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Sat Apr 29, 2023 8:53 am
Hot Hands and Bread (Kazuya/Abalia) AUEAbpT


Flames roared, scorching the already blackened hearth with fiery. However, those roars were met with the heavy thud and ping and metal against metal as a shining hammer swung rhythmically with the heat's song. Nothing seemed capable of disturbing the powerful scene of manly determination, until something rattled the whole of the room, a fiery even greater than the chamber's booming.

"Kazuya! We're out of bread! Get out of that stupid furnace and go to the bakery!"

The only thing louder than a raging inferno proved the unkempt temper of a little sister's ire. Kazuya could not understand her necessity that he be the one to acquire common goods, especially when he's busy with work, but as he came out and met with harsh contempt for his introvertish ways, he sort of understood her qualms. That doesn't mean he particularly enjoyed being disturbed. Just because he's been locked away for a month, surviving on her dropping food at the corner of his workshop's door doesn't mean he needs to get out and meet nature. The Rukongai is rarely nature this days anyway, not with modernization taking place.

Then, she hit him with the fact he has not visited nor relayed a message to Miss Kyoraku since he began his current project. It seems becoming something of a secret operative had given his sister a way with stringing her words together so that they sting more than molten metal in his eye, but he understood why the bakery of all places. His large frame carried him towards the one place he knew he'd find her.

Of course, his large frame and horns made it difficult to enter the bakery, but he made due with a bit of sideways fidgeting here and there. Already his nerves are getting the better of him as he found himself the center of attention, his bulky frame dressed with soot and ash. He did not give himself a deep clean, for he knew he'd simply be returning to his work once home. His only goal is bread and to share the good news that he still lived with the one who just as much as his sister. For that, he kept himself to a corner and busied himself bending a small amount of metal as the line moved along.

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