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Tue Mar 12, 2024 10:48 am
Spirit... A Subject [Akira, Mura] - Page 2 K47mTNA


When it came to inspiration, then being nagged day and night by a senile ghost wouldn’t cut it. Mura would have to sort of push Kyūken’s annoying remarks aside – after all, it was his power that enabled him to use that martial art to begin with. And Akira was swift and efficient to suddenly pull a number of other dummies to the floor, now totaling five.

Come to think of it, this idea of his resembled the use of Iaijutsu… but without the Iai in it. Nor with any Battō. It wasn’t a martial art at all – it was just as he did earlier… lifting the sword up straight, then letting his Reishi do the work. It slowly entered Harukami like a stream of electricity, running along the rusty blade and gathering wind around it – yes, he could feel it! Like pressure kept enveloping Harukami’s frame.



His Reishi finally reached some sort of ‘breaking point’ and released an explosion of wind in all directions – however, it managed to cut through only 3 dummies. The 2 remaining were simply slapped to the ground, but suffered no further injuries, and the explosion felt more... uncontrolled than before. As if it wasn’t what Mura initially desired – wind scythes that were controlled with the purpose of landing on a select few targets only. Imagine quickdrawing a revolver and shooting 5 guys in a typical Wild West setting, while your betrothed stood in their midst all bewildered and unharmed?

That was what he aimed for. But it wasn’t a martial art... it wasn’t anything he could just pick up in a day or two. And it showed on his sweating forehead.

“If I could just focus some more...” he groaned, perhaps distraught with something on his mind. Once things had settled down in his life, he had the opportunity to reflect upon his 10-year vagabond journey... and be pained at its outcome.


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Spirit... A Subject [Akira, Mura] - Page 2 Empty Re: Spirit... A Subject [Akira, Mura]

Mon Apr 01, 2024 2:11 pm
Spirit... A Subject [Akira, Mura] - Page 2 I?id=bd83d221d91ee22b041397fdd0519e179cff8148-9181148-images-thumbs&n=13


There was a level of curiosity in Mura’s overall attitude, letting out a soft hum of contemplation as the Reishi began to form across the blade. It was obvious atleast to him that whilst progress on a physical level was being offered, mentally? The human was struggling. It was then a burst of wind scattered across the realm of the chamber, three of the dummies sparking before being cut intwine! Their forms shifting across the ground, scattering about in a lazy aftermath of destruction.

Akira did not seem too bothered by the remaining two, beads of sweat forming across Mura’s forehead an thus was definitely beginning to take an overwhelming toll on his body. The old days. He reminisce for those briefest of moments about the times which he too struggled to maintain such energy, though a human, akin to a Quincy did so externally. It was different. Maybe more taxing?

."Mura. Progress not perfection. Your mind requires to relax, this does not have to be concluded within a day nor is time against you. Those who seek to advance have to have clarity of mind alongside strength of body. One without the other shall unbalance you.


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