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Sun Mar 13, 2022 10:31 pm
Asami With The Two Shikai QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Asami Furukawa

» Link To Character: Application

» Upgrading:

Shinigami Skills
Zanjutsu: Adept -> Advanced

EXPANDED Zanpakutô:

» Zanpakutô Name: Musai Kyoutei (無済鏡庭, "Mirror Garden Without End") Or Musai Kyoutei (夢切凶帝, "Dream Cutting Evil Emperor")

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Unchanged

» Inner World: Unchanged

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Unchanged

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Asami's Zanpakutô spirit is far from typical and is instead a rather unique situation wherein a spirit has developed with two different personalities that act in completely different ways to the other. As such, though they share an Inner World, both personalities respond to a different call and provide Asami with different powers within the same concept. Uniquely, neither is seen as the 'true' release, though Asami has both known about and used the Mirror form for much longer than the Emperor. They are equally powerful but provide different unique abilities and take on different release forms.

Neither personality offers any particular power whilst in Musai Kyoutei's sealed state and, as they do not acknowledge each other's existence, only one release can be used in a thread (ie. Using the Mirror release prohibits later use of the Emperor release).

I. Mirror Shikai


I. Emperor Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Lose Yourself in Reverie, Musai Kyoutei

» Shikai Release Action: Asami points the katana forwards, before dragging the tantō up the length of the blade and calling the release phrase. This causes a rippling wave of sound similar to the grinding of steel on stone to emit from the weapons, after which the sequence is complete.

» Shikai Appearance: Unlike in the Mirror release, in which the tantō appears to remain almost unchanged, the blade of the weapon grows to the length of a wakizashi though remains both pure black in colour and slender in shape. Dark, oily, tears weep from the cutting edge but quickly evaporate after touching the ground leaving only momentary black stains on the floor. The katana also resonates with the sound that comes from the release action, eventually losing its rigidity as it transforms into an emerald-green coloured chain whip of considerable length. The individual links, styled as metal petals, are bonded together in a flexible length that can bend and contract at the whim of its wielder. Golden flower petals fall from where the crossguard once was, scattering into nothing within seconds of separation, whilst the rest of the handle remains unchanged.

» Shikai Abilities: Appearing once more like a simple melee-type Zanpakutô, admittedly with a notably different form, Emperor's Musai Kyoutei takes on different abilities that better suit the chaotic and twisted personality of her spirit. Where her Mirror release focuses upon reflections of others and turning their weapons against them, the Emperor release allows Asami to use her reflections of herself as a weapon.

At any time during this release, Asami can make minor alterations to the appearance of herself and anyone else within close proximity of Musai Kyoutei. These alterations are not real, though the minds of those without the means to overcome this ability will try to rationalise them and treat them as such until the ability ends. The scope of these changes is limited to their bodies, and Asami primarily uses it to create or mask injuries. These can range from scratches and bruises to major injuries and broken bones, even loss of limb or limb function. This can be done to make her own attacks appear to be doing more damage or further confuse her opponents by making them think that Asami has injured them in a different place without them noticing. Inversely, she can also hide wounds on herself and others to give them the impression that her attacks are having no effect or she is taking no damage from their own strikes. If an opponent does not determine that they have been injured then they may expose themselves to further attack or become demoralised that their own strikes are seemingly being completely neutralised.

A character with mental deduction less than Asami's Zanjutsu skill will be unable to see through the deception whilst under its effect and perceives only the injuries that Asami creates, whilst those of equal or greater mental fortitude can see which injuries are real. The range of this ability is forty metres, but is based on her current Zanjutsu skill (Advanced) and would increase by 10 metres for every additional rank. These illusory wounds disappear when a target leaves the Zanpakutô's range and any damage they believe inflicted is revealed to have been false, whilst hidden wounds are revealed and no longer masked from view.

» Kyoutei no Senmou (凶帝の譫妄, "Delirium of the Evil Emperor"): By creating a spiralling loop with her whip and then plunging the blade into the middle of the spiral, Asami can create the illusion of opening up a portal to a twisted version of her Inner World that she refers to as her Yohaku (余白, "Blank Space"). From this portal, dozens of warped and contorted caricatures of herself spill forth and assail anyone within Musai Kyoutei's range including Asami herself and the other caricatures. These are illusions and deal no damage and take none in turn, but can be targetted by Musai Kyoutei's main ability to appear to suffer damage should Asami wish. Their main purpose is to obscure Asami from view so that she can attack her opponents whilst they are lost in the pandemonium, as she hides amongst the twisted versions of herself. Some are close enough in appearance that they could easily appear to be Asami whilst others are completely different and even monstrous in appearance.

The effectiveness of this ability is comparable to the difference between Asami's Zanjutsu and the target's Focus, the greater the gap between the two then the easier it is for her to sneak around unnoticed and strike at the intended target. As it is all actually just an illusion, area attacks will still hit Asami and the caricatures provide no actual protection or defence to her beyond being a distraction. It also cannot be maintained indefinitely, unlike Musai Kyoutei's main ability, and the illusion will disperse after four posts with the illusory copies of Asami collapsing into an oily substance similar to that which drips from her black blade.

Asami With The Two Shikai Pt4Lhko

» Why: Asami has been dealing with issues with her Zanpakuto spirit for a while now, and yet spent a long time unable to determine exactly what was going on. She spoke to several different masters on the subject, including primarily Captain Murasaki, and was still unable to produce a concrete answer. Her relationship with Musai Kyoutei certainly developed over this prolonged period of interest from their wielder, but it would not resolve the issues that she was experiencing of sensing a different spirit inhabiting her weapons on certain occasions.

(I apologise, some of these threads got messed in the site revamp)

In the culmination of this arc, Asami and Musai Kyoutei explored the depths of her Inner World. Eventually, this revealed that the interloper was none other than Musai Kyoutei itself. The mellow spirit was taking on a different form and persona with no memories of its counterpart, which distressed Asami and left her bewildered about how to progress.

Deciding that she could not hide from every confrontation in her life, Asami eventually returned to do battle with this alternate version of Musai Kyoutei. Learning about them as they fought, she eventually came to subdue the spirit and gain heightened control over her Zanjutsu.


» Extra:

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