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Trial by Combat Division Empty Trial by Combat Division

Sat Jul 10, 2021 9:57 pm

Trial by Combat Division 6EdIfMt


Artist: Tokyo Ghoul - Song: Glassy Sky

The Captain of the illustrious Fourth seemed to be courting the Kuchiki. Koyo didn't understand the why when it came down to it. What was the reason he took an interest in him? Koyo had not been a trusting person and the invitations and requests. These all seemed designed to sway him in a different direction. The bright colors of the Shino Academy student were one he'd gotten used to. Koyo's eyes looked ahead towards the destination. The mission he was accompanying someone from Four on was a combat one. It wasn't a kill mission but a capture of some elements causing trouble. Captain Kobayashi didn't seem to have his head on right.

But he needed to push those thoughts from his mind. His digits went over his Zanpakuto when he arrived at the location. He would have to make sure it was safe to release his Zanpakuto. Recklessness was a bad sign for the Kuchiki family. He couldn't be that way, not like the other had. His mother would be unhappy if he failed to perform. Having not selected his place among the Divisions yet. Koyo was someone who seemed to be training at the academy for all he could. Subjects varying from across the table of Hakuda to swordplay. He sought a piece of knowledge in all of them.

He couldn't pick a Division yet as he felt a wrong choice would hurt his friends. So he continued this dance with Divisions proceeding to grow. His Zanpakuto was preparing him to continue growing as a warrior. He felt the time moving as he waited for whoever it was. The Combat Squad was sending someone to oversee the operation and see it done.

His eyes went up towards the crowd; today was a lovely day. A shame seemed he would be fighting on such a day.

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