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Sat 23 Oct 2021, 06:30

kokoko koizumi | the lethal boy


» Name: Kokoko Koizumi (虛虎倨, lit. False Tiger Pride). This was the name she was given at birth, finding it suitable to her new identity.

» Titles: While most won't say it to her face, Kokoko is commonly known around the Koizumi as Chishibo (Lethal Boy). This is partly because of her gender situation, but also due to her school. Alternatively, they also call her Shishishi (Young Death Child) for roughly the same reasons.

» Race: Shinigami. Against her will, it should be noted.
» Age: 24
» Gender: Transgender Female
» Sexuality: Perpetually horny, but also aromantic
» Affiliation/Rank: Koizumi Branch Family, The Gotei

» Appearance Description:
Honestly, there's a picture to the right. I'll add a paragraph or so here post approval if I feel like it.[Spirit Class 8- | Hazard D] Kokoko Koizumi Kokoko-appearance

Untrusting. Somewhat rightfully so, as when Kokoko embraced her true self it was the people close to her that took advantage of the vulnerability. So now, Kokoko treats everyone as if they are acquaintances, making it hard for her to form bonds and tell the difference between strangers and friends.

Shy. Being an only child, and the only disgrace by proxy, Kokoko has never been the outgoing and open kind of person. With there being a large disconnect between her and her father even before her transition, she had learned early on to just keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. So, when it finally came time for her to meet other people, there was already a lack of communication and social skills that would stick with her for the rest of her life.

You only see this side if you are a stranger to Kokoko or are someone she holds in high regard and doesn't want to embarrass herself.

Idealistic. Kokoko often finds herself in situations where she falls in love with the idea of something--the idea of a relationship or the idea of a position--but rarely takes into account the reality. It's borderline childish.

Ambitious. Kokoko has always had her sights on being something great, though a different sort of greatness compared to what her father had in mind for her.

Kokoko is the epitome of “dream big”, with both her short-term and long-term goals tending to be incredibly unrealistic when compared to her capabilities. For example, her biggest dream in life is to become the next Koizumi head, however, that is at the moment incredibly unlikely given the current head's condition and those who are way more likely compared to her. Even in the day-to-day, she often approaches situations with a childish mindset, thinking that she is the one who is going to prevail always and rarely accounts for her own shortcomings or inabilities. This is also one of her biggest weaknesses as a world where she loses is incredibly hard for her to realize.


Son of Koko, Grandson of Ko. A lot to live up to, never was given the chance to be herself. However, after being encouraged by her dead mother, Kokoko pursued a life she would be happy living while still trying to please her father and failing horribly.

As a child with the expectations of the world on his shoulders, Kokoko wasn't exactly the most social of children growing up. Any free time that he was able to get was stolen by his father to drill in the teaching of Meikyoku Ho into his only heir, meanwhile, Kokoko felt like an alien in his own body. Even as a child, he knew something wasn't right but the strict rule from his tyrant of a father had often squashed any sort of discomfort or ideas of change in an instant. The only person that he was able to find solace in was his mother, a kind and sweet soul that had been the only pillar in his life that kept him from crumbling.

A pillar with a strong enough foundation that it gave Kokoko the courage he needed to become who he really was. Kokoko, not as a man but as a woman. It's safe to say that, in the beginning, her father didn't really understand and frankly just ignored it. However, when Kokoko started to wear clothes that were comfortable to her and really reflected who she was, that's when he had a problem with it. To him, their branch was the role model of strength in the Koizumi, boasting a great deal of finesse and power behind their fighting style. It was not something that, in his eyes, could be fully mastered by a woman no matter how hard she tried. So there was no way in hell that some "sissy boy" was going to become the next Meikyoku Ho master.

But despite this, Kokoko kept showing up to his lessons and was determined to learn, much to Koko's disapproval. On one hand, he hated teaching her, but on the other hand, there was nobody else that was a better fit for it. It's not like Koko could just have another kid and train them, that would take too much time in the immediate. So, in retaliation, while giving Kokoko lessons Koko enrolled her in the Gotei, using noble ties to just have her skip the entire Shin'o process. If he was going to teach an "abomination" then it may as well put what it learns to good use.

Since then, she's graduated and has slowly become more and more versed in Meikyoku Ho. Enlisted in the Gotei, it has filled up most of the time of her days.


» Shishiyuki Koizumi: Kokoko's idol solely for the reason that she is the current head of the Koizumi. While there are multiple reasons besides that, such as her prowess in Hakuda and envy of her freedom when it comes to the sects, they root from the fact that Shishiyuki is in the position that she is. This is the sort of admiration that could be considered obsessive, however, Kokoko tries her best to not be overbearing or uncomfortable to be around. While having never actually met the woman, Kokoko aspires to be her chosen pupil and would do anything to get that position if given the chance.

physical prowess

» Meikyoku Ho Practitioner: 命殛法 or Fate Ender Style, is one of the many sects that fall under the Koizumi and happens to be the style that is passed down through Kokoko's families generations. While open to be taught to most, the sensei of the dojo has been in her immediate family for the past four generations.

But with that out of the way, what is Meikyoku Ho? Its purpose is to serve as a swift, dangerous, simple-yet-hard to master style that focuses on punches, or rather a single strike. Yes, each technique of Meikyoku Ho is derived from a single technique, where the goal of the first strike is to instantly kill the enemy upon contact. Levels of mastery are measured by the amount of effort placed into the attack, with the mythical level of mastery requiring no physical movement at all (In theory. Nobody has actually reached this level.) Where on the flip side, a novice is someone who may require both hands to get off one attack.

One thing should be noted: the strength of the attack does not lie within the user. A master and a complete rookie will still have the same effect once executed, the only difference is how fast it takes to get there and how tired they are afterward. This is why the amount of people who are taught this style is incredibly low, as it’s seen as a dangerous and easy weapon that could be abused in the wrong hands.

As a baseline metric, all techniques have the power to destroy a building unless stated otherwise.

» Kokyoku (誇殛): Pride Ender, titled so due to it's weaknesses compared to the original form. At first, formed due to the base technique being too hard for new students to learn, it has since evolved to one of the worst moves in the arsenal but still serves its purpose. With both wrists together and palms facing outwards, the user takes 5 posts to charge up the technique. On release, both palms must come in contact with the target for the full attack to go through.

The biggest weakness of this move is that it is quite obvious when it is being prepared, as the gesture is quite clear and it takes a long while before it can be executed. Not only that, being the weakest form of the style, the strength of this technique is enough to to break a brick wall. Requires Beginner Durability of the practitioner to not shatter your arms in the process of using it.

» Yamakyoku (山殛): Mountain Ender. The original and base technique in which almost all others follow. The wrist is placed at the users side, hand balled up into a fist, as spiritual energy is rapidly poured out into it. Once at it's maximum, even more is put into it, making it from your normal hakuda punch into a much more volatile technique that has the power to backfire and destory the undiscplined and untrained.

Takes two posts to charge and requires Adept Durability from the user.
» Sorakyoku (昊殛): Sky Ender. Jokingly known as the Head Ender (Atamakyoku) due to the fact that most who get hit by this often get their heads shot into the stratosphere. Literally.

Where most of the other techniques are straight punches, this one is an uppercut. By going as low as they can go and then shooting back up and following through with their fist, the normal power of a Meikyoku Ho technique is placed at the base of the chin. Speed and power combined, most hit by this end up decapitated.

Takes a two posts to charge and requires Adept Durability from the user.

» Aikyoku (愛殛): Love Ender, goes straight for the heart. Again, like most of the style, the only setup is balling your fist. But, unlike the others, Aikyoku is a fast straight jab to the target's chest, charged with spiritual energy. This spiritual energy, which is placed at the end of the fist, cushions the physical blow of the attack but directs the power directly at the organs. This was specifically made to deal with the pesky thick skin of hollows (and later the arrancar's hierro), as the fight would take too long.

Takes one post to charge and requires Elite Durability from the user otherwise they take damage.
» Reikyoku (霊殛): Soul Ender, also known as the Forbidden among Meikyoku Ho users. The reason for this banning is pretty simple once you know what it does.

Before even being set up, the user has to identify the location of the chain of fate and/or soul chain on a spirit. Once found, well-placed strike along with a large amount of spiritual energy is sent to that point. This combined is enough force to shatter a soul chain and forcibly create a hole in a person, essentially streamlining the process and turning them into a hollow. This, morally, is fucked and kinda counterintuitive to the whole Shinigami thing so it was used once and then promptly banned by the Koizumi head. Despite this, it is still taught through the generations of Meikyoku Ho teachers with the clause of being for educational purposes.

Takes two posts to charge and only needs Beginner Durability from the user. Requires Master Hakuda to pull of successfully. Any attempts at a lower skill level would just have the effects of Yamakyoku.

» Traditional Boxing Novice: Because Meikyoku Ho is quite limited and dangerous to learn, on top of the fact that she has to keep it hidden from the public, Kokoko has decided to learn boxing as a supplement to her fighting style, as the focus on punches overlaps with Meikyoku Ho.

» Black Crown: A two-hit combination move that aims to deal some serious damage to the cranium of an opponents. The first hit is a punch sent straight to the gut of the target, thrown with full force. The goal is to get that person bent over underneath the user, so then they may follow with a downward strike aimed at the back of the target's head. If they survive this, then the person under assault will often find themselves on the ground.

» Steel Catcher: A flashy feat of skill. To put it simply, in a situation of Speed versus Speed, if Kokoko ends up moving faster than her adversary and they use a weapon then she's able to catch a blade with her hands. While it's assumed that most can do this to begin with, Kokoko just has a formalized way of doing so that goes well with the flow of her boxing without necessarily needing to stop or improvise.

spiritual prowess

» Zanpakutô Name: Asauchi

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Unknown

» Inner World: Unknown

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Unknown

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: None, at the moment.

kido arsenal

Name: Golem: Taichou
Type: N/A
Number/Scaling: 10
Appearance: A six inch tall disproportionate replica of Liana Unohana made out of Reiatsu. Made by a ball of Liana's original reiatsu, it's constantly draining Kokoko's spiritual power while passively training her in Kido control. At the moment, it acts independent of Kokoko, though it doesn't seem to have much personality besides it's aloofness.

Has no combat applications.

mental prowess

» Basic Medical Knowledge: Having been placed in the medical corp despite having very little Kido experience, Kokoko has decided to make up for her lack of skills by studying the logistics of the body and how to apply first aid and other methods of fixings injuries. She's not incredibly gifted at this, clearly having much more natural gifts towards her fists than bandages, but she knows enough that during a time of war she would could be relied on to keep others alive. Keeping them topped off? Probably not. But at least they won't be dead!

Comparable to a graduated biomed highschool student.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Untrained
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Coding done by S_E

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Mon 25 Oct 2021, 07:44
Reserved if needed later.

Paying for a basic slot.

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Fri 28 Jan 2022, 17:28
Hazard Ranks
Power: C
Influence: C
Resources: D

Comments/Notes: Gay
Tier: 4-3
Hazard Rating: D

Application Approved
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Sun 27 Mar 2022, 14:33
March 26th, 2022 - Smol Upgrade; Upgrade #1

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Fri 29 Sep 2023, 22:02

Initial Check:
Final Check:

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