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Cala Paracer
Cala Paracer
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Two Heads Are Better Than One, Right? [Cala Solo] Empty Two Heads Are Better Than One, Right? [Cala Solo]

Mon Jan 02, 2023 10:45 pm


Enter Cala's Post

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It had now been so very very long since Cala had been back in Hueco Mundo. The closest thing they possessed to home for now and they had seen it in.... how long had it been? They truly did not know now that they were once again amidst the endless dunes of Hueco Mundo. Watching the placid, still wind of the this desolate realm whip across the sands only made Cala notice how it stood out all the more starkly against the life, laughter and energy of the mortal world.

Thinking on it like that it was no wonder at all why so many Hollows crossed over to feed and exist at every chance they got. Cala even pursed their lips as they realized that they too could be counted on that list's number. But, despite Hueco Mundo's much less pleasant atmosphere and more violent environment, Cala had come here for a reason. Both of their selves had felt it, a swelling of their power, a deeper understanding in the back of their collective mind of themselves. A sense of.... instinct and duty driving them into the furthest sand-strewn steppes of Hueco Mundo. Someone sentimental would call it 'soul searching' but as Cala waved a hand and sheared the sand at the top of a particularly tall dune. flattening it so they could kneel in peace, and see over Hueco Mundo for miles, they knew this would be something much closer to a schizophrenic-seeming conversation with themselves.

Heaving out the sight that thought rest upon Cala drew Ceniza in it's own sealed form, katana-like and more refined than what their other self wielded, and laid the blade across their knees as they closed their eyes. Inhaling deeply Cala would narrow their Pesquisa inward and keep it centered on the dune they currently resided upon. Within their mind's eye and the 'sight' that their Pesquisa lent them, that their other self used to see exclusively, they now stood with their other self upon the dune's hill. Both of them regarding themselves with a familiarity that could not be stated in words. So it was that even as the Maskless Cala turned to gaze at the infinite darkness beyond their Pesquisa they knew held all the width and breadth of Hueco-Mundo Masked Cala said nothing and simply inclined their head, being the first to speak.

"We have a bit to discuss."

Maskless Cala would nod, making a small sound of confirmation, before they both spoke at once.

"Y-You felt it too?"

"I'm sure you've felt it."

While any other series of two beings might apologize, might flounder for the other to go ahead, and the two nodded as they both understood the other perfectly. Though this time only the Masked Cala would speak as they paced upon the dune, arms laced behind their back in thought.

"Though we have both seen much in the Mortal World, and you have certainly been more active, I have been digging into the depths of ourselves, seeing what I could find and understanding about our being. It has been enlightening..... to say the least."

There was a brief tensing of Masked Cala's shoulders before they heaved a heavy sigh as their physical body mimicked the motion. When they resumed speaking their voice was tinged ever so softly with reluctance.

"Would you.... like the larger discoveries laid out first or the smaller ones?"

Maskless Cala tilted their head and thought, bringing a hand to their chin.

"W-Well.... I've also learned some things so... maybe we just start with the smaller stuff and go errr.... up from there?"

Masked Cala nodded and extended a hand, their physical body mimicking the action outside of their mind, and within both Masked Cala's hand and the hand of their physical body, a tiny Garganta would split open. Fade would emerge from it and Maskless Cala would blink in a sort of hollow surprise. (Pun not intended)

"Oh! I think... I umm understand what this one will be...."

Masked Cala nodded and moved their hand above the Garganta, drawing Fade from within it's depths, and would continue.

"I believe one of our unique traits since... becoming ourselves.... is that we have something of a personal Garganta. I have my theories as to why that is but.... for now.... we at least know the source of our Fade. What that might mean though..... well... remains to be seen."

Maskless Cala would nod, smile softly, and bring their hands to their chest.

"Good job! I was still wondering about that one s-since I don't fight...."

Masked Cala would close the Garganta with a gentle motion and, returning their hands to being laced behind their back, would consider for a moment.

"The second, I fear, has to do with that. You... won't like it....."

Maskless Cala's smile fell and they nodded, their hands nervously wringing together in front of them, before they looked down.

"Y-You're going to say I need to learn to fight in this form, a-aren't you?""

Masked Cala nodded, while Maskless Cala winced softly. Both speaking in low, serious tones of voice at once.

"There will be foes who surprise us eventually, those we will not have time for you to change against-...."

"I-I just worry about getting us hurt a-and messing up. I've never been the good one at fighting and-....."

Both went silent for a long moment, both diverting their 'eyes' away from the other before Masked Cala simply stated.

"I am sure you are aware that my time in control has not been ALL fighting, correct?"

Maskless Cala would nod before they continued.

"I am learning to speak and decipher sociability, which you are much greater at than myself, and do you deny my earlier point?"

Maskless Cala shook their head, raising it to look at their other, before pursing their lips and replying.

"N-No. I... I guess I could try. Does.... Does this have anything to do with my first one? That we've been... growing more distinct?"

Masked Cala nodded, before motioning to their other.

"Draw Ceniza, I feel it is the best possible example for what we will discuss next."

In one identical motion would the two draw Ceniza within their mind, one a chipped and grey weapon of Western design, seemingly of ancient providence. The other a slim, deft Katana of Eastern make, unmarred and unblemished by combat. With both selves looking at their blade, one studying it visually with their eyes while the other narrowed their senses upon it, Masked Cala would state.

"I do not believe our blade, which is also a reflection of ourselves, taking differing shapes is a mistake or an accident. We are the same, yet different, two halves of the same coin as mortals say. You are also closer to the present, more sociable, able to navigate the world."

Maskless Cala would nod and exhale softly out of their nose, turning the katana over and over in their hands, before lowering it and tilting their head.

"You think we'll develop differently?"

Masked Cala sighed and nodded, but then also shook their head.

"I think... this leads into the next point. Have you felt... anything else.... with us? ANYONE else?"

Maskless Cala's eyes widened, before they shook their head, and they looked around. Seeing nothing but the dune their Pesquisa sensed, the sand and the two Cala's with their shadows in the midst of Hueco Mundo.

"N..... Noooo?"

Masked Cala exhaled gently out their nose and nodded, once.

"It would seem we are growing closer to what our kin refer to as a 'Ressurreccion, or Ressurrection. I feel it, presently, like a growing pressure behind.... where my eyes should be."

Maskless Cala grimaced, the hand not holding their Ceniza raising to touch by their eyes softly, and Masked Cala would wave a hand.

"I believe we will develop differently, but I believe it is through me we will reach Ressurreccion. Though after a-a lot of thought...."

Masked Cala stammered, an act they rarely ever copied from their other, their usually stoic features softening into a small amount of remorse. Only for them to bow their head to their Maskless self and Maskless Cala would startle in embarrassment.

"E-Eh!? You don't... h-have to do that! We're the same person!"

Masked Cala, upon straightening, would grimace softly, and inhale deeply.

"... after much thought I owe you an apology. Once we..... I... believed I was our true self. Do you remember that conversation?"

Maskless Cala nodded, slowly, before tilting their head a tiny bit.

"W-What are you saying?"

Masked Cala would sigh and sit, crossed-legged on the dune, before resting Ceniza across their lap while Maskless Cala copied the motion they took with their physical body.

"I believe neither of us are working with the whole picture. For a reason I find as intrinsic to us as that we are one I am not the main soul within us. We both are. I am simply.... more of our Hollow..... more of... what we are now."

Maskless Cala blinked, slowly, before shaking their head.

"I don't understand...."

Masked Cala sat their, frozen for a long moment, their body tensing, their throat working in a slow, swallowing motion, before they gently raised one hand and, claws scraping the edge of their mask, slowly, achingly slowly, ripped and tore at their mask. Maskless Cala would reach out, attempting to protest, but Masked Cala simply slid the mask down at one corner. Blood running down their ashen, dead forehead under matted, dark hair as an eye the hue of milk and death laboriously peered at their other self over the top of the mask as they murmured.

"Something.....I believe... influenced us becoming an Arrancar."

Replacing the mask Masked Cala would inhale softly, clenching their hand to hold the blood in their palm, as in the physical world their body had raised that same hand to dig their nails into their forehead and torn at their skin until it bled.

"I've no idea what it may be, or why I feel this, but while our blade may take different forms I believe our abilities may also differ. What this may mean for our Ressurreccion... I do not know. Regardless, please, train yourself. Perhaps this Saiko you are so focused on could help you? She is stronger than us....."

Maskless Cala would bite their lip, a flurry of emotions seizing their chest, before they drew in a shaky breathe and nodded, quickly, all but huffing out.

"I-I'll.... ask.... I don't want to get her into trouble w-with the Gotei. Training an Arrancar-..."

Masked Cala nodded.

"I know....."

Maskless Cala nodded, more slowly, and would exhale shakily and glance down at Ceniza before rubbing their face and asking softly.

"S-Speaking of Saiko..... how was your time... with Aina........?"

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