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A tiger's pride, fruits of her love. [solo training] Empty A tiger's pride, fruits of her love. [solo training]

Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:07 am
Jessy walked in to the empty training center, smiling slightly to herself. Things had been better since that trip to the world of the living, and her spirits were quite high today. As always, she set up the training devices, keeping barely enough room for her to swing her swords, except for those wooden poles sticking out. Unsheathing both her swords, she swung one of them at the setup, sending the center poles spinning as she ran in.

Her midnight training sprees had remained unnoticed so far, but this time she was being louder then usual, but would not have noticed anyone coming in. She dodged and weaved between the whirling beams of wood, swing her swords at targets painted on them. She kept at it, slicing and dodging, sweat dripping down her face. It would be an hour before she seemed to have any discomfort, her movements slowing down a bit.

She managed to stay focused for another thirty minutes, before a one of the poles her her across the back with a loud thumping noise. She was pushed out of the contraptions and tumbled over on the floor there. She lay there for a few short minutes, panting heavily to catch her breath as she did. Then she stood up, clearly pushing herself, and raised her zanpaktou to a fighting position.

A soft voice traveled towards her ear, one that she knew very well.

"Sheathe me Jessy, you are too tired to go on like this. Please, join me in the forest, I have something to share with you."

Jessy stood there for a second, rooted to the spot in surprise. She then quickly sheathed her zanpaktou and relaxed on the bench. Closing her eyes, she took a few calming breaths as she slowly entered her inner world once again. She looked around nervously, the lush green jungle the same as always. Her zanpaktou had never asked her to come here, always preferring to drag her in himself. Also, he said he had something to share with her, and she was a bit scared. Though she had managed to repair the relationship they had had before she stopped training recently, he had never offered her more then she had already had.

She approached the giant rock throne upon which the Tiger, Incisorius Tigre, sat. She bowed before him, and he smiled, his voice coming to her again.

"Please Jessy, not so formal. You have long since proven you are worth putting my trust in, but yet I have not. I have withheld myself from you, even though you are deserving of it. Since then you have not only kept up your training, but put yourself through even more dangerous exercises. I can no longer sit by and watch."

The tiger flicked his claw, pulling back a set of vines hanging next to his throne, revealing a cave.

"I pledge my loyalty to you Jessy, and my protection and power will you have, should you pass through this entrance. You should know though, that in this cave lies the key to my power. If you are unable to find the words, you will be unable to wield me any better then before."

Jessy bowed before the tiger, and walked towards the entrance, stopping before it and turning back towards him.

"Thank you Incisorius Tigre, may I never disappoint you in the future."

With that, she walked in to the cave, and everything went black. Buzzing filled her head as she tried to reach out for some way to see, but to no avail. Once she realized she had no hope she sat down and closed her eyes. With shock, she now saw, with her eyes closed, a well lit cave, with two words etched in to the wall.

Opening her eyes again, she was back in the training room, and she got up, and new surge of energy rushing through her. It was late at night though, so she rushed to clean up the training equipment, and ran off, smiling happily, whispering to herself.

"Slash out... how wonderful."
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