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Thu Jan 12, 2023 9:31 am


Enter Aiko's Post

Aaaaaaaaa~ Love was terrific. All the lovely couples were grooving about in the park below for some couples' festival. Dancing, eating, walking around, and even lazing about in the cool fall-like breeze in winter. They did not care for the world around them, but why would you have one when you are high on the most incredible natural drug the human body could produce?

Hm, hm, hm.

The blood eye of Aiko observed from a bench nearby as there seemed to be no one around her for the time being. And probably for a good reason? She had streaks of blood scooping up random pieces of bread and other food thrown away from the guests in the massive park and feeding them to different types of birds gathered around her—a peculiar sight for a strange girl, perhaps.

Nope, Aiko wasn't prepared for all these people. Usually, the park was empty around the afternoon, with everyone busy at work, school, kids, and such. She just wanted to get some air, breathe and be somewhere safe, and this sight was vexing as brief memories of her failed relationship briefly played in her head. One could perhaps bring up gloomy feelings, but her bug eyes lightened up as she felt something or someone approaching. Then, after looking around for a few seconds, a confused look came across her face, and she looked back behind her.

"...who goes there? You startled me..."

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