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Girls' Night [Katori, Bambietta] - Page 2 Empty Re: Girls' Night [Katori, Bambietta]

Mon Sep 05, 2022 10:49 am
Girls' Night [Katori, Bambietta] - Page 2 D2ZkgWV

Katori Nobuko

"Ah.. I see." She'd breathe out a response, hardly even looking at Bambietta as she contemplated to herself. What was she thinking? None of this was helping things, if anything she must have messed up entirely. The substitute didn't seem all that happy to be around her, the opposite actually - she very clearly was rather turned off and simply tagging along. She recalled her conversation with Igen, and how roughly it ended, and now it appeared as if that very scenario was occurring right now.

If that was how her own friend felt towards her words, she couldn't imagine how poorly Bambietta was taking it. She looked back to her subordinate, her smile visibly diminished - it was barely there anymore, a feeling of discomfort running over her as Katori let that rehearsed persona slip just a little, ".. Listen, I have been trying to make you feel more welcome for the past while, but I feel I have been making a terrible impression. I'm sorry; i'm responsible for how I come across to others, and if I have been doing poorly in that, it is my responsibility to remedy my behavior - doubly so as a seated officer."

Her hands were squeezed together in her lap, maintaining her composure as she would continue, "If you would like to just take your food and leave, i'll still cover the charge as I said. I don't wish to keep another within an undesirable position."

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Girls' Night [Katori, Bambietta] - Page 2 Empty Re: Girls' Night [Katori, Bambietta]

Mon Sep 05, 2022 10:03 pm
Girls' Night [Katori, Bambietta] - Page 2 JryjPlU


At first, Bambietta's finger tapped on the table, a sort of idle gesture that mostly just conveyed her apathy toward the situation. However, Katori's borderline pathetic apology did admittedly make her stop. Part of her wanted to just tell the girl to stop being such a little baby about it, but that probably would've been cruel of her. It wasn't like she didn't appreciate that sentiment.

"Nah, it's fine. Be pretty rude to leave when we just got here."

She was pretty much entirely glossing over the actual apology, or any of Katori's other sad spiel, but Bambietta had never been particularly good at dealing with these sensitive emotional situations. She knew she'd need to get better at it, but she also knew anything she said right now would just end up being insensitive.

"Besides, I'm not really big on eating at home, reminds me of just cramming down food while I work."

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