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Mon Oct 03, 2022 3:26 pm
The Gotei Untethered [Murasaki, Announcement] NsOqTkn


Sitting at her desk in the Captain Commander's office, Murasaki realized she hadn't actually made any formal announcements since she'd taken the position. It wasn't really her style, so she tried to handle everything in as personal a manner as possible. But some things you couldn't just tell to people face-to-face, and big changes like this were one of those things. She might've put out a whole big essay or something, but writing a ton wasn't her strong suit. Instead, she took up a brush, and wrote out her announcements in elegant strokes, each one to the point, but written out as elegantly as possible.

From the Desk of the Captain Commander

1. The Gotei is, from today, no longer constrained to its current 7 divisions.

2. The Captain Commander is accepting applications for captaincy from this day forward for an indefinite period of time. These applications will apply only to the formation of new divisions, and will be individually assessed by the Captain Commander personally. Applicants wishing to replace current captains must utilize pre-existing channels.

3. Divisions are no longer required to operate in a role mandated by the 1st Division. Captains are both allowed and expected to operate their division in the manner they believe is most suitable to their capabilities.

-Kagayaku no Murasaki

Ech. It still seemed more formal than Murasaki would have liked, but she wasn't going to just write out an official announcement like it was a text message or something. That'd have just been embarrassingly unprofessional.


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