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Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet] Empty Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet]

Fri Feb 25, 2022 1:59 pm
Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet] K31E28s


It was an odd feeling, returning to how he once was.

Of course Laskt had made much progress since the days the task of restraining Tozat had consumed his every waking thought. He had grown, both as a warrior and a person since those dark days, something that was evident by the fact he now fought to control his Hollow powers rather than keep them locked away. It wasn't something Laskt was exactly comfortable with doing: he'd much rather be back in the Gotei with the people he had come to know. But if he was going to learn how to harness his abilities in order to better serve his home, it was best to do so far away from anyone he might harm.

And so the Vizard sat, mediating in an abandoned temple half-covered with moss and vegetation. The energy of a Hollow washed over him like a film of some disgusting substance, even as Laskt fought to control it, to harness it, to bring it to heel. It wasn't easy, and indeed the Vizard had already almost lost control once or twice. However it was essential for him to be able to control this corrupted Reiatsu if he ever hoped to use his Vizard powers for anything other than a move of desperation. Slowly, Laskt's dominance over the energy began to weaken...

With a shout, Laskt's body glowed red, the Vizard briefly donning his mask as he unleashed a powerful cero before him, one that carved a small tunnel through the undergrowth before abruptly breaking apart. Laskt fell to one knee, his mask shattering as he took deep, shuddering breaths.

"I zought zese ceros were supposed to be easy. Why is zis so damn hard to control?"


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Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet] Left_bar_bleue128100/999999Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet] Empty_bar_bleue  (128100/999999)

Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet] Empty Re: Demons and Hollows (Flashback) [Location: Tibet]

Wed Mar 02, 2022 7:35 pm

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: N/A

Ah... Asia. Arianda used to live in this general area, once. Back when she lived in Minatumi, and her manor did not lay abandoned in that city now without it's rather eccentric mayor. However, she still enjoyed to visit the hills, mountains, and flatlands of Asia. It was... refreshing, to say the least. Regardless, Arianda was glad to peruse these areas once again. As usual, Arianda's wanderings took her to areas she might have overlooked had her feet not been carrying her of their own accord. Due to this, the demon found herself in Tibet, a place she had never truly visited. On habit, the demon pulled her hood up over her head, and her face partially; covering her form with the remainder of the red cloak. Being recognized for who she was... well, Arianda didn't exactly want to get stoned at the moment. And not high, stoned, literally pelted with rocks kind of stoned.

Such reasons where why Arianda sought out a relatively isolated area; one where she could observe the view and possibly enjoy some peace and quiet. Albeit, it seemed like she was unable to wholly gain what she had wanted. In her wanderings around Tibet for a quiet place, she came across what looked like an abandoned temple. As Arianda approached the temple, she halted in her movement due to the sudden shout that broke free from the temple. Following it was the unmistakable surge of a mix of hollow reiatsu and shinigami reiatsu. Just that alone caused Ari to momentarily balk at approaching the temple. Her intuition was at least partially correct. A few moments after she heard the shout, a cero tore through the grass and air. The beam of energy poured through the air for a moment longer, and then faded away. Luckily, Ari had been standing just out of its range off to the right. She blinked, questioning her approach before resuming it.

As the demon approached, she heard the person inside speak. He had an interesting accent, certainly one that seemed a little germanic. Then again, Ari had very little actual clue about accents; so she just put the matter aside as she leaned against the entrance to the temple. That, or she leaned against a pillar. She gave the man a small smile. He was clearly a Vizard, that explained the dual reiatsu that she felt earlier. However, as with most beings that were Shinigami or Vizard, demons weren't typically on the 'I like you' list. Which was why Arianda did not lower her hood. She was still friendly, and spoke kindly.

"Nothing is ever truly quite so easy as it may seem. I'm sure, with more practice, and time, you'll be able to use a cero without batting an eyelash. That's how it is with every new ability. At first it's hard, but eventually it becomes so easy it's almost like moving a limb."

THe demon smiled again, nodding gently after she spoke. She was still cautious, careful. She had no idea how this man would react. If he was knowing, he would recognize Ari's energy for what it was. With them being so close together, no amount of energy masking could truly conceal the metaphorical color of Ari's own. But still, she waited patiently for his response; hoping it wasn't a harsh one.

"Keep trying, I'm sure you'll get it eventually."

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