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That Ain't No Trash Panda [Liltotto/Ania] - Page 4 Empty Re: That Ain't No Trash Panda [Liltotto/Ania]

Sun Feb 20, 2022 7:46 pm
That Ain't No Trash Panda [Liltotto/Ania] - Page 4 TeC6OwL

Liltotto Lamperd

Ah, child-like energy, a thing she never had but always seemed to be on the receiving end of. Even so, it never irritated her. If anything, seeing the girl's spirits raised made some light in the deep black pit of her soul glimmer with warmth. She didn't mind giving another young soul the means to defend themselves; the girl clearly needed a brush up of her dignity and manners, really. Whoever may have given up on her, definitely did so far too soon - she wasn't anywhere near a lost cause.

"The Vandenreich has plenty of training facilities, and I have the means to coach you, least with that sword." She'd tip her head down to the weapon, "Your form was pretty awful, not even a puppy would cower at you."

Her tone was clearly playful and joking even with the flatness as she'd gently nudge her shoulder and gesture her to follow. Even if the girl proved to be difficult, she didn't mind... It would be worth it, she felt.

END| Raccoon
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