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Sun Feb 05, 2023 8:02 am
The Koizumi Family X7XqS85

When one speaks of the Great Noble Houses of the Seireitei, the Koizumi family are certainly the family least often thought of. Compared to the other families which hold that most prestigious of noble ranks, they have few accolades to their name, and use their exceptional wealth and prestige for seemingly little beyond comfortable and quiet life behind the walls of their estate. The Koizumi have historically produced no Captains of the Gotei United, or even Vice Captains, and their position in political maneuvering has often been looked at as simply being pushed around by the other Great Noble Houses.

All of this, of course, is exactly what the Koizumi family has cultivated.

The Koizumi family is a house which has always aimed to be forgotten, to be a name that few in the Soul Society know offhand. They are willing to let the others of the Great Noble Houses receive glory and talk, as attention, good or bad, paints a target on one’s back. Behind the mask they have maintained as meek and unassuming nobles, the truth of the Koizumi family is that it is a bloodline which has created countless styles of hakuda across generations. The overwhelming majority of techniques now seen in everyday standardized hakuda were likely first developed in one of the 108 dojos of the Koizumi estate–though, of course, they would never dare to make that claim openly.


Unlike most of the noble families of the Seireitei, which tend to organize their families into bloodlines, the Koizumi family has maintained a system of 108 dojos, each maintaining their style and passing it from one master to the next. While these schools are often passed from parent to child, it is not unheard of for a childless master to adopt a child from another dojo, and raise them as their own successor. Even leadership of the Koizumi family is maintained not through bloodline succession, but through leadership of the dojos. At any time, a master of a Koizumi dojo may challenge the current family head to take the position.

○ Kyokushuretsu Kongou Ken (極数裂金剛拳): The Immeasurable Rending Vajra Fist, this style has maintained leadership of the Koizumi family for thousands of years. A style defined by mastery of rotating one’s own spiritual energy, and ripping the energy from the bodies of others, it is a brutal and unforgiving school. The school’s only member is Koizumi Shishiyuki, the Koizumi family’s current head.

○ Hōō Kanmuri Ken (鳳凰冠拳): The Fenghuang's Crown Fist is one of the five styles of the Koizumi which are distinct for their reliance on elemental-aligned spiritual pressure to utilize properly, the title of "Kasha" is given those capable of inheriting it. Blood evaporates at a touch and the wounds it makes are cauterized hence why the style is known as one that does not draw blood. It has only two members being Shouen no Kasha and her student, Jatouen no Kasha.


The branch families of the Koizumi are, put simply, those families which come from Koizumi stock, but which do not currently maintain one of the 108 Koizumi dojos, and similarly do not cultivate one of their styles. That is not to say these families should be underestimated, however, or treated as lesser simply because they do not bear the Koizumi name proper. The Koizumi are an insular family, after all, and those who hold their secrets are considered quite close.

○ Furukawa Family: The Furukawa are far from well known within the wider circles of Soul Society, but they have lived quietly as a lower-class noble family for many generations. In a similar vein to several of the other lower families, they can trace their origin back to a parent clan among the great noble houses and often work alongside them. For the Furukawa, this is the Koizumi Clan and it has been the honor of many of their members to serve as retainers to the most secretive of the great houses.

The Furukawa play the role of librarians and secretive lore keepers within Soul Society, having amassed an impressive collection of texts and scrolls over the centuries they have resided within it, and it is the duty of the head of house to protect this knowledge. The Furukawa Archives are located within their family estate and serve as a hub for all of this knowledge, kept hidden away from any prying eyes.

The current head of the Furukawa family is Furukawa Asami. Her heir is Furukawa Asuka, her younger sister.

○ Tamabuki Family: The Tamabuki family is generally considered by outsiders to be one of the lowest branches among the members of the Koizumi. They lack fame among their noble peers and residents of Soul Society, even when compared to the Koizumi on the whole. However, members of the family can be located nearly everywhere, nearly always in a position concerning finances. Their lack of presence comes from their role as bookkeepers and secretaries, usually seen as simple helpers for other Nobles and not worth notice beyond their financial acumen. Their lack of actual fighting prowess leave them with little beyond their vast wells of knowledge and well-kept records of tax information, budgets, and other information that most would find nearly impenetrable to try and read.

The current head of the Tamabuki Clan is Tamabuki Iwai, having recently taken the position from his late father. As such, there is no currently designated successor for the position.


○ Main House Members:
Koizumi Shishiyuki: Family head and master of the Kyokushuretsu Kongou Ken dojo. Vice Captain of the Gotei United’s 7th Division.
Jatouen no Kasha: Current successor to the Hōō Kanmuri Ken dojo. Member of the Gotei United’s 8th Division.

○ Branch Members:
Furukawa Asami: Head of the Furukawa family. 5th Seat of the Gotei United’s 5th Division.
Tamabuki Yuujin: Member of the Tamabuki family. Student of former Gotei captain Shaoling.

○ Exiled Members:
Koizumi Midori: Younger sister of Koizumi Shishiyuki, exiled for disgracing the Koizumi and nobility. Member of 0 Division.
Kagayaku no Murasaki: Daughter of Koizumi Midori. Does not affiliate herself with the Koizumi family in any capacity. Captain Commander of the Gotei United.

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