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Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:14 pm
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Arietta flew through the skies of Seireitei as she did every morning when her hawk like wings came to take the place of her butterfly wings that appeared at night. Her wings spanning fourteen feet as her blonde hair whipped around behind her, her smile of pure joy of freedom. The thrill of flying was exhilarating as ever as adrenaline pumped through her entire body, causing the occasion shouts of joy. Her brown leather jacket flapped in the wind as she flew onward, inwardly thanking Colin Washi for the help and teaching her how to fly. She never had been able to due to not having proper instruction and the joy of the teenager being able to spread her wings in the deep blue sky was the greatest feeling she had every had. Secretly, she had been developing feeling for Colin, but only like an older brother and teacher. She wondered why she thought so highly of him as she passed a hawk, its wings matching he own as it flapped them once every few moments.
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