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Three's a Crowd [Hyosuke/Hana/Kaito/Hiroe] Empty Three's a Crowd [Hyosuke/Hana/Kaito/Hiroe]

Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:12 pm


Enter Hyosuke's Post

Hyosuke idly studied the lesson plan he had been created for today, Benicho Kogo leaning against the chair he sat in, one hand cradling the scroll while the other gingerly brought a cup of hot tea to his lips. The saccharine taste of honey and jasmine meeting his lips as he swallowed the drink, a pleasant burn alighting his throat before he let out a content sigh. He had made some minor adjustments to the dojo for the trio that should be joining him today and he had even prepared something in the training yard if they felt particularly energetic today.

Granted, Hyosuke had made sure to send Hana and Kaito reminders about how he had planned for the training today to be particularly strenuous. Something that was, no doubt, making Hana some combination of eager and dread-filled. Whether both at once or more than one over the other well.... he may be smart but he was not a mind-reader. That particular combination would be up to Hana's turtle-y mind to come up with. As for their friend Hiroe he had done some precursory study of the girl. She seemed both very proficient for an Academy student but also rather.... amusing. Quite the stubborn princess so that should make her interesting to deal with.

As for Kaito Hyosuke found himself with much more firm expectation of the Rukongai resident. In a manner of speaking Kaito would be outright assisting Hyosuke with his teaching today, whether the boy knew it or not, he simply needed Kaito to be himself. A fact that Hyosuke had quite a bit of faith in where this particular student concerned. Whether or not Hyosuke had a particular soft spot for Kaito yet was hard to say as of yet but he did truly appreciate his honest demeanor.

All that being said after looking over the plan Hyosuke would set the scroll aside, taking one last drink of tea, before he set the cup aside as well. With that done Hyosuke would stand and begin to roll out mats over the two areas he had cleared specifically for rectangular sparring areas inside the dojo. One was to be for Hana and Kaito while the other he would handling Hiroe on himself. As the newest student he at least wanted to see how she operated personally and get a hands-on grasp of just where her skills lie. Grades, reports and the like painted a vague picture but he was much more a fan of life-like portraits of the skills of another.

With that done, and everything in place in the training yard already, all that remained was to wait and see which of them arrived first. Though he supposed there existed the possibility Hana and Hiroe traveled together or, even, that all three came together in one group. Regardless Hyosuke genuinely smiled a bit, laced his arms behind his back, and simply waited for their arrival. He was more than a bit eager to get started and his singular crimson eye gleamed with energy and zeal for the day's training.

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Thu Mar 16, 2023 9:31 pm
Three's a Crowd [Hyosuke/Hana/Kaito/Hiroe] Hana_PostingHeader5
Enter: Hana Aoyama

The early morning sun, crisp air, and birds tweeting in the trees. It was such a beautiful day! ... For anyone but Hana. Her alarm went off at a time she did not like. And having completely forgotten why she set it, she fell back asleep for an extra thirty minutes, only to have a second alarm startle her back to life. Realizing why the second one went off, she checked the clock and knew she was going to be late meeting Hiroe. Hana had invited Hiroe to train with her under Hyosuke, so they were meeting somewhere near his dojo. And of course, for the first time ever, she was going to be late! However, if she was quick enough, she'd be on time for training.

When she finally arrived to meet Hiroe, she slid to a stop near her friend from a fully sprint. "I... am... so-so sorry!" Hana said through deep breaths, trying to catch hers. Her hair was barely brushed and was wet from showering. She also had zero makeup on, not even a light layer, which was a rare sight to see. "Paperwork ran late for my last patrol, so I was exhausted. I cannot wait to share the sto-..." Hana seemed to realize something and face palmed. "He's probably heard. He's definitely going to pick on me... If he picks up the broom, I will start spreading mean rumors about his hygiene, or maybe even about our creepy, little 'date'..."

Hana sighed and looked to Hiroe with a wide smile and went in for a hug. "Missed you!" Hana said. "Are you ready to meet the guy who has been helping me train? And... yes, who I told you about before. This is him, but I don't think it'll be safe to bring that up. It was an embarrassing night for the both of us." Hana tried laughing it off and then began leading Hiroe toward the dojo. It wasn't a long walk, and since she had run all the way here, refused to eat, and barely did her hair, Hana had made it right on time... Now she just hoped Hyosuke would make a good impression.

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Sun Mar 19, 2023 6:57 am
Three's a Crowd [Hyosuke/Hana/Kaito/Hiroe] XmZbQZY


"Someone's late~"

For that veneer of nobility Hana liked to wear, Hiroe couldn't help but humor her spirits whenever the woman slipped up, like an younger sister who made humor at the expense of their older sister for messing up. Hiroe had arrived early due to the importance of today, for the two of them among others would be meeting Hyosuke Niyagata. The man who had been training and teaching Hana. Already, she's wondering about whether or not he is handsome to look at it, additional wonder thereafter tailored toward her interest in his capability.

She'll take training when she can find it, to be sure, but obviously it'd be no fun if he possessed the same skills as her teachers at the academy, yeah? Life was like a game, and it was better to turn everything up to hard mode. Either way, the highlight of today is chuckling at Hana's unkempt appearance and her lack of makeup! Well, even without makeup, she was still rather pretty. Reaching in to ruffle her hair during her hug, she would walk alongside the woman as she led her to their next location.

"Of course I am! You've told me a little about the guy before, so I'm a little excited to see what he's all about! Hopefully, he won't scold you too much, but if he does... It'll be kinda' funny," she quipped, following behind the woman as they made their way to the dojo."

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Wed Mar 22, 2023 8:35 pm
Three's a Crowd [Hyosuke/Hana/Kaito/Hiroe] TPy8WTV


His next training session with Hyosuke was already going to be with another of his students, someone named Hana. He remembered her being mentioned a few times in passing during the first meeting, but there wasn't much he knew about her. He was a little worried, suddenly being put into a session with another person so quickly, but, he figured, or at least hoped that Hyosuke knew what he was doing.

As he made his way to Hyosuke's dojo, notably earlier than his apparent training partner, Kaito sat down in the dojo, taking a bit of time to meditate and try to connect with his Zanpakuto. While he wasn't surprised at how long it was taking, it still didn't ease how frustrating it was. But, nevertheless, he needed to be patient -- that was to be expected, wasn't it?

He did not, however, expect Hiroe to be there. He knew that she had been in better spirits lately, barging into his dorm room unprompted to declare her triumph and victory at learning her Zanpakuto's name. While at first surprised, it quickly turned into a mutual joy. He was elated to see that she was feeling better, and that she had made such a breakthrough.

So, maybe this wouldn't be all that bad after all.

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