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Welcome to The Platinum Hearts Scroller. Here you can find our most recent Of the Year and Of the Season winners. Happy Roleplaying! --- Member of the Year: Locke --- Character of the Year: Alastair Eisfluch --- New Characters of the Year: Mizu Morikawa and Igendai Gyakusuma --- Social Thread of the Year: A Letter for Hymn --- Combat Thread of the Year: Raise Your Spirits --- Member of the Season: Paradigm --- Characters of the Season: Byakuya Kuchiki and Klein Schwarzwotan --- Applications of the Season: Armina Willsaam and Klein Schwarzwotan --- Fight Thread of the Season: Search and Destroy --- Social Thread of the Season: Damage Assessment --- Event Thread of the Season: Midnight Assault
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Site Patch Notes: January-February 2021  Left_bar_bleue999999/999999Site Patch Notes: January-February 2021  Empty_bar_bleue  (999999/999999)

Site Patch Notes: January-February 2021  Empty Site Patch Notes: January-February 2021

Mon Mar 01, 2021 12:18 am

Sites Changes
Skills Updated - Skills can now be allocated on approval by the player and graded by staff member rather than the previous method where they were reliant on the tier of the character.

Link: Skill Sheet

Currency System - After much consideration and using older meetings as an example, staff have created a system of reimplementing currency as an aim to provide some kind of merit based system and form of more present growth rather than the current approach of do all your stuff, submit it to staff and hope that it works out.

This system may potentially be tweaked as required, depending on how it initially works. All completed threads from the start of 2021 are considered valid for credits to be claimed & all content that would need to be purchased ie character slots, claims etc. from implemenation do not need to be bought.

Link: Currency System

Missions and Events Update - Events have been updated for the site, there will be a lot more emphasis on trying to utilise them in the site in conjunction with the currently implemented currency system. In order to make this able to work, we have brought on a couple of Event Mods.

Event Mods are primarily in charge of running NPCs, events and overseeing of them. The event mods will not be in charge of gradings, updating lists or anything of that kind. The current list of Event Mods are: Blade, darkfunnel & Iori (Hime on Discord).

Link: Events & Missions

Canon List Update - The canon list has been updated and moved from Site Guides to the Canon Character Centre. The sidebar has been updated to reflect that.

Site Events & News
New Year 30 Day Burst Concluded - Be sure to claim your rewards as well. These can be claimed up until another 30 Day Burst but don't leave it to chance.[/i]

Links: Reward Claim Thread

Nightburst held on the 23rd of Feburary - Remember to claim your rewards.

Links: Reward Claim Thread

OTYs Concluded - Winners are..
Member of the Year: @Slayer
Character of the Year: Yugiri Shihoin @Gamma
Plot of the Year: Gotei Nobility
Romance of the Year: Cyrus and Helle @Rawk @Sieghart
Fight Thread of the Year: Black on Black @Slayer @Sage
Casual Thread of the Year: The Sun Sets on Greatness

Planned Changes & Updates
Board Reshuffle - The site boards and forums will be updated. Boards will be reduced and tried to make easier to navigate so that people do not struggle to navigate the site or get lost in some of the boards that possess a lot of different tangents. This will involve reducing a lot of boards and taking a the setting information that can only be found in those boards to condense into the Site Information area.

Sidebar Changes - The site sidebar will be getting some touchups over the course of the board reshuffle for the site.

Danava Skill Update - Due to Danava skills being the traditional demon skills and never having been changed during the Traditional Demon rework in the past. It has been brought to our attention that it doesn't make as much sense for them to use the same skill sheet. This will possibly change in the future, with Danava's skill sheet being reworked to provide them their own one.

Site Patch Notes: January-February 2021  Gamma_Signature
Site Patch Notes: January-February 2021  CHARACTER_LISTSite Patch Notes: January-February 2021  GRAPHICS_THREADSite Patch Notes: January-February 2021  TIMELINE_THREAD
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