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Fri Apr 21, 2023 9:43 pm
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Despite the intensity of Mizu's outburst, Rukia found herself smiling rather than being especially irritated. Why should she be annoyed, after all? That was the sort of thing she'd have done, back when she was younger. It was exactly why she'd been interested in bringing this young shinigami on board, and so without any hesitation, Rukia responded, her voice more firm now as at least a bit of the weight on her shoulders seemed to be lifted.

"I'm glad to hear it. I'll get started on the paperwork, then. Welcome to the 2nd Division, Vice Captain."

Standing from her seat, Rukia reached over the desk to offer a handshake to the newest member of her division. She had high hopes for Mizu, though she was a little too jaded to say that openly these days. She was used to being disappointed, and while she didn't expect that out of Mizu, she didn't want to jinx anything.

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Sun Apr 23, 2023 10:25 am
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Even with her heart still beating rapidly, Mizu was no longer a little girl meeting an idol. She was a grown woman, ready to tackle a new challenge and opportunity head on. A sense of pride welled up inside of her, a pride she had not felt since graduating from the Shin'o Academy. My family isn't going to believe this!!! she thought, still barely containing herself.

Mizu stood and accepted her new Captain's hand in her own. An odd thought flashed through her mind as she realized her and Rukia would probably be the smallest Captain-Vice Captain duo in Gotei history. With one final bow Mizu turned and gleefully rushed from the office, not knowing what to do with herself now. "I should tell Captain Ōtoribashi-sama....I hope Kyo-san gets my seat!" Mizu practically skipped back to the Eighth Division barracks.

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