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Fri Jun 18, 2021 6:57 pm


Enter Algos's Post


Now that was a name that snapped Algos back to reality. If nothing else, she knew she had things to address with him as peering into that man's dreams and threatening him with war isn't something one would easily forget.

For that reason is why The Demoness had an intent stare for a moment before she eased in her expression and let Ulv continue to talk. Yes, she could pick up on the fact that the story she was telling dealt with sacrifice as it was apparent the man was above most of his people in the same way Algos's own power eclipsed most other beings. So, to get lost in that high feeling is easy without another force in this world to crush those delusions of the self and ground one's self back to reality.

Perhaps -- that is why Ulv and her met. Sure, there was nothing that could be done with the blood and sins which were dripping down the claws of Algos's hands, but there was a chance she could at least navigate her people to a better outcome than the one her own life has come with the proper help of another. Misalignments with one's mental state did often create some of the blackest horrors of the world. As there isn't anything more dangerous than a person with power and a broken mind. That is a life experience The Princess can attest to at least.

"I do not know what this life holds in store for me, so I surmise at this point you were just sent by fate to get me back on the right track. Whatever that track entails will be unfolded as I keep walking down this road and how I change from these experiences. So, thank you for being patient...."

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Valentine's Devil [Algos/Ulv] - Page 4 Empty Re: Valentine's Devil [Algos/Ulv]

Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:33 am


"I can get behind it being fated" Ulv commented, looking up at the sky for a few seconds before back to Algos, with a soft smile. "This whole thing kicked off because I ran somewhere I shouldn't have and met Neoveta. Depths of her sadness inspired me to become who I am, to take up a mantle of a woman who can help anyone's problems. Hell, her presence activated my Resolve Flame for the first time, it was so thick.

And so everything I did was to have enough power to be able to free her mind from those chains. And then I did, and you appeared. If I had not ran, or if my running had taken me anywhere other than that point...the whole world might have been different. Or at any rate, you might not be alive yet. I still don't quite understand how you and Neoveta were connected, just that you...are sorta?"


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