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Wed Mar 01, 2023 2:47 pm
[adm]Additional context for his strength, through a combination of feats and general narrative justification, would be a good addition to the history during his period alive, as at present he doesn't face much in the way of proper threat or challenge to justify such extreme skill levels. Post-release I would recommend at least establishing what he's capable of in his current form, as what's currently in the history at present does little to paint a picture of what he would currently be capable of, if Elite is what's being aimed for.[/adm]
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Sun Mar 19, 2023 11:59 pm

Durability and Strength

So I can see that you were trying to give justifications for his high Strength and Durability stats, but the problem is that his history neither serves enough justifications for even a single Elite, much less two. If anything, the history seems to contradict itself at points in regards to his strength.

The only opponents Atter seems to have been faced against are… Normal humans. Normal humans, in which even a character with all Adepts, especially in an age before guns or advanced weaponry existed, wouldn’t be a problem to defeat in the slightest. Regular weapons aren’t going to do much against a character with Adept durability, and a character with Adept strength absolutely could tear through an entire army of primitive humans with but their bare hands, especially if Atter was as much of a titan as his history implies he is.

But then.. His Narya hits him, and he feels pain from that punch. So this tells me, despite being raised in the same environment, Narya somehow turned out just as strong as him (Elite Strength), yet wasn’t a problem at all, but they would have to have been close in age. I’m not saying give more details on Narya, i’m saying you should tone Atter down significantly because nothing in his human history implies even an Advanced level of Strength or Durability.

Adept Durability can be hit by a car, an object that is on average 4,094 lbs (That is 2.4 tons) of metal coming on anywhere between 20 mph-45 mph, head on and be fine. Adept Strength can lift a car! Scandinavia doesn’t even have trees of any absurd size like Redwood trees, the most troublesome tree he would run into are probably some variety of Spruce or Oak and those don’t really get that big.

Gleipnir & It’s Origins
So the Quincy that created this weapon that trapped him, there’s no way they could have been the ‘first of his area’ to call themselves Quincy. The Quincy on Platinum Hearts have a definitive origin; They were all trained by Nozomi and their name would have been heavily associated with her, there wasn’t just people in separated tribes just calling themselves Quincy out of the blue one by one.

With this in mind, a problem arises, namely in Atter’s transformation into a Hollow. If these chains are derived from Quincy, then that must mean they are made of Reishi, and Reishi weapons destroy Hollows. If these chains were so intimately bound to him that they were binding even his soul, then how did he not die when he transformed? Or why didn’t the chains just corrode to the Hollow energy? From how it stands, one of these things is not making out the other end of the transformation still existing.

With this in mind, even if he were to have survived the transformation, chains didn’t just destroy his soul upon corruption point being reached, how is he wielding it as a Zanpakuto? It’s a Quincy weapon, and that is not how Arrancar Zanpakuto work; an Arrancar Zanpakuto is derived from their nucleus being externalized and formed into a weapon, and by extension Resurreccion is them tapping into that old power to give them more power. Unless the weapon just bears the same name as the chains as a result of his trauma, there is no way he can wield Gleipnir as a weapon.

Once more, he is a single soul arrancar. Any Resurreccion of his is going to be nigh powerless, he spent barely any time as a hollow and has not consumed anything else, there is hardly a nucleus to form a weapon out of it, much less any remarkable power.

His Becoming And Time As An Arrancar

So his history establishes that he starved to death, became a Plus, and his chain had eroded away as time went on. Okay, that’s normal for Pluses that stay in the Living Realm for too long, there isn’t anything unusual about that, but what is unusual is this like “willingness” to go Hollow… Pluses don’t like, consciously feel becoming a Hollow coming on, the only indication of their progress towards Hollowfication is their Chain of Fate eating away, it isn’t a thing they consciously bring unto themselves or “allow”, it’s just the conclusion of their chain eroding. This wouldn’t reasonably be a thing that Atter would even know about because he is from an age where knowledge of the spiritual was probably very limited, and there isn’t much indication that he would know about what’s happening to him. Also, his strength as a human probably would have deteriorated to his starvation and lack of activity, and definitely wouldn’t have carried over to him as a Plus.

Not only that, he seems to completely skip over becoming a Hollow. Atter’s situation here seems to greatly resemble Ichigo’s in canon where he’s in the hole and about to become a Hollow. The mask does not form on the person’s face and they just turn into a hollow, Pluses who’s chains completely erode seem to react with pain or distress, explode, and their hollow reforms nearby. Atter does not seem to have undergone that process, so his jump to Arrancar just makes no sense with what’s established.

In addition, he’s a one soul Arrancar, who’s been alone with nothing to eat for centuries. His soul would have sooner atrophied than built strength or any abilities, he doesn’t have much going for him in the power department and no reason to think he would be. Pulling and struggling on bindings that you aren’t really breaking or making much progress on isn’t much of a show of strength, if anything it does more to present a sense of obsessive futility to a situation beyond his control, and the chains breaking to him apologizing rather than he himself breaking through them just further cements this idea. There’s just not really much here to tell me that he’s coming out of that cave still a strong prideful guy capable of fighting anything.

The Adjuchas & Arrancar Atter

So for the entirety of Atter’s emergence from the cave, it presents several glaring problems. First of all, Hollows who are at Adjuchas stage wouldn’t be lurking around the Living Realm under normal circumstances; they are far past the stage where Plus souls do anything for them and are well into needing to cannibalize in order to sustain their forms so they don’t just revert into mindless perma-Gillians. Secondly, the Adjuchas stage is so far into Hollow evolution that their human lives are pretty much forgotten and irrelevant, no Adjuchas would be sticking around having a bone to pick with Atter, much less remember who he or themselves are - they’re just the individual personality that won out in getting to control the countless writhing mass of souls that make up a Gillian.

Adjuchas on this site are considered an Elite level for a Hollow Evolution stage, meaning they are basically on par with a constant release Bankai. There is no way Atter is taking on even one of them, much less five, even if he was an Arrancar born under far more conventional circumstances. The amount of characters that could handle that many Adjuchas on this site could be counted on one hand.

It also doesn’t make much sense for Atter himself to have a recollection of his human life either. He’s been trapped with no interaction with anything aside from himself for centuries, and even went through the motions of becoming a Hollow and then an Arrancar; bare minimum that’s doing quite a number on his memory and personality.

Not to mention, as previously stated, he would be quite physically and mentally atrophied from his circumstances; even if there was someone or something lurking outside wanting to kill him, there is no way he’s putting up much of a fight freshly freed from his restraints, he definitely would be badly wounded and left to die at best.

So since i’ve covered majority of problems in detail, i’ll just run through this section as a list of things you have to do:

1) Either drop Atter’s Strength and Durability to Beginner, or add more history after he emerges from the cave. If he had time to readjust and build himself up, I can see him having Adepts, but most certainly not Elites. His human life’s proficiency is irrelevant here.
2) Address all of the previously stated lore problems with Gleipnir & it’s creators, the Adjuchas, Atter’s transformation, Atter’s status as a one soul Arrancar, etc.
3) Either drop his Resurreccion and Zanpakuto’s power down to barely operable abilities, or add more to his history as an Arrancar after emerging that would give a sense he gained power.
4) Either drop his Willpower down to Beginner as well, or add more to his history after emerging. If he had a recovery period of self reflection and whatnot, I can see him making it back up to Adept, but that’s it as far as initial gradings.
5) Remove or cut down the power of “Runic Hero”, “Van Poison”, and “Millenia of Struggle”. None of these have sufficient reason to exist as of now.
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