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Sat Oct 28, 2023 1:33 am
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Neighborhood Brat

Dusk was finally setting throughout the streets of the City of Light. To and fro went the citizens, spending their time doing relatively nothing of importance. Really, most people in the world were doing just that. Biding their time, day by day, doing whatever it was that they found interesting. Eiji felt that he was different, his fingers gently pulling at the fringe of his shirt. Crouched, the boy stood outside a non-descript building on a non-descript street. The City was full of life, why was it that he felt so out of place?

Trying his best to look past what felt like a sense loneliness ever since Natasha had kept herself hidden away in the hospital, Eiji sighed and started to unpeel a chocolate that emerged from his pocket. The day had been filled with the usual work at the department store he had recently be hired to, his first paycheck finally coming in that day. Putting aside a majority of it, Eiji spent the day making sure he'd refill the house with the necessities for the trio of a family he had joined. Despite that, the lack of his two family members, for the sake of phrasing, weighed heavy on him. Going from what felt like being alone to finding a family of his own was nice, the jarring silence of the street reminding him of his current situation.


Eiji popped the chocolate into his mouth and mimicked the gentle wind that traced the fringe of his hair. The cool night was reminding him that it was just about time to get on home. With what little he had done in the day, his first real day off felt like yet another peg leaving him on the wrong side of the situation at hand. Oh well, he thought. Without giving it much more though, the boy stood up and stretched, his body convulsing abnormally as he stepped away from the store.

"Guess I'll call it for the day."

Rubbing at his nose, Eiji turned about-face and started along the sidewalk. Despite the time of day, the City seemed to have quite a few people walking out at night. Must be a safe place, best to keep to himself. Don't know what he might fight himself in at a time like this.

That'd be for the best, he thought.

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Tue Nov 07, 2023 8:36 pm
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The night was the best time for crime. A dangerous game of theft and illegal activities. Night was great for bringing out the worst in people when they thought they could get away with it. Laylah enjoyed the way the darkness did that to people, one just had to distinguish the wolves from the sheep. There was a sheep right now.

Laylah cocked her head as she approached without any strong pressure, she was the type of person that existed amongst the crowd rather than stood out. A slight bump into the little boy that went to stand and bump into him with a sheepish smile to draw his attention to her features like it'd keep his attention on her pretty visage instead of her deft hands picking the wallet right out of his pocket.

"Sorry about that. I'm such a klutz."

Now she'd be on her merry way with her prize.


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