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Sat Dec 10, 2022 8:39 pm
A Moment to Breathe (Igen, Kalara) HEADER_97131311_p6_master1200

Whew. How long had it been since he'd run into her? It seemed like not that long ago that Igen had met the woman. Certainly it had been a strange way to meet, but he didn't allow that to bother him. No, rather he was just interested in checking on on her. The last he recalled she had been cleared to return to her work as a shinigami. He made his way to the Eigth Division barracks and began to look around for the woman. After all, she was tall enough that she was pretty easy to find. And so the pink-haired member of the first division hummed quietly to himself as he made his way through the barracks and toward one of the courtyards, all with his Shikai dutifully following behind him, the Tiger by now used to moving around with Igen. Those bright orange eyes idly surveying the surrounding area as the pair moved.
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