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Clinch River: Gotei, Rollout! - Page 6 Empty Re: Clinch River: Gotei, Rollout!

Mon Jun 13, 2022 4:16 pm
.Hayden Cemplus

The shinigami didn't object to Hanako's plan. Right now they had little information on their base and it made him uncomfortable. And while he didn't necessarily feel like the woman was deceiving them immediately -or at least severely-, he couldn't help but agree that they should remain cautious. After all, everything they've met in-person has tried to kill them.

"Lead the way. I'll keep an eye out behind us and make sure none of those things knew the password," Hayden stated, bringing his sword unsheathed into a reverse grip, with the flat end pressed against his arm.


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Clinch River: Gotei, Rollout! - Page 6 Empty Re: Clinch River: Gotei, Rollout!

Mon Jun 27, 2022 11:57 pm
Amon didn't object to Hanako's plan either, being an advocate for the lesser of evils of the options they had. It was do or die, and right now he'd rather do the former than the latter especially if he wanted to finish his very first mission. That said they didn't waste any time and Hanako led on with Amon taking the middle, with Hayden in the back he had a little more hope with a lot more worry and questions now. His main focus was on getting the hell out of here whilst also keeping the mystery stranger in mind.

"I swear to God all this darkness is annoying as hell," Amon starts to himself quietly, "But… it's better than being in that room. Shit, even a lighter would be good "
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