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Midnight Duel [Veralia/Kanako] - Page 2 Empty Re: Midnight Duel [Veralia/Kanako]

Wed May 01, 2024 11:05 am


Enter Veralia's Post

Closing her eyes, Veralia slowed down the perception of time and could feel her contempt brewing. There was seething envy over the other woman's strength, and appearance, and the ability to keep up with her grew irritating. Rather than fight this feeling, she used it to amplify her envious flame as a large cluster of emerald fire-forged in the center of her horns.

A deep, growl filled with venomous intent echoed in the landscape following this. Claws and fangs extended from her mouth and finger-tips; giving the woman a more demonic appearance before she screeched

"Cero Inferno Envidioso"

Screaming that into the heavens, she charged it with her all-envious loathing and covered the entire night sky in its grasp. And toward the relampago cero, she sought to have them collide and become vaporized as the two would make the ground and heavens become drenched in flame. As the two other ceros and balal's swelled toward Veralia, the firey landscape remained in tact and she would have a wave of fire shield herself from them as a deafening boom grumbled in the area.

As adrenaline surged through her, a sinister hiss escaped her lips, the sound of sonido punctuating the chaotic battlefield. She adeptly manipulated the debris and rubble, turning them into lethal projectiles aimed at Kanako, who was attempting to close the distance for a melee attack. Veralia's rapid movements ensured a barrage of kinetic blasts thwarted any advancement, her speed a crucial advantage in keeping the combat at her preferred range.

Amidst this frenetic exchange, another surge of energy began to build in the atmosphere, signaling that Veralia was far from done. She remained vigilant, her senses sharp and ready to react to any shift in the dynamic of their clash, preparing for whatever would come next in this high-stakes battle.

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Midnight Duel [Veralia/Kanako] - Page 2 WVMWLOu
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Midnight Duel [Veralia/Kanako] - Page 2 Empty Re: Midnight Duel [Veralia/Kanako]

Wed Jun 05, 2024 10:58 pm



Midnight Duel [Veralia/Kanako] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

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A hiss of Kanako's own escaped the large lizards lips as she considered the implications of what happened before her. Her Cero and Bala had been mitigated by Veralia. It was clever, that was certain, but Kanako knew she had to be close to overcoming the woman... Or, at least close to falling into a trap the woman had placed that Kanako had not seen. The Arrancar considered her options in the brief amount of time available to her; what could she do? Kanako couldn't help but grin as she considered a few options. She had focused on using her Relampago Cero... So why not distract Veralia with another one?

Kanako charged and shot out another Relampago Cero, pouring a bit more oomph into the attack. She was doing no more than attempting to get the woman to focus upon the dreadful attack; even if it didn't wholly work. After all, Veralia was more than aware for what tricks Kanako may try to pull out of her sleeve. Regardless, the Arrancar went forward with her assault. Using her innate ability to control lightning, Kanako attempted to get lightning to strike Veralia in at least four separate instances at nearly the same time she had unleashed her cero. She wished to catch Veralia off guard, even if just for a second.

To do so, Kanako used what she hoped was an excellent distraction of her Relampago cero, and those bolts of lightning, to snatch a handful of sand sheathe her Zanpakuto, and then use her Sonido to try and close that gap; but she would appear behind Veralia. Given Kanako's Sonido was inexpert, at least compared to Veralia's, the Arrancar was counting on that fact. Once Veralia turned to face the Arrancar, or otherwise moved, Kanako would throw that sand towards Veralia; nothing more than a momentary distraction. At the same time, Kanako began to charge up a Relampago Cero, making it look like she was going to try a point blank assault. Instead, however, while Veralia was making to otherwise prepare for a cero, Kanako would instead strike for the woman's ribs with her scale covered fist.

It was a gamble, truth be told, and one that likely would just end in Kanako getting burned with Envious flames. But, what was battle without risk? What was life without the same? Kanako wasn't sure, but there was one thing she knew; that she and Veralia would likely take this contest as long as needed. After all, only one could stand victorious.

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