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Tue May 18, 2021 5:14 am

Solhammond Palliser | THE MOON CUTTER

"We've met before."

He'd openly say to her after a period of silence, going to lift his drink to his lips. Before placing it down brushing his hair out of his face slightly. He'd shift in his seat not wanting to admit the truth, but some part of him didn't like the idea of hiding who he was. Passively or actively. Yugiri had grown, or at least changed enough to where she wasn't insulting him on average. So he'd look to her, his grey irises holding with them some level of maybe fear? Reproach? He wasn't sure himself.

Instead he just took a slow breath in, before exhaling. Yeah it was better to just rip this off and be done with it. She'd probably dip afterwards anyway. "It's me, Solhammond. Surprise." He'd say the surprise lightly, lifting up a hand to compliment it before dropping it onto the bar. He wasn't looking at her. he was looking at his drink. He went to take another sip of it, as he waited for her reaction. Before adding on:

"You're pretty enjoyable company now, Yugiri."


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Tue May 18, 2021 5:31 am
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Where would she have met him before? The question bounced around her head while she did notice some vague familiarity with him. She couldn't say that he was someone she knew, maybe she had met him in passing one time. Honestly, Yugiri didn't believe that she would have forgotten a guy looking like a pretty boy as much as he did.

Then it all stood still for a moment. Solhammond? There was the resemblance, it did come off strange to her that he seemed so different but it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. It was a little disgusting to her however that she had just been so cheery with him up until now, even going so far as to think that she might even have been flirting with her cousin's ex-boyfriend.

It was indeed time for her to leave, she got up from her seat and paid for her drink before pausing. Yugiri might've been uncomfortable and put off by the knowledge but she felt like she had to say something before she went.

"Thanks, leaving Chidori seems like it has done wonders for you."

The best compliment she felt that she could give him in response to his own way of complimenting her growth. The man she remembered and the man she was talking to were very, very different.

"See you later, Sol."

She gave him a small wave as she left and disappeared into dark streets and went her own way.


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