length, 40 pounds draw-weight. Wooden grip piece (beautiful bordeaux-red stained), wood and resin limbs.

A quiver of 20 wood arrows with steel tips.

Small knife with a 10 cm tanto-style blade.

Two Seelen Schneider

Normal equipment everyone has (computer, phone, clothes etc.).

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:
Spiritual Awareness: She’s been spiritually aware practically her whole life. Her genetical heritage is that of pure blooded Quincy and quite mighty ones at that. As usual with constellations like this she was able to see and sense spiritual entities practically her whole life. It made for some scary nightmares when she was too little to understand what this all meant.

Prodigal Quincy: Both her parents are extremely talented Quincy and she inherited some of that natural talent. As with her spiritual awareness she was, for example, able to use reishi absorption from an early age on. Of course her absorption and manipulation abilities were raw, unrefined and not much use before they were properly trained. But they were there. It was like someone being able to hear the key of a musical chord easier than others. They were just born like that. It was similar with Julia's absorption and manipulation abilities. She was no Mozart of the Quincy, no "perfect hearing" , but it was an undeniable talent.

Adept to expert combat skills: She underwent a strict and efficient training regime from a very young age onwards, refining her skills to an almost extreme degree (for someone her age, that is). Comparable to young martial artists who are born into a family of martial artists and know nothing else but the sport, so that they are able to perform the most complicated katas at a very young age. Of course it wasn't all fun and games for Julia, since the Quincy train for actual combat. But the drive and determination of her parents to make her daughter the perfect Quincy was all the same as those of some sports-crazy parents.
She is able to use all the skills, has trained them so often that one could literally wake her up in the middle of the night (as her parents actually did on occasion) and she would be able to show them off. BUT she lacks first-hand combat experience due to her age. Ther simply wasn't any chance for her to prove herself on her own.

Natural archer: In addition to her spirit weapon she is also proficient with a normal bow, that doesn’t follow the strength of her will , but only her muscles. In fact she learned to use a normal bow before she was able to form a spirit weapon. She can shoot all forms of bows there are: longbow, recurve, rider, compound...the basics are more or less the same.

She can also shoot with either the european technique, using index, middle and ringfinger, or the eastern thumb-technique. She can even switch techniques from one shot to the next, if she wishes.

Actually normal basic archery, with physical bows and arrows, was the first form of archery she was taught. She learned to use a real bow and arrow long before she learned to use a spirit weapon properly. Even when she had achieved a stable spirit bow and her skills with that weapon went on climbing, until she could almost rival her parents, they insisted on her continued training with physical weapons.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

Hirenkyaku: Julia is highly proficient in this technique. As a Quincy she is not a soul, but a mortal human being with a mortal body and as such needs to keep that body out of harms way. While this was an understandable reason and almost every Quincy placed a heavy focus on Hirenkyaku, the skill was additionally enforced by her parents, so that no harm may come to their daughter ein heirress (simply keeping her out of harms way completely didn't come to their mind, apparently).
Additionally Julia has specialised in ranged combat and has only limited skills in closed quarters combat. The problem with this is, that it is sometimes not avoidable and a bow simply isn't as good at melee-range. This means she needs the speed of the technique as one basis for her whole fighting style (Meaning her closed-quarter fighting style. This one basis is two fold: One, outmaneuver the enemy, so that he can't land a hit, while getting enough distance to use the bow effectively again. Two, preferably never let an enemy come close enough that One becomes necessary.).

Blut: As a Echte Quincy Julia has inherited the Blut abilities Arterie and Vene and is able to use them as any pureblood would be able to. Especially in closed quarters she relies heavily on Blut, to supplement her hand-to-hand abilities., while it is of a bit less importance in her ranged fighting style. This is the other basis on which her melee fighting style stands: if it really can't be avoided at all, for example because there is not enough room to maneuver or her enemy is simply faster, she needs Blut Vene especially. As stated before, her skills in ranged combat are exceptional for someone her age, but at a close distance there is much room for improvement. She is not able to overcome an enemy in a swordfight, if that enemy has at least half decent skills. She maybe able to hold her own and reach a draw, but that's it. If the enemy has more than half-decent skills Julia would be in trouble. That's were Blut comes in: It is a last resort to block incoming damage and safe her. To train Vene Julia was actually hit with various objects, starting from simple sticks to real blades, so that she would immediately get punished if her game was off.
Arterie does not play as big a role. For her ranged fighting style it does not bring much advantages. For her melee fighting style it is only really of use, if she tries to lunge at the enemy to crate an opening through which she could slip. However, thanks to many bruises and even some black-eyes, Julia is literally painfully aware of her lack of skill in this compartment, and how dangerous attacking could prove, especially because the two Bluts can't be used simultaneously. So, while definitely trained and available, her focus is much heavier on Vene than on Arterie

Vollständig: Julia is also able to use Vollständig and uses a tattooed Quincy cross on the inside of her left wrist to activate it. As soon as she began her new life on her own she realised, that she wouldn't always be able to have access to her equipment, so she needed a substitute to the crosses stitched or engraved on it. So, to alway have access to the Vollständig-skill she went to the first decent tattoo studio she could find and got inked. Now at least this precondition to use Vollständig can't be taken away so easily (also it looks really cool, according to Julia, and she might get more ink on her later). More on Vollständig farther down.

Seele Schneider: She has stolen only two Seele Schneider. Those were of course integrated into her training, as her parents saw it as the natural duty of a Echte Quincy to master the traditional weapons. She has trained a lot in controlled conditions and thus has all the theoretical knowledge of the Schneider, although she was never allowed to use them in the ‘real world’ because of fear they might be lost). However, she has all the skills needed for their ranged use.
Additionally she is agile, fast and strong enough, to use the Schneider as short swords for defense, even both of them simultaneously, if need be. However she is greatly lacking in skill when it comes to attacking. Meaning that she’d be able to hold her own and defend against melee attacks for some time, but most surely wouldn’t be able to break through the defenses of an opponent if she/he was at least a half decent swords(wo)man (as stated above in the paragraphs on Hirenkyaku and Blut, she relies heavily on those skills to compensate at least a bit for her lacking melee skills. The Schneider being basicalls high-energy-vibroblades definitely helps).

Ginto: Julia is also versed in the uses of a Ginto, meaning she knows how to precisely fill it with spiritual energy and maintain it afterwards. She is also versed in various spells using the Ginto. The skills she is most proficient in is gritz and Wolke, with the latter being her favourite out of the two. She has often used it to cushion falls when she overdid it with her acrobatics. She also tried once to encapsulate her father with Gritz once. Once. She thought it would be hilarious, her ather...not so much. After that she only used gritz when it was on the training list for that day.

One spell stands out of the above, since it is one of the mightiest techniques in the arsenal of a Quincy. It is the Sprenger.

Sprenger: It is big, it is complicated and it has a massive effect. While spells like Wolke are easy to train, this does not apply to Sprenger. A missplaced Sprenger and an incomplete shielding and half of her parents house would have been turned to dust. This meant that her studies for this techniques have been mainly theoretical. The exact placement of the Schneider, down to the precise angles, as well as the precise amount of energy needed to trigger the explosion...she has whole textbooks filled with the theory. However, she was only able to really perform it a couple of times in her whole life, and only under strictly controlled conditions.

Since Julia has no Gintos and only two Seelen Schneider, she lacks the necessary equipment to perform the technique. It also doesn’t really fit her huntress-like fighting style, but that is another story.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Artio

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: The weapon takes the appearance of a silver-black, compact 50-inch recurve bow with four limbs. The limbs are arranged in tandem, with the front pair being about half the length of the back pair. There are three bowstrings: one each connects the front limbs with the back limbs, the third is the regular string between the back limbs. This would give even a normal bow tremendous strength and projectile speed for it’s relatively small size.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

General: The bow has slightly above average strength and projectile speed, if fired slowly with full draw. If fired fast, it loses only little strength, but a bit more accuracy.

Funkenregen (Rain of Embers*): A selfmade technique. Julia fires an arrow (most times it would be into the air, for best effect), where it splits into ten spark-like projectiles, hitting up to ten individual targets. These targets all have to be within 100m of Julia, but within this radius the projectiles have high precision. She can willingly choose anywhere between two to ten targets which the projectiles will ‘hunt down’.
Drawbacks: The force of the initial arrow is split as well as the arrow himself. So if Julia really would target ten enemies with one projectile each, the force of each of those would be only 10% of the original. Also, the technique is more or less useless in confined spaces.

*The translation is not 100% correct, but Rain of Embers sounds better than Rain of Sparks and it’s close enough.

Jagdschuss (Hunting Shot): A homing arrow with great speed. It needs to be charged over a time, but can be tuned to the aura of a target, on which it tries to home in. Targets the body of the target as a whole.

The idea behind this technique is less to fire a shot, that is undodgeable, but more to allow Julia to fire without direct line of sight (i.e. out of cover). If it hits against another player or not would be then be decided by the same rules as with a normal shot.

VIII. Quincy: Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Diana’s Avatar (Avatar of Diana)

» Vollständig Apperance: When activating her Vollständig, Julia gains the usual halo, a pair of great angelic wings and a quiver with arrows, made from white reishi, that has a shimmer changing between blue and gold.
Her clothes change into a white chiton: a light, very feminine dress, fastened at the shoulders and at the waist with a silver belt, but open at the sides.
Her bow changes into a long and slender hunting bow with recurved tips. It has also two sets of limbs, like the “normal” version.

» Vollständig Abilities:

The Vollständig grants flight, increased strength and durability, as well as improved Heilig Pfeile as usual. But what makes it special is an immense increase in speed and accuracy. The essence of this Vollständig is Julia becoming an Avatar of the Goddess of the Hunt, Diana. She hunts her prey down mercilessly, moving into the perfect position in the blink of an eye, shooting arrows that seldom miss their target.

Without the flavour that means, that the strength of this Vollständig is for her to position herself and fire hopefully before her enemy can react. Her speed and accuracy go hand in hand, the former allowing her more time to place the shot, while the latter allows her to fire more on instinct, reducing the time she needs to aim.

Sternenregen, Urteil der Jägerin (Rain of Stars, Sentence of the Huntress): A stronger version of Funkenregen. Now Julia uses her incredible speed and produces up to ten speed clones, each firing the improved Heilig Pfeile. Either at up to ten targets, or ten times at a single target for maximum damage. If she would concentrate all ten shots at a single target, the damage would be so devastating, that it would deal considerable damage to the landscape.

Those arrows have no reduced strength like those of Funkenregen, but are full powered shots. The number of shots correspond to the Spellcraft skill, which also governs the Vollständig.
Adept 2
Advanced 4
Elite 6
Master 8
Grandmaster 10

The strength of the individual attacks skales normally with the power boost the Vollständig gives at the respective level.

Duration is instantaneous, meaning Julia creates the clones, fires and that's it. Continuous usage of the technique for more than the shots that would normally possible at the respective level, would create a strain great enough to instantly end the Vollständig.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Quincy Spellcraft: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Reishi Absorption: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Spirit Weapon: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Tier: 4-1

Hazard Rating: D


IX. Roleplay Sample

» Roleplay Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you roleplay. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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