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Surprise Return. (Akira/Natsumi) - Page 2 Empty Re: Surprise Return. (Akira/Natsumi)

Fri Feb 16, 2024 11:46 am
Surprise Return. (Akira/Natsumi) - Page 2 I?id=bd83d221d91ee22b041397fdd0519e179cff8148-9181148-images-thumbs&n=13


He blinked a little at Natsumi, so Natasha cared for more beyond her? Curious detail. Natasha was seemingly a caring individual, she didn’t seem controlling nor exploitative though maybe a little aloof for letting someone so young of mind out of sight for too long. Was he an accomplice? Certainly. Did it ring in his conscious? A little. Would he halt someone's desire and initiative? Never.

."Fighting seems within your alley, desk work can be dreadfully boring. Trust me I have seen more than a fair share attempt it only to get struck by lethargy. I think Natasha would be most impressed if you came out swinging, defeating bad guys. Science is also rather fun, it’s due to them we have a City on the Ocean.

Terrible strategic move in his eyes.

."Best time to get roped into either, the Vandenreich have never been better and we all are working our hardest to assure a safer, securer society. So many don’t end up homeless, hurt and free from being scared of those bad with money.

Finally reaching the large recruitment center, he gestured to it.


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Surprise Return. (Akira/Natsumi) - Page 2 Empty Re: Surprise Return. (Akira/Natsumi)

Fri Mar 22, 2024 6:30 pm
Surprise Return. (Akira/Natsumi) - Page 2 Natsumi_Posting_Header1
Enter: Natsumi Asakura

"Defeatin' bad guys..." Natsumi thought about it. Images of stopping back robbers, preventing buildings from falling, stopping a car chase, and preventing an explosion from hurting a crowd of people ran through her mind. Exciting! And she would be helping the city, right? And saving people? Maybe desk work was a boring idea... Natasha would be proud of her doing something super helpful and good.

"Yeeaah..." Natsumi's impish smile grew. She knew what she was going to do now. "You sure got a good head on those shoulders, doncha?"

Natsumi looked to the building he was gesturing to. She had been here before. Her smile widened. She knew someone inside! "Thank ya!" Natsumi saluted Akira and darted off toward the building. She knew exactly where to go now.

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