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Sun Mar 31, 2024 3:03 pm
Mind Games (Catherine, Sabriel) - Page 3 SsMLBbB


The Arrancar had to admit that she quite liked this woman. Catherine was awfully direct, which made quite the change from many that Sabriel met. Devious too, which was another plus in the dark haired woman’s mind. In a way, she was surprised that Akira had not actually offered the redhead a job in his quest, as Sabriel was certain that there would no doubt be a place for someone with her talents. Yet, when she considered the conversation as a whole, it seemed unlikely that Catherine would take the risk. If she was trying to talk the Arrancar out of it, then she would certainly say no herself.

Sabriel listened carefully as Catherine went into detail about a mission of her own, an intriguing one by the sounds of it although the Arrancar was slightly amused, returning to her previous thoughts for a second. Still, if Catherine believed it was worth the risk then the dark haired woman was willing to take her word on it. She would briefly look the card over, before looking back up at the researcher.

“I would be willing to help you out with your research if you feel my abilities would be useful. The odds of simple beasts being able to fight off my powers is rather low and I am certain that I will be able to keep them off you while you do what you need to.” She paused briefly and added a touch of amusement in her tone. “If you are willing to trust me, of course.”


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Mind Games (Catherine, Sabriel) - Page 3 Empty Re: Mind Games (Catherine, Sabriel)

Wed Apr 03, 2024 9:14 am
Mind Games (Catherine, Sabriel) - Page 3 QMnzOTa

"Catherine Reed"

Her gaze shifted with the speaking of that word, a soft exhale leading to her discarding her thought - being so outspoken of her true feelings wouldn't help out here, and she already established that this one wouldn't be able to manipulate her with that insidious power. She hadn't much to worry about in a realistic sense, but what if that wasn't the true brunt of it? What if she was hiding her full potential? What if that little slip did not work, in the event she decided to cross her?

No. She'd simply make it unfavorable to do that, "Down there, it's probably nothing but beasts. If you're so interested in having a safe trip, then cooperating is what would lead to the best chances of survival. The group I mean to get together should be able to brave it, but only if we remain together. When the time comes, I hope you make the right decision."

Slowly rising from her seat, she'd look down the street, "Also, I recommend not to be so blatant with your picking women off the streets. Try being a little more discreet next time. I definitely look forward to studying you more."

If none else was to be said, she'd take her leave.

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