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Sat Mar 18, 2023 8:54 pm


Enter Aina's Post

"I just want you to be my friend."

It was simple and to that point. And to make that intention further known, she came from behind and hugged the woman as she didn't like seeing her hurt and distressed like this. Yeah, Aina figured staying around a woman like herself was a headache for the hollow, but that didn't mean she wanted her to be in pain. Aina didn't know how to remedy the situation and didn't want to make it about herself either.

So, she stood there and held her momentarily before sighing and nodding once she heard that the woman needed a drink. Then, stopping her movement, Aina would get in front of the woman, hold her shoulder, and nod, showing her own sadness for the situation since she couldn't hide that disappointment in herself.

"Just...stay there. I'll get you a drink. Don't go."

And with that, she promptly entered the house, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and gin, a few shot glasses, and just returned and sat them out. She wasn't sure which she would prefer, so she just went back in and then grabbed a bottle of wine.

"I don't know how strong of a drink you need, but please, just sit down, and we can talk this through."

Sitting down now, Aina motioned for Verdara to do the same as she looked down at her lap.

"If you want, you can meet the other two to check them out if you want peace of mind. I would like you to meet them, at least."

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Catch up n' Sweets (Aina/Verdada ) - Page 2 Empty Re: Catch up n' Sweets (Aina/Verdada )

Sun Mar 19, 2023 9:31 am
Catch up n' Sweets (Aina/Verdada ) - Page 2 HEADER_FEZRfusaMAMcpno

Verdada couldn't help the lopsided smile that crossed her features. That same tired, worn out smile she'd seemed to have had for who knows how long. She stared at Aina as the girl slipped in behind her and wrapped their arms around her. Trying to get her to stay.

"Aina. You have friends. And I don't want to check up on whoever those two are. I don't wanna meet them. I don't ...." She rubbed her eyes slowly and sighed as the girl just did not understand. Letting her hand fall to her side, she stared calmly at the girl and let out a slow sigh. "You're being you. At this point, You are your own self. I'm just a reminder of the past you left behind. And you're a reminder of the past I'd rather forget..." She murmured quietly, "You arne't doing anything wrong kid. You're living your life. Yu're making friends. I'm the one jumping at shadows.The one who can't move on...." She closed her eyes and slowly rubbed at her eyelids.

"I tried real hard to separate you from who you were. But I can't. Every little slip up. Every issue. I see Algos. And I fear that she'll come back. But that's not fair to you." She murmured quietly as the air tore itself apart around her. A garganta slowly starting to swallow her up. Robbing Aina of the ability to go trying to cling to her again.

"This isn't goodbye. But ..... I think I need.. ..... to be alone for a while Kiddo. And I think with your new friends looking after you. I think nows the best time to do that." She murmured softly, turning her back on Aina, and attempting to close the garganta behind her.
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