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Mon Nov 08, 2021 4:43 pm
Meet N' Greet [Vee/Helle] ZGBwypB


Hands gently woven together behind her back, Vee would quietly make her way over to the Director's office. Getting around the city in general was a little confusing at times, especially with the pale white the architecture took. While it was pretty to look at, it kind of made everything look the same to her if she didn't pay close enough attention - nowhere near the same varied, sprawling countryside she had grown up in. She had to fully ensure with the front desk of the way she was meant to go when she did come up to the correct building, and soon she was faced with her door.

Vee was here today mostly to actually meet and get to know her Director - she was effectively her boss after all, so she should at least get to know something about the woman. She couldn't help but admire those above her in rank - taking on a lot of responsibility and doing so much work for so many people. She absolutely imagined it was hard, but it was a place she aspired to be in, one day, when she wasn't just some nobody French girl who spontaneously developed quincy abilities that seemed to HATE listening to her!

So, with a gentle knock on the door, and a bit of stiffness, she'd speak up, unsure of what to expect,

"Apologies, Director, but could I have a few minutes of your time, if you aren't super busy?"

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Mon Dec 27, 2021 3:45 pm

Meet N' Greet [Vee/Helle] ZnehDGG

Helle Armstrong

Ah……… Zzz……..

Huh? What? Shit. Eyes opened, blinded by a too bright room. Eyes closed, brain recognizing the fact that it was far from awake. Body groggy, yep. How long though? How long was she out? A resounding groan broke free from her wet mouth, her hand moving to wipe away at the drool that had dribbled down her chin. Oh. Her paper has a nice wet dot on it. That’s no good. She’ll have to make a new copy. What stirred her from that blissfully painful nap however? Wiping at her eyes, their adjustment to the room’s light progressing slowly, her ears picked up on a voice outside her door. Well, someone must have knocked then, and that same person is asking for permission to enter. Oh… God… Why?

“Come in. Come in.”

She urged, rubbing at her face and tidying up her hair as quickly as possible. Though, that did not save her from the loose ends that swayed with her erratic movement. Then, she quickly moved her papers under a book to hide their wetness and took a deep breath in preparation for what’s to come. Hopefully, this is not an important meeting that was scheduled or anything. For the life of her, she has no idea what is even going on right now. Sleeping on the job? How disgraceful.

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