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Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:56 pm


Each passing second Natasha witnessed this valiant warrior in his element, it became abundantly clear during their engagement, that victory would not be easily secure, perhaps not at all. She was a woman full of confidence, but she was not so foolish as to overestimate her own skill compared to that of another. Even so, was that not what she desired to reach? The elusive precipice of skill where she could truly lift her chest up with pride?

To overcome that indomitable mountain, to stand as an equal among her peers. The disadvantages no longer seemed to matter. As the battle progressed, Natasha felt a tinge of excitement dominate her frame. Light beads of sweat had descended across her lovely features, a free-flowing grin marking her lips as she witness this charismatic man seamlessly evading her gun shells.

Even one bullet against his frame could arguably be considered a victory for her---and yet, she seemed unsatisfied with such a thought. She wanted to land more than a single blow, to break free of these shackles - even if for a moment. To taste... the long forgotten fruit of joy found on the battlefield.

He remained elusive amidst the wave of spiritual bullets, weaving and dancing about, majestically soaring across the battlefield with flames being left in his wake. She had to remained mobile to the best of her ability, to evade him, catch him at unawares. Remaining immobile would only leave her at a disadvantage.

She wasn't particularly keen on taking another wave of punches on her frame. She swung her arms forward, causing the trajectory of the deadeye shells to pursue him from alternating angles.

Three to his left, three to his right. With Roxanne and Casanova in hand, Natasha focusing reishi around feet, buoyed her body backward to avoid him to the best of her ability. The advantage of speed clearly belonged to him, but perhaps she could keep her eyes peeled and hide behind diversions.

With that thought in mind, she used the temporary distance to form five holy arrows within the chamber of her Roxanne, compressing them into spirit bullets, firing them towards him in a direct path.

Using Hirenkyaku in an attempt to soar behind him, Natasha would point Casanova forward, firing two explosive rounds towards him that packed a heftier punch than the five heading towards him. The five spiritual bullets launched from the chamber of Roxanne probably wouldn't even land a fierce hit on the guy.

If anything, they were a feint, utilized in the hopes to land some measure of damage on him with the explosive rounds of Casanova. These actions would clearly compromise her ability to pursue him with deadeye's gun shells. They would remain heading towards him from the left and right, while five bullets soared towards him from the front, with the two casanova rounds soaring at him from behind.

This relentless wave of spiritual gunfire may have overwhelmed the normal opponent, but she quickly ascertained that he was not a man so easily felled. He might well tank the strikes and continue to pursue her, evade them all or block them entirely. In that scenario, Natasha would find herself at a disadvantage. Add to that, his elusive pace and reflex, Natasha could only hope to land something - anything - to throw him off of his game. Focusing such an amount of reishi would only leave her defenseless. She had to pull out any trump card she could use at her disposal.

Endurance also played a part here. She doubted she'd be able to avoid him for any more than a a few seconds, and if he engaged her and trapped her amidst the trail of flames, her mobility would be limited. Landing on the ground felt like a dangerous gamble. And yet, that is what made this all the more exhilarating, shocked by the peal of laughter dancing from her throat.

"That so, huh? I like the sound of that, Uriel! If battle is indeed' a wager, I'm not goin down until I've exhausted every card at my disposal. Consider it my full house!"


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Wed Sep 21, 2022 9:00 pm

Uriel Sancroix | Half Blood

Oh this woman was full of surprises.

Uriel was currently zipping across their arena, focused more on defense than offense. He had to get his own training in, and right now this seemed like the perfect excuse for upping his speed. The man's enhanced sight would take note of the bullets speeding to him as he pivoted on his foot, three to his left and the same number on his right. He hopped backwards in a series of small jumps to create distance, his head turning behind him as noticed the wall of the arena. He had an idea, if a bit wild for the situation they where in.

He pivoted doing an about face towards the wall, placing a foot on it he began to run up the wall. He could feel his body straining as he pushed it to the edge. He was after all not just an ordinary soldier, he was the culmination of genetic engineering and years of intense training. Picked from the best of the best. While he was no longer actively conducting operation, a part of him desperately wished for the rush that came with true combat.

His feet would pound against the wall leaving burnt imprints, as the world blurred around him. The world slowing to an optical crawl as his enhanced senses allowed him to gauge the situation properly. A few of the shots had slammed into the wall rendering them inert, yet he couldn't help but take notice she seemed to be charging up a more powerful shot. As he reached the zenitch of the domed ceiling, a hand would go to draw his blade while allowing himself to slow down so that he would begin to fall. He lined himself up in such a way that all the shots would be coming at him from the front.

As he began to fall down he would pull his body in rotating so that his feet would be pointed down, all the while he drew his Zanpakatou in a brilliant crimson arc. Flames would spread outward as he caught the bullets on the tip of his sword splitting the explosive bullets. A showering of explosion and flames would cover his body as he crashed into the floor leaving an imprint. The man would be on a knee as the flames around him subsided revealing his charred clothing. Small patches of burns where on his body as a grin came onto his lips.

"Cheeky. Impressive." He'd remark having not predicted the explosive nature of the bullets, leaving him having suffered some damage. He had now drawn his Zanpakatou, he came to rest the flat of his longsword on his wrist while the Reishi within the area began to be drawn in towards him. His blade began to go red hot, as he offered a strained smile.

"Very well."

If she wanted to exhaust all her resources, he would shift the dynamic of this battle. He would rear the weapon backwards before swinging it in an X, expelling two large arcs of flames which shot towards her. The it was raw unyielding flames manifested by his zanpakatou, even being near them would scorch her clothing. Being hit by them would not doubt hurt, as they carried quite a bit of kinetic force. Once they made contact with her or something, they would flare up exploding outwards sending flames in every direction from the impact.


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