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Wed Sep 14, 2022 8:45 pm


Enter Aina's Post

(Location: in Italty's Aspromonte National Park)

Bathing in the rays of the morning sun brought peace to many when alone in the quietness of nature. Gazing at the visage of the golden giant in the heavens, the plum eyes of Aina held her captive glance at this wonderous ball of life as her heart fluttered with uncertain feeling. This new life, this new body; it made her all so weak and alone. Forsaking all that she was, her essence, kingdom, and all that was dear to her, in pursuit of a new beginning and a life without the shackles of her demonic blood drowning her psyche, had been quite daunting.

Yet, as the woman stood alone, the world felt surreal as sparkles of dream-like feeling washed over her body. Something precious was taken away from her mind, yet she could not quite pinpoint this feeling. As tears began to flow from her eyes, a dazed expression of confusion swept Aina's face as she was unsure what to feel. Happiness? Relief? Grief? Love? Something precious was gone, but a better part of her knew to accept it.

As her right hand moved toward her chest, Aina continued to contemplate this heartache as the winds blew past her flower dress. It was as if something or someone was saying goodbye. Could it have been Ulv? That sensation of closeness was similar to what she felt. Maybe this beautiful visage was a scene from the world beyond her grasp that things would be ok. It had been quite some time since her passing.

"I will live, Ulv. There is nothing more or less I can do after you gave everything for that goal. Pain exists, but I can proceed and navigate it in this new life and form. Thanks to you, mother, and Ajora."

All Aina could do was begin sitting, being, and accepting things. For better or for worse, she was alone to start her new life as she pleased. It was hopeful yet lonely as she gazed into the rising sun as if looking for a sign. Yet, she knew better than that. The answers came from within, and she'd sit absorbing in this sober reality, pondering what she ever lost, to begin with, as if it were a distant dream that was fading from her memory.

And if dreams were bliss, how could one not smile at the taste of such heavenly memory and feeling?

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