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The Word is Bankai Empty The Word is Bankai

Sun Jan 24, 2021 5:29 pm

The Word is Bankai 6EdIfMt


Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

He knew what was needed, the fact was simple and didn't require a scientist to discover. Yoshitsune had to train harder than anyone else in his Division. He tightened his grip as he had often hesitated.

This next step was a painful one to take, learning Bankai. He'd known his Zanpakuto long, longer than even his Hollow Vait. The relationship was a hot and cold one. They both knew one another and did respect each other.

He'd come here to work and practice the trial of it. He drew his sword out now, beginning the training. He'd gone without Bankai not because he couldn't obtain it. No, he could, but he didn't deserve it. That was his entire mentality on it, he didn't deserve Bankai.

Slowly in a pop of smoke, the figure of his Zanpakuto appeared. Manifesting herself for the first time in a while. She tilted her head smiling, the small child was caring black balls the size of boulders on her wrists and feet.

"You finally called, are you prepared to face the weight of your future?" She asked, the age in her voice showed more then her physical appearance would have you believe.

He brought his sword to rest in front of him as he stood silent. He didn't know how to answer that, his son was gone. His son had died and he was to blame for the entire thing.

His eyes widened as he looked up, one of the black balls slammed into his face sending him crashing into the ground. He felt bones aching as she walked forward. The sound of those chains rattling around.

"You still cling to those shackles, can you not see your future is held back by such thoughts? " She gripped his jaw from where he laid in a position with his upper torso leaned forward.

His eyes looked wear but a voice spoke inside him. A reminder of something, it was his inner self coming forward. This had gone on long enough, he'd not stand for it anymore. He felt his hand swing and grab her wrist now. This languid and lazy girl was swinging at him.

"What, you gonna try and fight me now? That's more like it, show me what you can do!" She'd brought her leg up kicking at him straight forward. His frame stepped back as he slammed his Zanpakuto down.

Bringing the weapon forward to fight her, his hands clasping it. He'd not bow or run away from it any longer. He wasn't just Captain of some Squad. He was Kenpachi Kobayashi, the first of his family. The first new Kenpachi, he would not stain that name anymore.

The two began a clash of blows, exchanging sword strikes against fists. His attack pattern was one she knew, by far his Zanpakuto had landed more hits. Broken his ribs and caused damage to her wielder. It was painful, she'd already proven she wasn't impressed.

Not enough to give her name to him, this route of him always depending and relying on things. Blood dripped from his torso and his clothing had been ripped. This was the battle he knew would becoming. This wasn't an emotional fight, it was a fight to prove himself. He was panting and felt damage accumulating over and over.

He hadn't spoken a word to his Zanpakuto, this was her frustration with his hindrance. With how often he remained back and didn't rely on her. That was where she stood as he knew it.

They both had problems communicating the feelings that lived inside them. Communication the beginning part of any conversation, his clothing's top fell to the ground. As he popped his arm back in the socket. Glancing around he took stock of the situation.

Small craters were everywhere from those chained balls she carried with her. His mentor and one who could teach him to wield her. She was a lazy and unmotivated person generally. Much like he used to be in this sense. Maybe that was part of her anger, he changed. He stopped laying around watching the world go by. Living his life as a dayfly. Who didn't move or try to change himself?

He remained a fixture of work and higher ethic now. Moving faster and more to protect those closest to him. They couldn't sit idle any more, the girl straightened up and pointed at him.

"I accept your determination, I will allow you to call my name. If you bring dishonor to me, I'll pummel you. We begin training using it here and now because my power isn't for the weak and untrained masses."

He nodded showing he understood, she watched him as he said that word. His clothing changed drastically. But he felt intensity and pain almost instantly, his body ached and crumbled. The amount of pressure coming off his Zanpakuto almost snapped his arm. It was insane the weight and intensity that is compressed into a sword.

The outfit felt light, but he released his Bankai having gotten a feel for it. He'd need time to recover from this, but he got her permission to use it. The fact was he'd gotten that now. His sweat glistened as he sat down. She'd left him as she came.

Beating his ass into the ground and making sure he learned a lesson. Hesitation will not bring honor or combative skills. But he gained the understanding, the truth of the matter was.

Bankai wasn't something easy, it tackled not the past or the present. But the future, she saw a distant future where he needed this power. But this pain running through his body outside in the empty area of the Rukongai. Was tiring, he wanted to pass out.

But he began walking back to the Kobayashi residence. Seemed some things never changed, she was a lazy girl who liked to languish in the clouds. He spits some blood off to the side as he got home. Medics began tending to his injuries, the first stage had been cleared. Now he just needed to train, train like his life depended on it.

The glass ceiling he'd found in life had to be broken. He needed to shatter it and reach through to the progress that had escaped him. This time he would not fail his Squad, he'd not let them die again as he had before. He would not let another child fall in his presence.

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