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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Super Mega Ultra Hit Squad Alpha[SMUHA]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Super Mega Ultra Hit Squad Alpha[SMUHA]   Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:11 pm

Artist: Mogeko Castle - Song: MaouDamashii Town 10 - Word Count:1016

Kamui watched in silence as the barrier began forming around him. Iramasha? That was good, young Ash realizing that if one tactic was persistently failing then he/she/it needed to try something else. The definition of insanity was attempting the same action over and over again and expecting different results, so while the "Eldritch" nature of Ash's abilities might be actively pursuing insanity, the boy was able to identify when it was not the fitting approach to a situation. He also seemed to be actively trying to build upon the earlier lesson. Kamui was faster than them, that was the strength he displayed, attacking that strength and attempting to limit his movement was the right decision and Ash had played his part. It was the right decision, any attempt to do more would have given Kamui too much time to react and Ash knew that, it was a smart and efficient use of his energy, it made Kamui rather enthusiastic.

The other two, well, they had energy at least. He did thoroughly enjoy young Toki's psychosis and erraticism but this wasn't a moment that particular trait was shining through for her. Kamui watched the impending balls of electricity encroach upon him as his eyes solemnly trailed them in. This was probably their limit for now, it wasn't a bad thing. They had made marked improvement throughout this whole little training exercise, but they had just found the limit to what they were capable of. The only thing left was for the predictable to occur and...yep...there it was. It was a common mistake, probably even a reasonable one. They had been sending a barrage of ranged attacks at Kamui and it yielded nothing, the next step was to attempt to close that distance and force him to fight up close and Ash's tactic wasn't foolish on it's own, confine and condemn was fine, the problem was that the pair didn't realize that restricting Kamui's movements also meant restricting the avenues with what to go at him. Ash's barrier had forced there to be only one angle of attack, only one route to attempt to strike at Kamui from. Their plan was entirely predicated on Hayden being able to completely overpower Kamui...and Hayden could not.

Kamui's eyes trailed Hayden as he blew through the air at a speed that honestly was rather impressive for a being of his pedigree, but unfortunately, he had to travel a much greater distance even at the speed he was moving, than Kamui needed to and Kamui only needed to think. The man's eye's focused on the small opening that Ash had afforded, the choke point that was Hayden's only means of entry, the electricity's only means of entry, the only means of entry. A small internal smile formed in the back of Kamui's mind...this was probably going to be funny as hell.


In a flash, a large barrier erected, completely plugging the opening that Ash had afforded him the lightning would crash in to the Phalanx and harmlessly diffuse and, if Hayden was unable to slow himself down...he would also crash right in to the Phalanx and not so harmlessly diffuse, cutting him off before he could even begin his flurry of assaults on Kamui. The Phalanx itself was a ridiculously strong, self-sustaining shield. Without something specifically designed to go through a barrier, Morph had little to no hope of overpowering it, even at that speed and at that speed, Kamui was rather convinced he didn't have much chance of deterring too much of his momentum before they got to enjoy a moment out of an acme comic strip. Thankfully, Shinigami heal fast and hopefully he was durable enough to survive the supernatural equivalent of being shot out of a cannon in to a brick wall. Regardless of the aftermath however, Kamui would be there one moment and then suddenly be no where close to where he was standing before, seemingly vanishing in thin air as he forcibly displaced himself in space back to the seal he had created outside at the very beginning of their fun little ordeal.

A loud, rhythmically slow clapping would echo throughout the room, Kamui not paying much mind to any injuries they may have sustained as he slowly walked through the nefarious door that they had all struggled to pass through only moments before as his eyes scanned around the room at them, the man giving off an appearance not at all akin to someone whose life had been threatened only moments before. On Kamui's face was a wide, booming, dare it be said "proud" smile on his face as he looked out over his charges, his voice radiating warmth as he spoke to them.

"Very good for a first day guys, you slowly started to pick at the perceived weaknesses and crafted a strategy around breaking through those weaknesses. We just need to remember not to over commit too heavily when we see an opening, you'll find many opponents are very good at manufacturing fake ones to trap you, don't want your daring offensive to fall splat on its face. Unfortunately it's on short notice but you've been given an assignment. You guys leave in two days, rest, recover...pick up the pieces of yourself. You'll be briefed on the transport on the way there. Good work today, guys."

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Super Mega Ultra Hit Squad Alpha[SMUHA]   Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:33 am

Artist: Homestuck OST - Song: Moonsetter - Word Count: 539

Awww yeaaah! It worked! The barrier was made and Hayden seemed ready to charge straight ahead and break through! That is... Until Kamui reminded all of them that he wasn't just some target for them to attack. It didn't take very much to make Ash wince at something painful, but this even elicited an 'ouuuuuuch' from the being's lips, body instinctively flinching from how painful it was. She was sure she could even hear a splat from how hard the man had hit the barrier, body slamming against the one Kamui made and leading to him slowly sliding unto the ground. Ash was just glad that they weren't the one who had to go through -that- painful experience.

Once Hayden's body was free against the barrier, Ash was the first one to rush straight over to him, falling down unto their knees and sliding against the ground,muttering a quick ow at the fact that they had just scraped their knees pulling this off. With Ash in position, they had stared down at Hayden and already began to gently check is body for anything broken to fix, fingers wrapping around thick, muscley arms to lift them up and move them about gently to feel for anything misplaced or wait for a yelp of pain from the man to signify that something was indeed broken. No matter the case, Kamui's words were soon to grab her attention, eyes darting upwards towards him as fingers idly slid along Hayden's limbs, checking for other injuries.

Wow, Kamui said they did good! That was certainly something to bring forth to the child's lips. Ash seemed to almost be beeming with energy at this point, even shogi slowly moving out from underneath their clothing to do a little wave with it's jelly form.

Wait a minute, how'd Kamui get out of there? Eh, that didn't really matter all too much, did it? They had been congratulated! And did a good job! -AND- got a new mission! Along with the fact that the adapting strategy was given notice, Ash was in a positively joyous mood at this point. Despite the obvious excitement within Ash's face, they still had to pay attention to the most important details, such as the small lesson given forth... A lesson like that actually made sense, if the enemy was smart, they would lure people into a trap like that one. Well, all that meant was that the group had to make sure not to end up messing up really bad, and then everything would turn out for the better!

Ash was feelin' great now... But they had to return to caring for a certain, injured person right below them. Eyes focused on Hayden's body, scanning for any other obvious injures, like maybe a bone poking past skin or just a scrape along somewhere important. She had to be the healer of the group since what the other two showed wasn't really... Support material. I mean, technically you can support your allies by killing what's hurting them, but not the type of support that was needed. So for the time being, she only gave a quick, happy nod to Kamui before starting to tend to Hayden. "Hey. Hey Hey-den. Hey. You okay? Hurt anywhere? Anything broken?"

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Super Mega Ultra Hit Squad Alpha[SMUHA]
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