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The annoyed vizard's rampage. - Page 2 Empty Re: The annoyed vizard's rampage.

Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:56 pm
Natalia looked to the target as a soft grin formed upon her lips. she could not help but notice the arrancar did not seem all that bright. Though she would keep her thoughts in order as she stared at the enemy with a grin. The look in her eye said that she was confident though cautious at teh same time. She did not get to where she was by being to reckless.

Yea yea im a shinigami blah blah. shut the hell up and lets get this started already. I will even let you go first. Please do not dissapoint me and let me get a good workout?

She stated as she took a bizare fighting stance. It seemed to accumulate multiple diffrent styles. though she seemed to have an open thought on how it will be used. To those looking at her it would appear that she had gone crazy with chooseing the style she went sense none would even know it. Though that was her advantage sense it was newly created by her and her own style. it would be harder to get a fix on what she would be able to do within said style.

Though considering you are wanting to fight me i suppose i could always ablidge you with that. but then again at times i hate being the first to attack.
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