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Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:34 pm
Hours inched its way closer to the afternoon, a time of the day that allowed the growling stomachs to indulge themselves in tasty afternoon meals, and a period allowing people to chat about how work is exhausting while stuffing themselves with food, or drink coffee to pass the time. Others were able to gather themselves during a time of rest, playing catch up with their peers, and getting the a much needed break. But soon as it was time to head back, that same energy they built up went into performing their daily tasks. The female shinigami took to occupying herself on a calm breezy afternoon. Moyaki's inner thoughts insists she undergo some training in the healing arts. Becoming a symbol for people to shoulder all their pain on, starts with getting herself accustomed to healing. The girl knew there's plenty of shinigami's with an aptitude in the medical field, but the problem arose when she knew next to nobody within the Gotei.

As someone who got herself out of the Academy some time ago, Moyaki found herself swimming in the middle of an empty sea of connections. Friends she met from the Academy were off doing other things, though she only knew about two out of a few souls in the Academy. The young shinigami still found herself struggling to acknowledge him as a legitimate friend though. He's more like a pain in the neck, but her competitions with him is what cemented her resolve to become something for herself. Since he's better than her in most ways, which allows her to look forward to meeting him once she garners enough strength for a proper rematch. The other one she met happens to be a noble who took her in and gave birth to the possibility of attending the Academy.

If it wasn't for her, Moyaki probably wouldn't be here. "I bet they're doing better than I am right now" she assumes with a pouty expression. Her puffy sheeks soon transformed into a bright smile. Despite how large soul society is, she felt like a tiny insect waiting for someone to squash her. "How am I gonna find someone who's well versed in healing kido when im not even worth noticing" she whines to herself while dragging her feet along with grey pavement of soul society. The soft breeze of the wind, brushes through the female shinigami's orange hair, and kissed her pale cheeks as she lazily strolles through the lonely wide open, pure white barracks. Moyaki's flimsy arms swung about like wedding bells, unaware as to who she might assault with her arms akin to noodles. The journey to become the light that illuminates the darkness is gonna be a long, rigid one to reach. However, Moyaki isn't the kind of person to lie in defeat, because of her limited resources. She began to swing her almond colored eyes towards the direction of a blonde haired shinigami. From the way they're built, she could only assume that this shinigami is a female. Moyaki had seen her fair share of men with pretty looks, so she wouldn't feel surprised to end up wrong. "Hey, excuse me!" The young shinigami calls in an attempt to grab their attention "I'm looking for someone who has knowledge in healing kido, if you know someone--please tell me" She asks with eyes of wonder.
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