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Sat Sep 18, 2021 4:47 am
Mat's Ritual of Binding QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Mat
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Ritual of Binding: A special ritual which requires two parties to be willing. This ritual serves as a contract between the parties, enforced by powerful Za Kao magic, making breaking it to require a substantial Za Kao magic user and an extreme amount of time and effort. When this ritual is enacted, the contract holder is granted the active worship of the contracted, knowledge to their whereabouts at all times, the ability to contact them via telepathy, the ability to shut the Contracted Parties connection to Za Kao off, and finally the ability to temporarily siphon their energy to augment the Contract Holder.

The Contracted party is granted a varied portion of the Contract holder's energy reserves and powers, as decided by the Contract Holder up to one sub-tier less than them, for ten posts. They also are able to empower their skills to one less than the Contract Holders skills, indefinitely, however they cannot gain progress towards their own skills while active. However, the Contracted party cannot take any hostile actions direct or indirectly to the Contract Holder. They cannot deny an order from the Contract Holder without actively using and draining their Will Power skill.

In the event the Contracted Party attempts to break the contract without permission from the Contract Holder, they forfeit all privileges and protections granted. The harshness of this contract, and the terms of it, are made possible by the high level Za Kao skill required including the prerequisite of being a ritual cast, and requiring active willing agreement from both parties. Furthermore, with the incantation it augments the power and terms of such a contract.

» Why:

Za Kao Magic: Elite > Ritual Cast > Incantation Empowered > Willing Agreement

Thara wanted big demon power, and Mat was amused.

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]

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Mat's Ritual of Binding H8Tyk70
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Mat's Ritual of Binding Empty Re: Mat's Ritual of Binding

Thu Sep 22, 2022 5:45 am
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