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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sat Feb 27, 2021 2:33 am
Shing Heichao Cringe-boy-top


Name: Shing Heichao
Titles: Wu Lang (Dancing Wolf)
Age: 23
Birthday: February 15th
Gender: Male
Race: Tao Chi Human
Dantian Rank: Silver 2

Affiliation: None

Alignment: Lawful Good
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Korean
Religious Standing: Agnostic
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Colour: Jet black
Eye Colour: Grey with hazel flecks

Shing Heichao Cringe-boy-side

Psychological Analysis
Hero Complex
Growing up, Shing's father would often talk about the escapades of their ancestors and the type of this they would get into, but what stuck the most with him was when they would go out and help others. Never having any real purpose in his life besides carrying on the legacy of the family, Shing's dreams sort of attached to this idea that most of the Heichao were heroes of their time and that now he had to step up to the plate and become like one of them.

In his everyday life, Shing is quite a caring person, often throwing himself into danger for the sake of others in hopes that he's doing right by his ancestors. It can be considered borderline self-destructive as he has a hard time measuring danger when others are involved, plus he doesn't expect any payment or recognition for his actions. Basically, he does his because he wants to without any regard for his wellbeing.

You can call Shing a lot of things, but you can't call him a quitter, he's made sure of it.

Shing is stupidly and dangerously stubborn once he sets his goals. When he says that he'll do something as long as he's alive, he will see it done to the end. If he remembers that task post-mortem, he would probably try to finish the job that he started. This trait of his originates from the lack of his mother, growing up to resent the woman and viewing her as a weak-willed human who couldn't even deal with the consequences of their actions. He despises her and lived his entire life to be nothing like her.

Not many things get to Shing, mainly because he has lost the capacity to care for trivial things. Insults don't really work on him and rarely is he one to engage in fights, perhaps because he sees himself better than others?

That's it, what this really boils down to. Shing is indifferent in most situations because he doesn't care. Deep down, he thinks that he's just better than everybody else and his friends are just those that he can tolerate. He's actually a hero because everyone else is too weak to save themselves, and those that think they can are merely living a delusion.

Not a whole lot to write about here because there's not a whole lot of reasoning behind this trait of his. Shing is the type of person who will go against recommendations and pursue the hardest route possible for him. For some odd reason, Shing likes a challenge and will often punch several levels above his weight class to try and overcome, finding that much of his strength generates through adversity.


Shing was born to a Chinese father and a Thai mother with a more humble background, but since the beginning, it was mainly just him and his father, Xing Heichao. From what he was told growing up, his mother was a nobody that wanting nothing to do with either of them and quickly removed herself from their lives as quickly as she came. So, for most of his life, it was just Shing and his father living together in a small manor located in a rural portion of north China, so rural that it would be hard to find them even with a map. It was something that had been passed down through the Heichao for generations.

Growing up, Shing's father had prioritized his families history over raising his child, going through with the ceremony of the Heart when Shing was only 2 years old. From that point, Shing's father had tried to focus as much of his time that he reasonably could to teach his sons the ways of the Heichao. See, under normal circumstances, he probably wouldn't have done this, but the Heichao are a dead clan and prior to Shin's birth he was the only member. If for any reason he had an untimely death, the Heichao and their secrets would have died with him. To make sure this didn't happen, there was a rush to cram as much knowledge into Shing as possible. By the time Shing was 6 years old, he knew almost 70% of all the Heichao techniques purely because he had to. As one could imagine, dedicating all this time to training instead of his education hurt his growth somewhat. While being at an above-average reading level, his mathematics was overwhelmingly underdeveloped. He wouldn't learn anything past simple arithmetic until he was 18 and away from home.

Despite the odd and destructive parental approach, because it was just two of them Shing grew incredibly close to his father. There wasn't really any other choice to be fair since they lived in the middle of nowhere and nobody else was a candidate, but the two had good chemistry anyways. Xing was always happy to teach Shing as it was something he genuinely enjoyed doing and the fact that his son was eager to learn filled him with pride to the point that even if he wasn't teaching Xin had yearned to be around him. Shing, on the other hand, appreciated his father for everything that he did, as at the end of the day it was more than anything his mother has, and would ever do, for him. That's another thing that brought the two together: their hate for Shing's mother. They spoke ill of her like westerners casually speak of God, often just throwing her name around to blame her for any misfortune that happens.

Speaking of his studies, by the time Shing was 10, he had learned all there was to know about the Heichao. Whether or not he could utilize it was a different question entirely because, as his father would put it, "You are holding a sky's worth of potential, but all I can give you for support is a stick to stand on." Xing was one man, and while he taught his son everything, books can only give so much. Shing needed real-world experience and there was no way that he was going to get it from just Xing by living with him in the middle of nowhere. Xing realized this and decided that they were going to travel, becoming nomads in search of knowledge and experience. They would go all over the Asian continent, with Shing's favorite place being Nepal because of the beautiful mountains and the interesting monks that lived there. With every stop, Shing's knowledge grew and he gained more experience as he fought others who were on the same quest as he was. Eventually, this would all come to an end.

While in Taiwan, on their way back to China--back to their home--Xing had died. Sudden brain aneurysm, nothing that Shing could have done to stop it, nothing Xing could have done to see it coming. For the first time in his life, he was alone in his corner, and for the first time, he couldn't ask his father what to do. For the rest of his life, and to this day, Shing would curse himself for being a horrible son despite the fact that Xing died proud of him. This would be something Shing would never know, carrying this phantom guilt with him since. He was only 18 at the time, so it still shakes him to this day.

To put his skills to use, Shing had decided to become a vigilante in Seoul known as Wu Lang. The location was mainly picked due to preference, but also population. The amount of people let him lay low while giving him plenty of opportunities to do his thing. When not fighting crime, he runs an internet cafe.


九月虎 (Jiǔ yuè hǔ, September Tiger): A Silver Dantian weapon made by Shing's hands through Soulforging, though because of his ambitious and stubborn ways, it is not of high quality. Being his first real attempt at Engraving, there are mistakes all over the weapon that any skilled smith, let alone Soul Forger, could notice.

Anyways, September Tiger is a jian sword made from Damascus steel, patterns littered all over the blade. Engraved into the blade are the characters for sharpness and life in Mandarin, with the inscription on the blade written on the handle with the characters used to write the name of the weapon. When it comes to the combat abilities of this weapon, though it is shoddily made it is still a completed weapon, meaning that the edges of the blade take a while before they dull and can hold itself against other mundane equipment. In cases that it is used against spiritual weapons, there is a low chance that it may shatter the blade in the process but not guaranteed.

Measurement-wise, the blade is 72cm and weighs 1kg. The actual blade is dark silver while the hilt and scabbard are made from light brown wood. Unlike normal jian, Shing has wrapped a brown cloth around the hilt as well, though it is longer than needed and flows freely in the wind.


Sharp Senses: Being a vigilante living in a busy city, Shing's senses have had to adapt to the constant noise and chatter of the city to pinpoint the incidents of injustice. Through this ability, he has gained a skillset to help him survive and thrive in the concrete jungle.

Acute Perception: Shing deals with criminals from all walks of life, though mainly the ones from the street. These people tend to be cunning and desperate, knowing various forms of sleight of hand and general ways of tricking people. Shing hates being tricked so he has tried his best to stop it from happening to him.

His sight is heightened to a point that Shing can focus on multiple things at once with ease and has an easier time keeping track of his own belongings. There's not much that can necessarily get past him once he catches sight of it, and it's hard to try and sneak up on him as he can register anything even if it is in the corner of his eye. Thieves and pickpockets hate him, but vulnerable old people love him.

Nose Index: The streets of Korea are filled with hundreds of Aroma, varying from the sweet smells of cooking to the rancid smells of garbage. With all these coming together, it becomes hard to really discern what smell is what and where it's coming from. This is especially annoying if you're trying to follow something through the streets.

This ability gives Shing an index of smells once he has smelled them, allowing him to differentiate them from each other and isolate one from a crowd.

Sixth Sense: Not like an actual sense, but more of a sub-skill of his Nose Index.

Shing spends his time, hunting, fighting, and killing a lot of people from a bunch of other walks of life. These people sometimes use their fists, others use swords, but the most dangerous of all use magic. With a sword, it requires someone with skill. With a fist, it requires years of dedication and willpower to hone a body and study martial arts to truly hone skills. With magic, it just requires reading a couple of books and some materials with a little bit of speaking then BOOM! Weapons of mass destruction at your fingertips. At least that's how Shing sees it.

To combat this, he's developed a method of sniffing out magic, which in and of itself could possibly be considered magic. Though some tinkering from a friend and some hypnosis, Shing has the ability to smell magic. It smells like the worst thing that could exist, like a combination of rotting flesh, feces, and week-old vomit. Normally, he would be able to power through this with sheer willpower but he had his body conditioned to vomit whenever he catches that scent, though in the process erasing his memories of why he altered himself in the first place. Basically, when he's around magic he vomits.

The downside to this, besides the vomiting, is that he can't immediately discern the magic. If it's close enough for him to smell then he'll have a reaction but he still has to see it and figure out what the magic is. High-level magicians can get past this trick of his with just pure skill (Elite for whatever skill that race uses) making it ineffective against those that know what they're doing. Also, if he's in combat, this doesn't turn off. Meaning that fighting a magus is probably his worst matchup as he has to fight them and his innate urge to blow chunks everywhere.


Dantian Type: Twelve Lightning Bolts

Heichao Technique - Heart: Where other Tao Chi families and practitioners focus on the Body and the Soul aspects of Tao Chi, the Heichao have developed their own technique that brings a third form into question: Heart.

Heart ends up being something that is a combination of personality and pure genetics, where when the two come into contact and clash a person's heart is formed. This technique is VERY important to the family as it gives them their identity and in the past once dictated a member's social class in the clan. In the modern-day, its practice is still upheld though with the lack of structure that they once had, the remaining Heichao merely carry on the practice. A person's Heart can be determined at a young age, though it is not unheard of for a heart to change through either traumatic experiences or a strong desire to change it, basically cursing the fate one was given.

Through training of a Heart, specialized abilities can be realized by members which would otherwise be dormant if they had not discovered their Heart. It is important that when training the Heart, Body and Soul are not neglected either, coming together to form a technique with almost limitless potential through the wide pool of practitioners though having specialized uses among the individuals.

This is both a technique and a fighting style if you're confused. However, in Shing's case, he hasn't developed most of the fighting style and purely relies on the technique. It is a Tao Chi weaponized form of Willpower combined with the racial skills and arsenal that varies depending on who is using it.

Heart of the Blade Hero: Shing's Heart is that of a warrior, specifically one that wields a blade. It would be hard to try and find back in his family's history where exactly this specific ancestry would come from, but if there happened to be multiple then it is likely that this would have been his Heart anyways. Basically, having a Bladed heart gives Shing a natural proficiency towards swords and other bladed weapons, finding it easier to learn skills for them and develop his skills with weapons. To put this in perspective, if it would take a master 50 years to master the ins and out of his weapon, it would take Shing 5 years as he calls back on the memories and the movements of those who came before him. Having the Heart of a Hero, the capabilities of Blade are amplified when put towards an objective that he truly believes is right.

刀神宗 (Dāo Shénzōng, Sword God Sect): Shing's preferred school of the Heichao as it is the one that resonates closest to his Heart. Sibling to the other Heichao schools, them being the Fist God and Staff God sects, this one is a sword style that utilizes both the principles of Tao Chi while incorporating the Heart, allowing for swift, logic-defying blows that not only catch enemies off guard but allows for a wide influence over battles.

This style can be considered a jack of all trades when it comes to war, doing many things for a skilled practitioner rather than just slashing. The Sword God Sect turns the sword, not into a weapon, but a tool for the wielder to abuse and take advantage of in order to preserve their life. However, it does not come without downsides. Being reliant on Heart-based knowledge and mastery, not only is there a barrier of entry but it requires durable tools. Normal swords will not cut it for this style as they will break under the pressure of the user's Heart or wear down extremely quickly due to it being flung around by an idiot. That being said, only Soulforged weapons will cut it for this style.

For some mechanical lore, this style utilizes the Martial Skill, Willpower, and Comprehension skills to pull of its techniques. While having one higher than the other won't necessarily be a detriment to the user, having mastery over two or three of them will show a clear difference against those who do not. Because of the reliability of these three skills, it also does some things that one would not expect from a sword style because of the limitations just provided.

心碎 (Xīn Suì, Heart Crush): A fundamental skill for the style, not because it's built upon but because it sets the lowest bar of what should be expected for the other techniques. Needing at least Beginner Comprehension, Willpower, and Martial Skill, by pouring their energy into their weapon in a way that will not break it and then releasing it through control and will, a blunt mass of energy comes from the tip of the blade. This is a simple attack that doesn't deal much damage, most likely enough to stagger and opponent back a step or two in well-timed.

Again, is more of a test skill rather than one that is expected to see actual combat use.

心号叫 (Xīn Háojiào, Heart Howl): An advanced version of Heart Crush, turned from a simple attack into a devastating tool. Requiring at least Advanced in Martial Skill and Comprehension, instead of directing energy outwards in a burst, it is charged in the weapon and released with every swing of the blade, giving it a sharp property rather than blunt. While draining if used constantly, this gives any weapon an edge as its reach is artificially extended. On average, an extra 10 meters is added, making even a mundane butter knife a weapon to be reckoned with in the right hands.

For OOC understanding, imagine if a mini Getsuga was released with every slash of the weapon.

血溅 (Xuè Jiàn, Blood Splatter): Quite a gruesome technique made by one of the most infamous practitioners of the Sword God Sect. Fun fact, this was something he made when he was bored and people wouldn't stop pestering him to show them some "cool sword moves".

With incredible finesse and concentration, the user takes their weapon and swiftly attacks the target in 6 points, 3 for each of their arms. Then, another attack placed at the side of their neck. Finally, a swift dash behind the opponent at and meticulously placed stab through the back. These attacks all aim for the arteries and veins of the target, with the second to last one going for the carotid and the last going for the pulmonary.

Once the move is complete, a moment goes by before the target explodes into a fountain of blood. It's safe to say that the creator wasn't bothered again after this.

(I don't see how this could be used in a PVP setting but I wanted to write something ridiculous so going to classify it as a Plot Only move.)

三云哭 (Xīn Suì, Three Cloud Cry): Simple for the fact that it requires just the skill of using a sword and a healthy body. Once they kick off the ground into a backflip, the user extends their sword in front of them and launches their enemy up with them. There should be enough force behind their initial jump to let them float in the air for two more spins, essentially juggling their enemy in the air. After the last attack, the user falls down to the ground gracefully

舍弃心 (Sān Yún Kū, Forsake the Heart): A self-limiter but also a significant buff.

It is important that the Heichao know how to utilize the Heart but don't become too reliant on it, which is why physical strength is touted as one of the most important things for any member of the family. Despite this outlook, it cannot be denied that the Heart is a vital part of the Heichao culture and techniques, but there is the possibility of diverging away from the heart in search of a stronger Body and Soul. See, because of the Heart, the Heichao potential is spread across three different areas, but if you remove the Heart temporarily, then the other two become much stronger than they previously were.

After a moment of concentration, the user can drain their Heart and distribute the energy to their Body and Soul, rendering their Heart techniques unusable but giving them strength. For a duration of 3 posts, the user's Strength and Physique are increased by 250% of what it previously was, or buffing the skills up by one tier to a maximum of Elite.

If the user's Comprehension is at Elite, then this lasts for 5 posts.

舍弃血 (Shěqì Xuè, Forsake the Blood):

墓心 (Mù Xīn, Grave Heart): The power of the heart is strong, and as history shows, power can and almost always will corrupt people. Knowing that at some point down the line a Heichao may fall to darkness, a practitioner of Sword God and Fist God had developed techniques to be a direct counter to themselves.

Grave Heart is a move that actively cuts off all flow to and from the Heart, denying any capability to use any Heichao techniques after the fact. Physically, all the user has to do is channel their energy through their sword and place it inside the target, as close to their Heart as possible. The sword doesn't have to be incredibly deep inside, just as long as it is able to touch the bloodstream. Once this condition is met, the user has to forcefully output energy from themselves to the other person while trying to oppose any sort of energy flow that person has.

梦另梦 (Mèng Lìng Mèng, Dream Another Dream): Through not only a bond with a weapon but also sheer willpower and the help of their energy, the user can create a duplicate of their weapon as a construct of energy. This is merely a duplicate in shape, as any special abilities would not carry over, though if the original weapon were to change in any way then the duplicate would as well. The construct's durability is equivalent to the average of the user's Willpower and Comprehension.

Lore wise, this technique draws out the Heart of an object, and through supplying energy, it is given a Body as well.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Tao Chi Human Sheet
  • Comprehension: Advanced
  • Physique: Beginner
  • Talent: Advanced
  • Support Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

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Hazard Rankings
  • Power: D
  • Influence: F
  • Resources: E


Congratulations on being he first Tao Chi Human.

Tier: 4-4/4-3
Hazard Rating: E
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