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Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:29 am
(zetsurin's app)

zetsurin casually walked the 11th Division grounds whistling
carering her sword inter lock behind her head yet resting it on her
shoulders her arms up behind it and hands hanging down the front.
She was excited to see how strong the people here really are
seeing how there Captain was from Zaraki like her. her body

she calls out Loudly " hey! is any one here !" in a
really happy tone of voice " i was wondering is some one here would
like a friendly game ?" smiling she raises her spirit energy to her max
for a split second to provoke some one . she would than wonder
around till coming to the barracks. looking at the scenery tacking it
all in. she felt oddly at easy her . she laught a little under her
breath. thinking of all the grate fighter that had trained on the
same ground she now stands pawn

In her mind: the 2 girls was arguing kigeki controlling the body at the time
"i don't see why we must really do this we just got in and yore all
ready wanting to pick a fight.. Cant we just take a brake ?" kigeki "
noooo wayyyy" in a annoying squeaky voice " we r full soul reapers
now and member on the 6th division it hour job's to train all we can
so we can impress the higher up's." making a peace sign at higeki

hegeki" looking to train (open) 29790 you just wont to see how strong you r compared to
them ... and you know it. be that as it may i know you wonte stop
till you do so go ahead ,,, but i am not helping
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