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Mon Oct 30, 2023 4:49 am
I. Basic Information

» Name: Stella Bauer
» Alias: N/A for now
» Age: 20
» Gender: Female
» Association: None yet

» Appearance Written: She's 5'5 while being fairly built for her build due to her upbringing. She has short red hair and blue eyes.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality: Stella is a determined, and hard headed girl. She enjoys training, but she doesn't let that interfere with personal relationships if she can help it. She's carefree unless angry, and for the most part she's never met a stranger. She's very talkative, and likes to meet new people. especially those thst are spiritually aware, and have more experience than her so she can get an idea of what everyone is like. She's smarter than she looks, but she doesn't really like for people to know thst. She enjoys having fun, but she does still want to make herself known as a quincy!

» Likes: Puppies, exercise, kittens, family, fighting, protecting the weak

» dislikes: insects of any kind and hollows

I. History
Stella Bauer History: Stella was born into a small village at the base of a large mountain. Her family has been lumberjacks and the guardians of the village for generations. She was a half blood quincy from her mother's side, and her father's family has been carpenters and wood workers forever. Her upbringing was a good one, and being the oldest her father did take her out and teach her how to truly use an axe. While her mother taught her about her quincy Haritage once she got to 7 years old. Her mother quickly realized that Stella was able to pick up on quincy abilities very fast and seemed to have a natural talent for them. Her 2 younger siblings named(Wanna give me some name reccomendations?) Grew up in a similar way but neither of them were as gifted as she when it came to learning her Quincy powers. She had quickly combined the two things thar she knew most about, and her spirit weapon became a two handed axe made of reiatsu. The bow didn't really fit her style, and she was naturally rather strong. Her fsthers genetics, and working in the woods from a young age had led the girl to become physically very strong. So, when she would kill hollows she would use thst strength to her advantage.

Due to the location hollows will occasionally to attack, but it's never at z regular frequency. However, they do still happen and Stella got her first hollow kill at the age of 13. During her teenage years she would have to commute to a town closer to her to do anything school related. Bringing us to today. After finishing school, and fully working with her father she got no aarisfaction from cutting trees anymore. Also she's gotten alot more into her heritage, and decided she wanted to make a name for herself as a quincy. Her mother and father approved of this as her little brothers can take care of the business, but Stella still needs to find other quincies.
I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities: Above average in physical Strength and speed. She's also naturally talented at Blut as a whole. including arterie and Vene.
During her quincy training Stella was taught how to use blut vene first when it appeared that she could use it. Shortly after learning how to use blut vene she was able to learn how to pick up using blut arterie to make herself a bit stronger when she was fighting hollows. Only one hollow that she had encountered thus far required her to use blut vene to avoid serious damage. However, she does struggle to switch between the two mid fight when it's needed.
Growing up around and in the woods had made Stella much more aware of her surroundings. Once there had been a few hollows working together to try to set an ambush for the quincies that lived in the village. However, Stella felt something was off, and had her father take the day off work. She and her mother had taken out the small group of hollows, and no one had gotten hurt

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:
grade 1:
glitz, Wolke

Blut: Vene, Arterie

I. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: (none yet)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: A 2 handed battle axe
» Spirit Weapon Abilities: (none yet)
I. Quincy Release

» Letzt Stil or Vollständig: (none yet)

» Name: [What is your quincy's release state called, if they have named it. Remove if not.]

» Appearance:
» Abilities:

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your character has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: beginner
» Speed: beginner
» Strength: beginner
» Martial Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
» Willpower: beginner
» Deduction: beginner
» Focus: Adept

Quincy Skills
» Blut: Adept
» Gebet: Beginner
» Kreuzen: beginner
» Steigen: Beginner

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