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What Are the Chances? [Akira/Mirai/Hana] - Page 3 Empty Re: What Are the Chances? [Akira/Mirai/Hana]

Sat Oct 28, 2023 9:34 am
What Are the Chances? [Akira/Mirai/Hana] - Page 3 I?id=bd83d221d91ee22b041397fdd0519e179cff8148-9181148-images-thumbs&n=13


There it was, fading of Hollow energy only indicated his executioner was advancing on his location, Akira didn’t want her to draw the blade nor be in a situation of where the unfair Gotei would see her tortured, interrogation or otherwise. It was not a good situation, though bringing it into reality was even more difficult, so the man decided to act of his own term. Each hand raised to undo the overcoat around his waist, tossing it to the right.

"I’ve no time as of current to elaborate on who, those around wouldn’t believe you a conspirator. The more you know about me, the more your situation escalates. You need to smear my blood on your blade, use my cloak, claim we fought and I fled.

Akira claimed firmly before half turning away from Hana.

"I’ll find you another time and elaborate on it all, though I don’t think it is wise for me to remain, less you wish to elaborate why you healed an enemy of the Gotei. I wish they would understand you had no idea, truly. This is me being as kind and as merciful as possible.

Akira claimed almost factually as he began to walk away, unless Hana intervened did the man intent to Shunpo from this current location to disappear.


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What Are the Chances? [Akira/Mirai/Hana] - Page 3 Empty Re: What Are the Chances? [Akira/Mirai/Hana]

Sat Oct 28, 2023 9:51 am
What Are the Chances? [Akira/Mirai/Hana] - Page 3 Hana_PostingHeader21
Enter: Hana Aoyama

Hana was stunned to silence, a glance to Akira’s overcoat being the only move she made before he disappeared. If she believed his words, he was trying to protect her. He even gave her a way of hiding the truth, but it felt wrong. A part of her wanted to stop him from running, a way of protecting herself from what may come next, but she stayed silent. Akira shunpo’d away and vanished. Hana assumed he was moving as fast as he possibly could. She looked to the coat and reached out to pick it up, but hesitated. She stared for a few seconds until finally grabbing it, but as she did so, a shadow loomed over her. She looked over her shoulder.

"Where is he?" Mirai, the fellow shinigami that had taken care of the hollow, finally showed up and was looking for Akira. Hana saw the intense look in her eyes and turned to face her, his bloodied cloak hanging from her shaky grip. "Well, he left..."

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