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Thu Nov 17, 2022 5:42 pm
I. Basic Information

» Name: Mirai Braui
» Titles: Danava of Forbiddance, more to come
» Age: 28 (appearance) 2800 (actual - this iteration)
» Gender: Feminine (Transfem)
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue, potential affiliations to follow i.e. for hire
» Alignment: Neutral Good
» Marital Status: Single
» Nationality: Greek (originally)
» Sexuality: Lesbian

» Height: 6'3".
» Weight: (173) Don't Ask.
» Hair Colour: Brown/Black
» Eye Colour: Gold.

» Appearance Written: Standing at 6'3" and broad in the shoulders, Mirai poses a rather distinguishable figure. Looming over the others around her, she exudes an aura of protective if at times smothering warmth. Sporting pale olive, freckled skin and a unruly mane of brunette/black hair that frames her face, a cute, snub nose and a glittering smile, her face is almost always settled into a knowing smirk. Her golden amber eye just seems to gleam with an chiding, ethereal intelligence. Yes, that's right eye. She's missing one and is rather unabashed by this, treating her eyepatch as another way to accessorize her outfit.

» Appearance Picture:

Mirai Braui (WIP) B790d94a562b3b51f1f11a76b06cec44

I. Personality

Mirai is at first glance and outwardly a caring, protective figure. Very much the type to swaddle someone in a comforting embrace and lend them a shoulder to cry on. In fact, it can be rather exhausting to be around her as she tends to bombard those she likes with shows of affection, encouraging words, or naturing actions. She very much enjoys taking someone under a wing and helping them reach their goals, whether that be training for combat, or simply enjoying life.

In actuality however, there are moments where she is extremely tired. Imagine for a moment that you are raising grain. You work so hard to get it to blossom, for the sunlight to streak off its stalk just so to make its golden buds sparkle, just for the bite of the sickle to tear it from you. Mirai has felt too many slip through carefully set boundaries only to fall to their dooms that it almost feels like she's a sieve. The expectation that those who she tries to protect will wither has made her bitter and her bitterness has even made her a little bit shrewd, jaded, and mercurial. She's just too stubborn to give up on protecting people however.

» Likes: Rules, People, Aspirations, Weaponry Peaches/peach tea, Strawberry Mochi,

» Dislikes: Idle time, being unable to help, abandonment, greedy individuals, nihilism, messy environments, dust

I. History

The concept of forbiddance has been around for a long time. In fact, one might even suspect it to be timeless, if one includes the ideas of the natural laws of the universe as rulesets, with those aspects that are contrary to these rulesets as being forbidden. Regardless, all Mirai knows is that the progenitor of the Danava of Forbiddance wasn't so much an individual as a concept that formed into being. It merely existed. However, as the arrival of humans, shinigami, and hollows was documented their mother, Nidhana, began to suspect of certain changes going on within the Danava. They were developing a sentience and even emotions, as the humans heralded forbiddances that carried emotions behind them. Wishes for individuals not to be hurt, for structure to bind common individuals together and such blossomed into a caring aspect. At this the Danava was so overwhelmed with the incessant pleading from the little ones that they willingly returned to Nidhana realizing that they would no longer be able to continue functioning as they previously had.

And so, Nidhana birthed a replacement. One whose task it was to observe the humans, and other races, from nearby and accept and enact their boundaries so that they would not go careening into the void. It was difficult, managing such disparate groups but Nilanthi listened when they prayed and intervened when she could. When they began sacrificing humans in order to impose their prayers on her, Nilanthi had a brief crisis of consciousness. She found the concept slightly distasteful, but Nidhana had been clear. She was merely to observe and guide them, not hinder them in any way. Nilanthi thus accepted the human sacrifices, ferrying the souls of those sacrificed directly into her being before completing the required restrictions, like ensuring that no unfavorable winds would hinder the advance of their naval subterfuge and secretive advance. She found it poetic in a way. In absorbing the lost ones, she was ensuring that their wish to protect their community, the thing that had originally sparked their sacrifice, was forever ensured. And that they would thus go on protecting future communities. But as the years continued, Nilanthi became exhausted. Much in the same manner as her predecessor, the endless pleas for rules to appear and save them were like trying to stop a wave with a wall made of sand. Most of it rebounded, but what seeped through ended up destroying them. Nilanthi knew that she needed to find an individual with an iron will. Someone who would not relent in the face of the burden that their Danava was faced with.

Mirai's appearance into the mix occurred because Nilanthi was surprised to find that individual arose from amidst a crowd of humans. Mirai was born to Anthia and Taxis Braui, in a small village high in the mountainous region of Greece. The quaint village was perched on a steep cliff, overlooking the sea. At the bottom of the cliff, down a steep rocky slope there was a yawning cave which seemed to devour the very light itself. Rumors floated around the town of a treasure that awaited someone to snatch it from its stingy, reticulate guardian. The person needed to be pure of heart, patient, and levelheaded. And so she was surprised to find one evening as she strolled down the marketplace bazar towards her friend's house, said friend in stooped conversation with the town's mayor. This friend, Tynal, was a rascal in all senses of the word. A warrior who had quietly joined their little community after being shipwrecked, they antagonized the mayor with their reckless, hotheaded behavior. Still though, Mirai had formed a close bond with them.

An uncontrolled ball of energy , Tynal often could only be soothed by Mirai, who was their complete opposite. Where they were harsh, she was gentle. Where they were angry, she was calm. On occaisons where her parents were too much, and Mirai ducked into the forest for some peace, Tynal somehow managed to bring her back by the ear. The two spent much time together exploring the shimmering beaches and azure ocean near their hometown. And Tynal had even furthered her basic training with weaponry that her parents had given her, allowing her to first observe and then join in the secret practice sessions that they conducted far from prying eyes. Once, when Mirai had been particularly distracted and received a nasty thwack on the head, they had even covered for her by stating that they had surprised her and caused her to slip and fall. It had led to some strained relations betwixt her family and Tynal, but Mirai was grateful for their excuse.

Slipping closer, she had overheard the mayor mentioning the cave to Tynal emphasizing their strength and how they could be the first to claim the treasure. Mirai knew Tynal well, and knew that they were far from the model candidate according to the legends. So she suspected something was up but she ignored it. The thought however kept nagging at her. Its little voice wheedled and whined until she listened to the its acrid pinprick in the back of her mind. The mayor must know that as well, so why was he sending Tynal to their death? She resolved herself to follow Tynal. Perhaps she could convince them that it wasn't worth it to go...

Mirai crept down the rocky outcropping that served as the path down the face of the cliff. In the chilly night's sea breeze, moisture had condensed and pooled over the stones, making the descent tricky. Mirai cautious of falling to her death, took her time down the slope. Faintly, she could hear cries and the clamorous sound of steel striking...something hard. It sounded like bone. She arrived just in time to see a massive wounded tendril- like silhouette hurl Tynal's body like a ragdoll. It rebounded off the stone, with a vicious crack before collapsing lifelessly to the ground. Mirai's heart leapt up into her throat, and a wordless scream clawed its way from her mouth. She charged in, though she still retained enough faculties to scoop up Tynal's discarded javelin as she passed their body. She plunged the barbed fisherman's javelin into the wriggling opponent and stabbed and withdrew mercilessly, rending flesh and piercing the hard, pale, bony scales that seemed to cover its body. She could feel the warm spatters of brackish black blood on her face, but she didn't care. Eventually the wriggling form fell still, before the base snapped away and withdrew deeper into the narrower crevices of the cave. Panting, and coming to her senses, she realized she needed to withdraw. Pursuing the foe deeper into the unknown cave would be foolish. She wandered over to Tynal's body and knelt. Closing their blank, accusatory eyes, she lifted them up and walked slowly to the entrance. She buried Tynal's body a little to the right of the cave's mouth, burning a small effigy for their soul to find peace.

There she stayed, watching the entrance for the next victim sent to their death. Mirai all but disappeared from the village that she had grown up in. 10 years passed during which she dedicated herself entirely to guarding the entrance to that cave and forbidding other to enter. If verbal warning was not enough, she was not above resorting to force. She watched as the idyllic nature of the little village started to change. The first year that passed without some fool challenging the cave's guardian caused the harvest to be less fruitful. Sometime during that time, she was surprised to find a female warrior clad in golden armor and carrying a long staff and a large shield appear before her. "My name is Mirai. I will not let you into this cave! If you value your life, you will heed this warning and turn back." She declared, which merely caused the warrior to raise an eyebrow in amusement. "Oh no. I am not interested in that old deal. I merely wished to find out what kind of person would so vehemently guard this cave for an entire decade." To Mirai's grunted response, she called "Do you know the stories they tell about you? How you snuck down into the cave, were swallowed up by the guardian and your bitterness caused you to taint the land forever, thus withering the crops? I mean they blame you for their poor harvests." Mirai shook her head in response. "I don't care. I will keep them away and safe from whatever is in this cave. I want no more fools to lose their lives because of this stupid lie." To this, Nilanthi merely hummed and vanished away into the trees. I think I just found my candidate. She thought to herself as she grinned.

It was at the end of those ten years that the villagers had finally had enough of the poor harvests. Spurred on by the incessant implications of the mayor that Mirai was somehow responsible for their plight, they swarmed her one day. They baited her by having someone walk alone towards the cave, causing her to appear before them to call them to halt. Walking out of the brush carrying swords and spears, they encircled her. Mirai stood firm, declaring. "My name is Mirai. You may not enter this cave. For the sake of your lives, turn back now." This provoked the villagers, whose patience was already frayed with their strife. As one they attacked, shouting "Disappear, you monster. You poisoned our land. Why don't you just pass on?" Mirai fended them off. She stepped into the reach of one villager, landing a solid elbow into their sternum and causing them to stumble backwards. Then she twisted, dodging the thrusts coming her way as she pivoted and deflected them on the surface of her rounded shield. With another half step, she slammed the blunted edge of the shield into her opponent's face, breaking their nose and causing them to collapse. She then swiped the javelin's edge against another villager's leg as she hopped backwards, cutting the tendons there and causing them to collapse to one knee.

Still though, even trained as she was, the villagers had the numbers advantage. Even as Mirai cut them down (non-lethally), more seemed to press in. Mirai could hear her heart hammering in her chest and the roar of her breath in her ears as she panted. Eventually the numbers started to take their tolls. The villager's clumsy weapons were starting to score little nicks on her shoulders and body. And then it happened, during one pivot, Mirai lost her footing and a biting pain exploded in her skull. "Agh!" She recoiled, clapping a hand to her face as one half of her world went dark. She collapsed to the ground and the villagers closed in, beating her now that she was down.

Somewhere between the flashes of pain, Mirai saw two things. One, the woman in gold armor was hovering there, seemingly ethereal above her. And that one of the villagers was starting to move towards the cave. Mirai's grasp ensnared her ankle causing the woman to look down at her in surprise. "Please...You mustn't." She croaked. The woman in gold was saying something now. "My My, all this and you still want to protect them? You still haven't given up on forbidding them entrance? I can help you, you know. If you let me." Mirai hovered for a moment, a cloud of bliss as the darkness encroached seeming tempting. But then her blurred vision caught ahold of her hand still wrapped around the woman's ankle. She nodded. "I see. I'm sorry for the burden this will place on you, dear. But I will help you as you wish." The woman in gold said, as she transformed into a golden mist and flowed into the hole where Mirai's eye had been, bleeding them golden. Mirai wept a single tear, realizing in that moment that her old life as a human was over, and she was something very different now.

She rose, ignoring the pain and the started ring of villagers as they retreated. Mirai felt the woman in gold grasp her shoulder. I'll be beside you. Reach deep inside you now for the source of your power. Shape it with your will. Mirai coughed, feeling the words coming to mind before she even knew what they were. "Using a blade is taboo." She called, to the puzzled looks of the onlooking villagers as she snapped her javelin's spear tip off and clutched the haft tightly. She fought, mimicking the impression that the woman in gold's spirit seemed to be giving her. The villager's called out in shock as they found that striking her with a blade caused them to grow progressively more sluggish and collapse. "Right, now to the root of the problem." When they had all collapsed, Mirai turned and ran back up the path towards the village.

She was greeted with the shocked faces of the villagers, whom she barely recognized any more. Then their expressions turned hostile and they bombarded her with anything they had. "What? Poisoning our land wasn't enough for you?" One called, pegging her with a particularly overripe squash. Mirai winced as the stinging juice trickled into the wound where her eye used to be. But she ignored it and focused on the individual she was searching for. There! She found the mayor skulking about the alleyways of the bazar. His pale blue eyes met her singular, gold one. Locked in gaze, it seemed time stood still for a moment before Mirai found herself on the move, swinging her arms as fast as they would go to encourage herself to run faster. She rushed over, causing the mayor to panic and flee for his life.

Mirai chased him down the alleyways, ducking through side streets and ramming through passerby. She realized that the mayor was leading her somewhere, but the cowardly figure was too fast. She had to concentrate on pursuing him before she lost sight of him. Eventually she caught up to him, surprised to see him standing alone in a dingy alleyway. "Well, are you done running?" She asked him. "I think so." He replied, turning to face her. "Good. It's time for you to pay. I won't allow you to sacrifice another soul for a dusty old legend." She said. "A dusty old legend. Why that's quite hurtful!" He retorted, seemingly to explode beyond the confines of his form and his voice distorting into an echoed screech. A long centipede-like body covered in bony plates with a mask that seemed to have hollowed out eyes and nostrils. Mirai recoiled, frozen in shock as he transformed. "MOVE. NOW! Now or you're dead!" She heard the woman in gold's voice calling to her. Mirai ducked just in time as a pincer attached to one of the worm thing's tails whooshed over head. She flung herself to the side, coming up underneath him and jabbing out with her javelin haft. The splintered wood skewered the tail causing it to writhe in agony as the worm thing shrieked in a human voice. "How dare you!" Mirai retorted. "No how dare you! I don't know what the hell you are, but you will never sacrifice another member of this village again."

Weaving and dodging, Mirai thought to herself. He hasn't pulled out any tricks since he assumed this form. That must mean that whatever he is, his power isn't related to offense but more of that subterfuge. I can't believe something this gross was posing as our town's mayor this whole time. He must have been luring the idiots who believed that legend down to his lair where he could ambush them by surprise. Mirai's eye flashed to his tail, noticing that their was a stump next to it. Her heart throbbed at that, realization pinning her to the spot. This must have been the thing in the cave that they had fought, and that broken away only to slither away deeper into the cave. "I got you!" The thing called triumphantly, pincer tip scraping through Mirai's arm in the moment of hesitation it took for her to snap herself out of it and move out of the way. Her arm moved, and this time as the bloody tail skewered the ground, her raised arm brought the splintered javelin haft down on it skewering it in turn. When it was pinned against the cobblestones, the worm let out a shriek. Mirai could see a pale purple energy slowly filling the haft of the ruined javelin, and then leeching away into her. She was surprised to find herself feeling stronger and steadier as the energy touched her. The worm like thing screamed and tugged at the tail, causing it to shiver. Mirai remembered that it could break away and moved instinctually. She rushed in, grasping her hands around the mandibles of the centipede as they screamed at her to get away. "You're not a fighter. You've always been a coward. I won't let you get away this time." She called out, snapping off the mandibles in her hands and driving them with as much force as she could muster directly into the hollowed out eye-sockets of the mask that the centipede monster wore.

Panting with exertion, she let herself fall to the cobblestones as much to her surprise the centipede monster seemed to disperse into faint black ash. Staring up at the spirit of the woman in gold who stared down at her, she waved weakly. "Hey you. By any chance, would you know what that thing was?" She received a chiding shake of the head in response. "My name is Nilanthi. And that was a Hollow. Come, I have much to tell you about the state of the world, and your new...duties. We'll have to go to Japan. The winds are changing there. You'll have plenty of time to get used to it and all the rigorous training I'll be puting you through." Groaning as she rose to her feet, Mirai asked. "What's a Hollow? And what do you mean by plenty of time? Duties?" All she received was a chuckle as Nilanthi led her off into the sunset.

I. Natural Abilities

Before Mirai became a Danava, she was a proficient warrior, trained by her friend Tynal in the use of the javelin as both melee and thrown weapon. She also originated from a line of tailors, and as a result particularly enjoys sewing. She finds the sewing machines of the modern age to be pretty miraculous and has on occasion submitted clothes to popular fashion contests.

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: Taboo

» Origin Power: Taboo declares a particular set of circumstances, action, or material as taboo. Declaration must be made prior to effect, and affects all applicable entities within taboo zone including Mirai. As an example, Mirai could declare " X (Touching stone) is taboo" and thus all entities would not be able to touch stone materials whilst within the zone she created.

» Origin Abilities:

Perimeter - allows for a taboo to be shaped. There are two particular shapes that Mirai can currently achieve. Those being wall, and zone. Wall is an upright or horizontal wall, dependent on the location of utilized Alma Vatou as designation points. Zone is a zone designated by the Alma Vatou utilized and their area. When Mirai declares a taboo, she targets an applicable Atma Vatou stake. The applicable, empty Atma Vatous' bells determine the area as they ring and glow golden as they fill with spirit energy. After that, the declared taboo goes into effect. Recalling the Atma Vatou, or loss of spirit energy means that the bells will dilute back to silver slowly, and the bonds of the taboo will loosen.

Payment - Should opposing, applicable entities break the taboo, Mirai can collect payment from them in the form of a portion of their Reiatsu. Similarly if she breaks her own taboo, her opponents can collect a portion of her Reiatsu from her.

Void - allows Mirai to cancel an ongoing taboo. The taboo she is canceling must be declared as "Void: X" where x is the taboo's wording itself. Mirai targets the applied Atma Vatou and recoups the spirit energy used to impose the taboo.

I. Eternal Partner

» Eternal Partner Name: Nilanthi Yvelte

» Eternal Partner Appearance: Mirai Braui (WIP) 16bd08cf27f947fdac3883b6c3cb8fe9

» Eternal Partner Personality: Nilanthi is rather serene and collected. She poses advice and does her best to guide Mirai into furthering their aspect of barriers and forbiddance. To that end, she can be rather strict with Mirai's expected demeanor and upholding of several routines that they both had agreed to. She's also no stranger to combat herself, and if she feels that Mirai is being rude or that she needs a bit of prompting, she can be quite liberal with her use of her staff until a sincere apology is issued or she has properly emphasized her point. She particularly hates to see Mirai moping, as she sees it as the biggest waste of their time. Privately she also holds a secret fear. That Mirai might reject her due to the burden placed upon her is a feeling she grapples with constantly.

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: Boundary

» Atma Vatou Appearance: Like metal hafted stakes/javelins with small silver bells tied to a cord at the end. Fits snugly in the palm width-wise and is perhaps two feet in total length.

» Atma Vatou Abilities: Mirai's Atma Vatou are interesting in that they all perform a similar, singular function. Allows for the shaping of Mirai's Origin Power, Taboo, and the number of taboos in the applicable area. Applicable shapes can be formed using pings from between the Atma Vatou, increasing the radius of applicable area. When Mirai declares a taboo, applicable empty Atma Vatous' bells used to determine the area will ring and glow golden as they fill with spirit energy. After that, the declared taboo goes into effect. Recalling the Atma Vatou, or loss of spirit energy means that the bells will dilute to silver slowly, and the bonds of the taboo will loosen.

I. Path of Embracing

Path of Embracing Appearance: Not Yet Discovered

Path of Embracing Abilities: Not Yet Discovered

I. Path of Being

Path of Being Appearance: Not Yet Discovered

Path of Being Abilities: Not Yet Discovered

I. Equipment/Other Resources

1 x Metal Shield, shaped like a circle with bites out of the top and bottom. Edges have been sharpened to function as blade like protrusions when using it to bash.
5 x Javelins
1 x Javelin Quiver
1 x Sewing Kit

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Martial Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Danava Skills
Origin Embodiment: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained.
Origin Focusing: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained.
Atma Vatou: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained.
Eternal Partner: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained.

Will Skills
Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

Mirai paused, absorbing the sunlight filtering in through the windows. The faint golden rays sparkled and danced with the motion of the tree just outside the window, swaying as the light breeze ruffled its branches. It was now about thirty days since she had left the debacle of her village behind. Mirai took a moment to appreciate the way the resplendent olive paneling of the inn that she was staying at dazzled the eyes. The effort the innkeeper took to polish their surface was clearly evident. You're stalling~ A small voice across from her spoke; their tone kind and perhaps the slightest bit cheeky. Mirai's golden eye locked onto the woman in golden armor that seemed to shimmer in and out of reality across from her. She took a hearty draught from the mug of tea that was cupped in her hand, its permeating warmth encouraging her to speak. "Well, what did you expect? I mean, you're telling me that monster I fought has a name. Hollow" She said, the word sounding somehow foreign to her, even as she felt her own mouth formulating its structure. "That more of them exist out there. That the entire world is dependent on a balance between human souls and hollows that is presided over by a third faction, shinigami. Did you really expect me to just accept that first try without questions? What the hell is a Hollow anyway?" She said, a modicum of exasperation entering her voice. At this, the expression on Nilanthi's face changed. She adopted a pensive, almost pitying look. "Hollows are truly tragic creatures. They are the result of a human soul who is corrupted by their lingering regrets. They suffer an emptying of the heart that they can never replace. In fact, the reason they attack humans is two fold. One is due to the hunger that sets in by transforming, and the other... is because they hope that by sating that hunger they can reclaim even a fragment of their heart." Nilathi's gaze pinned Mirai to the opposing wall. "You accepted my help. I was impressed by your desire to protect people at great personal cost. You are now the Danava of Forbiddance in my stead. Hollows will likely be attracted to you. If you are going to protect anyone, we need to work on your newfound powers and physical abilities." Mirai reeled, struck for a moment by the full implication of Nilanthi's words. "I..." She mumbled, stuttering to a halt as she trailed off. "Don't worry. I will guide you." Nilanthi called over her shoulder as she stood up and affixed Mirai with a beaming grin. "Let's see if you can't catch up to me in 500 years."

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Mirai Braui (WIP) Empty Re: Mirai Braui (WIP)

Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:54 pm
[mod]Before the rest of the check can be completed, I have to address a major issue - The history and by extension character, as it stands, is not accurate to Danava lore and functions as detailed in the information thread to such an extent there is need for a revision of the history. I will detail the problems as follows:

1) There appears to be both a misunderstanding of what Nidhana is and the state of Danava prior to birth. Nidhana is not an entity capable of conscious thought, it’s best equated to a computer AI running various calculations and decisions based off the information it passively gathers, Danava being formed based off of collected information and sent out to gather more to feed the system in a kind of circle of life. Nothing within Nidhana’s network possesses a consciousness or active thought, the beginning/in between state of a Danava is existing purely as a concept rather than a person, and are only given this personhood when Nidhana determines they are a suitable concept to send down.

The present incarnation would have little to no knowledge of their original selves, memories don’t tend to carry over from life to life apart from the Eternal Partner, and even they aren’t going to remember everything about their previous life. That’s often a sizable part of the information that gets fed to the network when a Danava returns to Nidhana.

3) There seems to be a strong inclination that forbiddance = protecting which… I would not think protecting is an inherent, principle concept of forbiddance. Forbidding people from doing things is often more of a social/legal rules thing than expressively for protecting them, so this inherent fixation on protection just seems odd for this concept.

4) Danava would’ve emerged at about the same time stuff like humans and hollows did. They do not predate other conscious intelligent organisms, and the concept of Forbiddance itself definitely wouldn’t, it’s not really a natural, primordial concept like Darkness or Form would be, so the description of it being this concept that existed so far back when is just a bit strange.

5) Nidhana doesn’t give any directions to the Danava it creates. Every Danava is preloaded with an idea of where to start with their concept and they’re free to do whatever from then, instinctively driven to live out and develop their concept. Your Danava wouldn’t have had any instructions to follow.

6) Piggybacking off the previous point, Danava would not be getting “tired” or “overwhelmed” from fulfilling their instinctive drive. To a Danava, fulfilling their concept is on the same level as humans having the desire to survive, it’s built in and inherent to them. The idea that a Danava would just get tired of doing it and want to die or be replaced would either not happen, or have been ironed out by the system forever ago, as premature returns aren’t nearly as beneficial as the Danava at least living out a considerable lifespan.

7) And here is the major, most foundational issue with this history - Mirai having been turned into a Danava, and the previous incarnation still being intact. Other races cannot be turned into a Danava, or be half Danava, or have a Danava spirit inside of them. Danava come straight from Nidhana, there are no exceptions to this. The closest this concept could come to working is if this person had a Danava ritual performed on them for the express purpose of turning them into a Danava (Else Mirai just gets converted into Nidhana food to form a Danava on the spot), and it would be a concept most befitting of what they value and embody as a person. Mirai’s previous life would be a fragmented remnant of whatever information was determined unnecessary to take, and probably wouldn’t remember their life too well, and the concern of being rejected just wouldn’t be a thing.

Another very crucial point - Mirai just does not read as a Danava of Forbiddance. She has a strong fixation on protection and all the things tied to that, any apparent motivation seems singularly on protecting things, and she’s upset if such things does not come to pass. She reads more like a Danava of Guardianship or some similar idea, so either you’re going to have to change her concept and reformat things around this idea, or change this stance up to fit Forbiddance more.

Overall, I strongly recommend reviewing The Danava Racial Specs and reading some approved Danava apps for a better idea of how they work. I will proceed with the rest of the check once these issues are reviewed and resolved.
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Mirai Braui (WIP) Empty Re: Mirai Braui (WIP)

Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:51 am
[adm]Moving to WIP upon request.[/adm]

Mirai Braui (WIP) WVMWLOu
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