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Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:46 am

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A chilling Return [Open] Rihikuname

You would expect the Gotei to reserve your position whenever you went on a month long training trip. Then again, the man who thought this quickly dropped it from his mind because in all truth he hardly cared. Being a captain can sometime get under your skin all too often. Sometimes just being able to kick back and perfect your fighting style is enough to get by these days. Who needs paperwork? Oh well.

A small Senkai gate materialised within the Sereitei and opened slowly to reveal a bright white light. Out from this stepped a male dressed in blue, black and spiked hair, white in colour. He held onto a sword sheathed into its scabbard in his right hand and walked out of the gate in a rapid pace. His boots touched ground and the gate behind him vanished as quickly as it came. The male then turned to see a Barracks.

There were people inside. Some talking louder than they should be. This was one of the places this man had once been in change of. Like he cared anymore. He just sighed and moved on around the building to an open courtyard. If he was ever needed then people would always know he would be here. Nobody ever touched his things, so the steel dummies and training equipment was rather dusty but looked exactly how he had left it the previous month.

The male clutched his sword and pushed on the handle with his thumb. Within an instant, his sword was drawn. Cling, cling, clang, clang. his sword struck the steel dummy several times sending out loud clashing sounds of metal on metal. Then in one powerful kick, the man leapt up and brought his boot down onto the dummies head, shattering its entire frame into shards of steel and wood. The sound would obviously draw attention but he didn't care. he just wanted to train again. Being home wasn't always a good thing.

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