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Tue Jan 16, 2024 5:11 pm

"I dunno, you seemed like you were busy with all those women and your cushy job... You could have just been training on how to write your name." Yuuki elbowed Kohaku. "But I guess I've been busy doing other things too, so it probably evens out—in my favor, of course. Recently learned some interesting first aid stuff, so that's cool." The two went quiet as they approached the restaurant.

Not knowing what to order, Yuuki ordered the same thing. If there was one thing they did not question Kohaku on it was choice of food. Yuuki wasn't much of a foodie, but they did enjoy food—and Kohaku hadn't steered them wrong yet. "Tired of standing." Yuuki's answer was followed by them finding a place to sit away from the main entrance and any other patrons. Yuuki's feet dangled from the high chairs, and they took advantage of this and their energy to kick their legs back and forth. "So, like, what do you do? You said you had a good job, but what is it?"


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Thu Jan 18, 2024 2:15 am
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Kohaku Okumura

Unlike the midget, Kohaku did not have to kick his legs back and forth. He could reach the ground like a ‘big boy.’ Kohaku noticed the kicking legs and decided not to say anything, though there was a quick snort. He rubbed the back of his head at Yuuki's question... He wasn't gonna lie again; he'd get caught.

"Eh, mostly security for high end restaurants, inns, bars, gambling houses... So, high end security. I can get placed in different places depending on customer need," Kohaku said. To him, that was a damn good job. He met people, saw different things, was paid well. "Why? What are you doin' for a job then?"

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