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Seeking a Second Opinion [Shura/Byakuya] - Page 2 Empty Re: Seeking a Second Opinion [Shura/Byakuya]

Fri Sep 29, 2023 4:48 pm

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Shura's brows had furrowed a bit when he began to first speak again, incapable of... The nerve! She almost felt like snapping on him, whether it be word or sword she didn't care. However hearing him out fully gave her pause, though at first it was due to the notion that he should have already witnessed the strength she spoke of. However his last few words really struck a nerve within Shura, a child!? Once again her hands balled into fists, as her teeth gritted together. "Excuse me?! A what!? I'm not depen-"

Then it hit her like a freight train going max speed, her eyes widened mostly at her own words. Dependent... on the strength of another... How could she have been so utterly stupid? How could she have been so blind to the truth? He was entirely right... She hadn't fought with her own strength since... since she had obtained her Bankai. Prior to Hitoshi's birth she had no interest in Bankai, she... had no need for it. But what about now? Basically every fight she got into... that was her first resort.

Her thoughts kept her silent for almost a full minute before her eyes finally closed again and she spoke "I... You're right... I've been so blind all this time, I'd lost sight of everything I'd strived for... Everything I'd fought for. Thank you, Kuchiki-sama, for opening my eyes." As she thanked him, she stood but first and foremost to give Byakuya a respectful and deep bow.

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Seeking a Second Opinion [Shura/Byakuya] - Page 2 Empty Re: Seeking a Second Opinion [Shura/Byakuya]

Sun Oct 01, 2023 4:32 am
Seeking a Second Opinion [Shura/Byakuya] - Page 2 Byakuya_PostingHeader5
Byakuya Kuchiki

Shura’s outburst stirred his guards. Each had their hands on their zanpakuto, but a quick hand gesture from Byakuya stopped them. They froze in place, watching Shura closely. Byakuya stared at the woman before him, his gaze cold. It was clear how much effort Shura had been putting into controlling her behavior up until that point. Luckily for her, something clicked at the right time and she stopped.

The silence was welcoming; Shura talked too much. When she finally awoke from her thoughts, Byakuya stood and watched her find a piece of something. The woman thanked him and bowed, and Byakuya only stared. “You will be escorted out of my manor; I have things to attend to.” A wave of his hand and his guards calmed. “Handle your mess, Shura Kurata.” Byakuya turned and walked out of the room.

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