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Tue May 30, 2023 10:03 pm

Whiterose Foundation & Subsidiaries LfZ6Doc

Whiterose Foundation & Subsidiaries

Founded shortly before the start of World War 4, the Whiterose Foundation & Subsidiaries (WRFS) was born from an amalgamation of several smaller companies focused on the security industry. From weaponry to mercenaries, they were able to process more services together than they could have managed alone and made significant fiscal gains during an age of global warfare. Under the sound financial management of their founder and CEO, William Curry, the Foundation rapidly expanded its influence across northern Europe and is often considered a local rival to the globally dominant Duvalier Group.

With offices in dozens of major cities across the length of northern Europe, from Paris to St Petersburg, there are upwards of three thousand employees spread across these branches and working in a variety of fields. Approximately one-third of these are mercenaries, bodyguards, and assorted security professionals. These could be considered as a militant force if required, but are generally contracted out for work by any of the Foundation's countless clients.

The current focus for WRFS seems to be expanding into the United Kingdom. Once a hotspot for Demons, the country is currently in a vulnerable state and the company is interested in propping up local government before other outside influences, such as the Duvalier Group, dig their claws in too deep.

Company Benefits

Tactical Equipment: From small arms to high-grade munitions, the Whiterose Foundation is a front-running company in the fields of Arms and Security. Outside of the most specialised military technologies, anything that one can imagine can be sourced and shipped to many locations across the civilised world.

Financial Support: Staff, especially members of the Board, are paid a generous wage whilst associates can be compensated handsomely for their services. The war economy is one that always pays well and, with the recent world war and the ongoing collapse of Vastime, business is booming.

Business Expenses: From personal transportation to dental care, there is no shortage of perks that the company provides to its dedicated employees. WRFS takes good care of its people and does what it can to ensure that all employees are covered for any reasonable expenses that might occur during their work as part of Whiterose.

Networking: Well respected in their home theatre, and looking to expand to the global market, members of WRFS can expect doors to open for them to meet influential players across the world. It should be noted that those who tarnish this good reputation may find their contracts do not get renewed after the annual review.

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: W. A. R. Curry [Class 7 // Hazard C]
Chairman: NPC - Open to applications.
Chief Technical Officer: NPC - Open to applications.


Khaana Sar [Class 7 // Hazard E]

Application Template

Applying to become a member of the board will require various screening and background checks to be carried out. Prospective applicants will also need to pass an interview and be voted in by a majority of current board members.

Whiterose Foundation Template

Name: (Name please)
Application Link: (At least a basic WIP is required.)

Desired Position: (Company Staff and Associates need not specify an exact position. Prospective members of the board may choose to apply for either a vacant position, suggest their own position, or act as a generic director.)

References: (Why do you want to join the WRFS family?)

[b][u]Whiterose Foundation Template[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] (Name please)
[b]Application Link:[/b] (At least a basic WIP is required.)

[b]Desired Position:[/b] (General company staff and associates need not specify an exact position. Prospective members of the board may choose to apply for either a vacant position, suggest their own position, or act as a generic director.)

[b]References:[/b] (Why do you want to join the WRFS family?)

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